Texting and driving stop it chicago tribune

texting and driving stop it chicago tribune
Previously, the municipal citations could be upheld before an administrative law judge without the citing officer being present. But there's something deadly wrong.

texting and driving stop it chicago tribune

Although we all know not to text and drive, I think many people are not exactly sure about how particular laws apply at stoplights. I certainly appreciated Kondrat's words of wisdom.

texting and driving stop it chicago tribune

See you on the road! Susan Dubin is a freelance columnist for Pioneer Press. Reach her at gabbin susandubin.

'I'm sorry. I was texting,' driver told witness after collision with church bus that killed 13

Susan Dubin Pioneer Press. The number of motor vehicle deaths in the U.

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The number of vehicle crash deaths in Texas rose 7 percent last year to 3, slightly higher than the national rise. One in 10 driving fatalities in were caused by some kind of distraction, the U. S Department of Transportation said. Morrison said most, if not all, of the bus occupants in the Texas crash were wearing seat belts.

The driver and front-passenger seats had three-point lap-and-shoulder belts while the rest of the seats behind had lap belts only, she said. Three-point seat belts are always preferable to lap belts because they hold the upper torso in place and help prevent head injuries, said automotive safety advocate Joan Claybrook.

texting and driving stop it chicago tribune

One of the problems with lap belts only is that in a frontal impact crash, people will remain in their seats but their upper bodies will go forward and their heads can strike the back of the seat in front, she said. Distracted driving today is where drunken driving was a couple of decades ago — reckless behavior capable of deadly consequences, but shrugged off with an everyone-does-it dismissiveness. We know it's pervasive; a Harris poll found that nearly a third of American motorists said they text while driving.

And we know it's deadly; roughly 10 percent of the 35, traffic deaths in the U. Yet, it's behavior punished with about the same severity as a speeding ticket. That has to change.

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Distracted driving needs to be as stigmatized as drunken driving is today. Public awareness campaigns can play a useful role. But that has to be accompanied by harsher penalties that deter — and shame.

A DUI conviction means mandatory revocation of driving privileges for a year — two years if you're under If your blood alcohol content is over 0. More than half of the teens and adults who died in crashes in were not wearing seat belts, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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New Hampshire — perhaps adjusting its motto to Live Free and Die in regards to seat belts — is the only state without a seat belt law. Seat belt use is proven to save lives and limit injury.

By our own experience, Michiganders may be the only people who consistently follow this rule, even though it's a law in nearly every state, even New Hampshire! On highways and interstates an argument could be made on any road, any timemove out of the left lane if you are not passing other cars, regardless of speed. No, not the tailgating where you party in the parking lot.

Midwesterners worst for texting while driving, racing through yellow lights: survey

We're talking about following too closely, riding up someone's — umm — bumper. Not only does it cause great anxiety to the driver in front of you, which can cause them to make a quick lane change and cut off someone in another lane, it greatly reduces your reaction time and braking ability to avoid rear-end collisions. Maintain the two-second rule by setting a fixed point like a mile marker, then counting how long it takes from the lead vehicle passing it to your vehicle passing it.

Brake checking is often the overly aggressive response to overly aggressive tailgating, when the driver who is being tailgated taps on their brakes to get the tailgater to back off.

texting and driving stop it chicago tribune

It can cause the tailgating driver to swerve out of the lane or slam on their brakes, possibly losing control at relatively high speeds, endangering other drivers.

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