Best midi keyboard for ableton live

best midi keyboard for ableton live
On the whole, the keys, pads, knobs, and sliders feel good , not great. It can connect wirelessly with Bluetooth. If you prefer learning whatever "layouts" were created by the manufacturer of third party controllers then go for it.

Different faders, knobs, and crossfader functions allow for great editing capabilities that are seamless and user-friendly. This is another instrument designed with Ableton in mind, so it is wonderfully easy and responsive with the software. You can also get the APC Key 25 if you want a very similar controller that contains keys as well. Ableton is a great, versatile software that is best appreciated in a live setting although, its studio composition and production offers whatever you need from a DAW as well.

Finding the right MIDI controller depend on your specific needs, style, and studio setup. When it comes to musical instruments, the choices are endless. How do you decide which one is right … [Read More].


What is your budget? How many keys do you need if any?

best midi keyboard for ableton live

Do you need drum pads? As well as its 40 clip launch buttons, eight knobs and various control buttons, the APC Key 25 boasts a two-octave keyboard, making it a great option for composition on the go or triggering of simple melodic parts live. The APC mini, on the other hand, packs an 8x8 button grid and nine faders, lending it more to mixing duties, be they live or in the studio. Read Akai APC mini review.

best midi keyboard for ableton live

This ever-expanding series is divided into three categories: Launchpad, Launchkey and Launch Control. The only differences between them are the size and price.

best midi keyboard for ableton live

The Launchkey 25, 49 and 61 each feature 16 launch pads, a keyboard of the eponymous length, eight knobs, one Launchkey 25 or nine Launchkey 49 and 61 faders, and a transport section, while the dinky, two-octave Launchkey Mini ditches everything but the pads, keys and knobs in the name of portability. Pros Glide your fingers above, below or between the waves for pitch changes, volume changes and vibrato Supports aftertouch Sends MIDI data across up to 10 channels simultaneously Cons Waves do not move as traditional keys would; some keyboard players may find them difficult to get used to No built-in keyboard requires an external synthesizer — but does include a software-based synthesizer for Windows and Mac Software synthesizer has steep system requirements Requires a live for changing settings Mostly black; may be difficult to see without bright light Features Two playing modes allows you to use touch surfaces for expression or to trigger MIDI events You can adjust the sensitivity of any touch surface Records touch according to five parameters: In addition to its keyboard functionality, the CTRL 49 features faders and buttons for controlling your best audio workstation, a large color display and drum pads for sequencing percussion loops.

Korg Taktile Price Point: The Taktile features the entire sound library of the Korg Triton synthesizer, which was used by artists such as David Bowie, Trent Reznor and For.

The Taktile also features ample buttons, faders and knobs for controlling your DAW. Fortunately, most of them are compatible. Be sure to evaluate your needs to determine whether your creative method requires faders, knobs and buttons. Thank you for the midi reply audioassemble. And I will be expecting the updates. Could you scan two posts down and answer my question?

best midi keyboard for ableton live

Do you have any opinions on the Roland a Pro? I was expecting the MPK. Good list… Useful for people who are read to buy now as they can see a good comparison of the best items and come to a conclusion quickly…. Audio Engineering Degree Find a degree that works for you. Both online and campus options. Never Miss a Beat Updates on artists, gear, and more. Audio books are perfect for a commute! Find the right strings for your guitar. Think pads, knobs, sliders, buttons, wheels, etc.

50 Best MIDI Controllers In The World Today

A controller like the M-Audio Keystation 49 looks pretty sleek and spartan, with a handful of buttons at best. Some controllers look like the command center of a spaceship, like the Akai MPK Whether or not you need a bunch of extra controls depends on whether or not you really plan to use them.

It just depends on your workflow. For instance, some of the people on the Equipboard staff prefer to use their computer mouse and keyboard to manipulate their DAW and VSTs, and only use a MIDI keyboard to play in melodies, basslines, and drum loops.

Others like to map the sliders to the mixer, the drum pads to samples, and even the transport controls play, stop, rewind, etc.

Novation LaunchKey: The Best Ableton Controller for Under $200?

You can for the most part make any keyboard controller work for any DAW, although some are made specifically for a DAW in mind, meaning the mapping of all the knobs and sliders to that DAW happens automatically - no headaches. You might be wondering how we came up with our top 5 recommendations. We hunt down dozens of forum posts where people are asking for MIDI keyboard recommendations we look in forums like reddit and Gearslutz.

best midi keyboard for ableton live

We tally up the recommendations, combine that with reviews on Amazon and other for instrument retailers, and look at which MIDI keyboards are the top sellers. We then make a final top list, and live to our local music shop to spend best with the keyboards ourselves or in some cases we already have them in our studio. Another factor we consider is what keyboards pro musicians are using in their studios and live setups. The "best" for one keyboard may not always be the best for another, since things like budget and special requirements vary midi musicians.

We try to present a balanced selection, and consider things like which keyboard is the best of the best regardless of budget, all the way down to the best bang for your buck. First you have 25 synth-action velocity-sensitive mini keys. To make the keyboard this small, Akai sacrificed on the size and heftiness of the keys.

In another space-saving measure, instead of pitch and modulation wheels, you get a 4-way thumbstick. The thumbstick takes some getting used to, but it works well enough.

best midi keyboard for ableton live

Something that users love about this keyboard are the 8 backlit MPC-style pads, which are also velocity-sensitive and much improved from the previous incarnation of this keyboard. Other features include 8 knobs, octave-up and down buttons, a sustain pedal input, and a built-in arpeggiator. This is simply a fantastic little MIDI controller. It feels well-built, has an extremely small footprint, and is super portable.

You should have no trouble slipping it into your backpack for travel use. Some users like this MIDI keyboard so much, that despite originally buying it for travel use, they end up using it as their primary studio keyboard. For some musicians, 25 keys might simply be too limiting. Even if 25 keys suffice, be aware that the keys are smaller than average one reviewer said about the width of a pennyand are not weighted.

Best Midi Controllers for ableton

Check Price on Amazon. So, why the premium price tag? Akai set their sights on making a premium level keyboard controller, and it shows. The full-size keys are semi-weighted and feel great. You get 16 MPC pads, which are very customizable right down to changing the color of each pad. The pads feel very musical, and respond well to your playing dynamics. It has 8 assignable knobs, 8 faders, and 8 switches, pitch bend and modulation wheels, 1 assignable footswitch jack and 1 expression jack, amongst more bells and whistles. The MPK has transport controls buttons for play, stop, record, etc.

For keys, we find it hard to justify the price of the MPK, and instead will point you to the M-Audio Oxygen 61or Novation Launchkey 61both of which we cover in this list.

best midi keyboard for ableton live

Novation is the name behind such classic synthesizers as the Novation Bass Station and Novation Supernova. In and now owned by Focusrite they launched one of the first grid-based performance controllers, the very popular Novation Launchpad. However, the Novation Launchkey series comes in 25 and key versions there is even an ultra-portable key mini version.

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