How to open a small engine repair shop

how to open a small engine repair shop
So we had to build a dam that could contain gallons. This is all a huge learning experience for me but im hoping will end up on a positive note. Display this merchandise outside your building to generate interest.

Carry the flyers and cards everywhere you go. Post the flyers in grocery stores, gas stations and retail stores. Always ask before you hang the flyer, as some businesses either don't allow it or want to see what you are posting. Post an ad in the local paper. Many areas have monthly shoppers' publications that offer free ad services.

how to open a small engine repair shop

Start small at first. Don't take on more repairs than you can handle just to get customers. Build your business by buying lawn mowers, trimmers and other small-engine equipment at yard sales and auctions. Even if they don't run or are in bad shape, they will be a source of parts for you to rebuild other small engines. Fix several up and offer them for a very reasonable price. People love bargains, and they'll know who to come to in the event that they need to buy a cheap lawnmower in a hurry. You might want to consider having a few lawnmowers or trimmers to loan out while your customers' lawn equipment is being repaired.

There are some simple and basic accounting software on the internet that will help you keep track of your finances. If your repair shop is located in a strategic or busy area of the city then you can easily attract customers to it.

Trying to start a lawn mower/small engine repair shop

You can also share fliers to your neighbours and home owners to notify them of your small engine repair shop. Also, word of mouth adverts from clients who you did a good repair job can also get you some customers. Just know that your client base will pick up as long as you are a professional in what you do. You can take the first step today by enrolling in a repairs training school, after graduation, if you are low on cash, you can work a little for a repair shop whilst saving up money to start yours. Toggle navigation Created Menu. How to Start a Bagel Shop. I'm charging a 35 dollar minimum assessment fee.

What do you guys think?

Starting a Small Engine Repair Shop

I'd like to advertise on yahoo locals, but they require a business address and I don't really want random people showing up at the house when I'm not there. Ready to MowDec 15, No commercial address no business. The cost is free, other than your time. You do not want to know the alternative.

You can't find a better business venture to start than mower repairs? I suppose I could go out and put signs along side the road for drivers to see. Or should I just hold off and wait for the holidays to end before I start worrying. There is a guy down the road from me that has a very successful repair shop.

How to Start a Small Engine Repair Business

He wors on anything from commercial to residential, and he works out of his house. Drove up to ask about the issue i had earlier in the year, and he had about 25 mowers ready to get worked on, he was so backed up with work he barely had time to asses my situation.

Start now and never quit advertising. Just need some knowledge, mechanical ability, and that will probably get you started. I would like to do repairs on the side if it was just replacing parts, but figuring out problem is the hard part.

How to Start a Small Engine Repair Shop

We'll winter is our slowest point of the year. What do you think about doing this without stocking parts, we have found some great parts supplier online and several local part sources. I am looking for a small engine repair school near New York City but cannot seem to find anything.

Do you know how any such schools in this or the surrounding area. I started a small engine repair business in my shop last year. I have a full time job so I do this on weekends and weeknights after I get home from work.

I grew up in a shop so I can repair this stuff in my sleep. I really enjoy the work. It's like therapy for me. I charge less than any shop around. I charge by what I think the job is actually worth not what I think I can bilk my customers out of. If you're honest and do good work, word small your shop will spread like wild fire. My wife and I are looking to buy a small engine shop business. Please email me back anyone that has one up for sale. I have a shop that's doing well after 6 yrs. My biggest down fall has been pricing. Others don't shop to pay A lot of shops do charge open they can get Yes, an honest shop will make it.

You can charge less because you don't have the same expenses as a shop. In a small town you will need those other shops if you are to shop it full time. Try not to burn bridges. Also watch things like sales tax. Dot I's and cross T's. More than ever state and federal tax collectors are looking for anything. Getting ready to get into this field. One thing that I see is the price of the products on the shelves are through always. If you get a leaf blower for a It's hard to stay competitive in the market with low ball prices on the shelves. It's a thorough away world we live in. I learned to fix small engines when I was in prison and I have owned and operated my own small engine business for about a year now.

I live on Cape Cod Massachusetts and do a great job in the spring summer and fall. I am still learning about repairs and permits and I did have to figure out where to dispose of old oil and gas.

It has turned my life around and if it wasn't for learning to fix engines in prison I'd probably still hVe been a loser. Anyone struggling with this business or unsure of it, just keep pushing and the rewards will soon come. I live near Roanoke VA and I would like to start my own engine engine repair shop. I have worked at a small engine repair shop for the last two summers. My plan is to engine 3 more years to get more experience working at a certified shop and get certified repair Briggs and Straton.

Right now I am trying to figure out a business plan. Any suggestions on how to figure out what my first year of expenses would be? I know I would have how for a shop, some more tools, insurance, and inventory. My biggest question is, how do I figure out how much I can make a year?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I live I Northern Ontario.

how to open a small engine repair shop

I run my small manufacturing and repair business part time. We make parts that are impossible to find.

how to open a small engine repair shop

This is very lucrative but not steady. The repair end is very steady.

how to open a small engine repair shop

Winter is always slow so shift to manufacturing parts we plan to sell the next busy season. We invested in a bench top milling machine and a drill press. We started making stable bases for bilge pumps out of aluminum.

Made 20 and ran out of them in a couple of weeks. We began looking at ways of improving many of the cheap machines that come out of China and India. We discovered that replacing the fasteners with better quality Norton American nuts and bolts would greatly extend the working life.

So I guess what I am saying is there are many ways a small shop can adapt to the changing trends. But generally we stay away from cheap Chinese products. Waste oil is something you should look into very carefully.

Minimum four per pick up. So we had to build a dam that could contain gallons. We give a discount if the customers takes care of the used oil. I have to giggle at the posts that tell you it is not that easy to run a small shop.

Sure going out and getting a job is easier.

How to Start a Small Engine Repair Business in Texas

Since the advent of personal computers and bookkeeping software. This part is very easy. Customer database,invoicing,accounts all in one easy to find place. Revenue Canada will come to your place of business and set up the software for you at no charge.

But you can start small and increase as you grow. As far as incorporating as a limited liability business. My insurance broker suggested that you should incorporate when you start doing business with other business or professionals.

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