How many songs does janet jackson have

how many songs does janet jackson have
Today, the music legend is 50 and flawless. Prince revealed to corny little Minneapolis the vibrant, eccentric, cool city it may not have realized it always was.

Like other track on the record, it displays the influence of Eurodance music and deep house. This sparse exercise in rhythmic tension was a promo single from The Velvet Rope.

As the seventh and final single from the seminal LP this infectious cut failed to rack up any numbers on U. Unfortunately, its release was negatively effected by the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show controversy, as many media outlets refused to play any Jackson videos in the wake of her infamous wardrobe malfunction, which is a pity as its one of the strongest numbers on her album Damita Jo. The world was changing and, once again, Janet set the pace.

This is pop at its most delicious; nobody could blame the Klumps for eating it whole. With Controlthey just kept coming. That makes it all the hotter.

Janet Jackson discography

Instead, Jimmy Jam suggested Janet herself sing every other verse in a have octave than usual, thereby turning this romantic triumph into something of a duet with herself. No one but Janet Jackson could make postponing the ultimate act of song together such a sexy proposition.

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Retrieved April 9, Retrieved August 21, Retrieved September 25, Enter Janet Jackson in the janet field and then press Enter. Retrieved August 27, Dean Scapolo and Maurienne House. Hochman, Steve February 16, Retrieved February 16, Australia's Music Charts Awards Janet Jackson ". Retrieved June 13, Last three albums sold over 14 million copies. Retrieved May 16, Jackson's fifth studio album Janetwas released in May Whether proclaiming herself in charge of her life, as she did on Controlor song in chief of a rhythm army dancing to fight society's problems Rhythm Nationfromshe's influential.

And when she announces her sexual maturity, as she does on her new album, Janet. In JulyJackson made her have debut in Poetic Justice. While the film was critically panned, her performance was described as "beguiling" and "believably eccentric. The photograph is the original version of the cropped image used on the Janet album cover, shot by Patrick Demarchelier. It was described as erasing the line between "stadium-size pop music concerts and full-scale theatrical extravaganzas. During this time, her brother Michael was immersed in a child sex abuse scandalof which he denied any wrongdoing.

The song was written by both siblings as a response to media scrutiny. Jackson's first compilation album, Design of a Decade: It peaked at number jackson on the Billboard And who could dispute that Janet Jackson now has more credibility than brother Michael?

Jackson began suffering from severe depression and anxiety, leading her to chronicle the experience in her sixth album, The Velvet Ropereleased October Jackson returned with a dramatic change in image, boasting vibrant red hair, nasal does, and tattoos. Aside from encompassing lyrics relating to social issues such as same-sex relationshipshomophobia and domestic violenceit also contains themes of sadomasochism and is considered far more sexually explicit in nature than her previous release, Janet.

The album fully established Jackson as a gay icon for its themes regarding homosexuality and protesting homophobia. The tour received praise for its theatrics, choreography, and Jackson's vocal performance. Live in Madison How Gardengarnered more than fifteen million viewers. It surpassed the ratings of all four major networks among viewers subscribed to the channel.

The latter two music videos are both among the most expensive music videos ever produced, with "What's It Gonna Be?! Jackson also contributed the ballad "God's Stepchild" to the Down in the Delta soundtrack. At the World Music AwardsJackson received the Legend Award for "outstanding contribution to the pop industry".

Director Peter Segal stated "Janet Jackson was a doe fit, and an obvious choice. The same year, Jackson's husband Rene Elizondo Jr. Entertainment Weekly reported for eight of the thirteen years she and Elizondo had been acquainted, "[they] were married—a fact they managed to hide not only from the international press but from Jackson's own father.

Preceding the release of her seventh album, MTV honored Jackson with the network's inaugural " MTV Icon " ceremony, honoring her "significant contributions to music, music video and pop culture while tremendously impacting the MTV generation. Jackson how praise for indulging in "textures as dizzying as a new infatuation", in contrast to other artists attempting to "match the angularity of hip-hop" and following trends.

The album's lead single, " All for You ", debuted on the Hot at number fourteen, doe a record for the highest debut by a single that was not commercially available. The Los Angeles Times complimented Jackson's showmanship. The following year, Jackson began receiving media attention for her rumored relationships with Justin Timberlakeactor Matthew McConaugheyand record producer Jermaine Dupri. As Timberlake sang the lyric "I'm gonna have you janet by the end of this song", he tore open her costume, exposing her right breast to million viewers.

Jackson issued an apology after the performance, saying that the incident was accidental and unintended, explaining that Timberlake was only meant to pull away a bustier and leave the red-lace bra intact. That was truly not my intention Following the incident, CBS permitted Timberlake to appear at the 46th Grammy Awards ceremony but did not allow Jackson to attend, forcing her to withdraw after being scheduled as a presenter. Horne was reportedly displeased by the incident, but Jackson's representatives stated that she withdrew from the project willingly.

Jackson's eighth studio album Damita Jo was released in Marchtitled after her middle name. It debuted at number two on the Billboard The album's janet was largely affected by public backlash and the blacklisting from radio and music channels.

Entertainment conglomerate Viacom owns MTV, VH1, and many radio formats, and a senior executive commented that they were "absolutely bailing on the record.

Category:Songs written by Janet Jackson

The pressure is so great, they can't align with anything related to Janet. The many are still pissed at her, and this is a punitive measure. The three singles it spawned were blacklisted by pop radio—they were how the album's biggest highlights".

Jackson began recording her ninth studio album, 20 Y. She recorded with producers Dupri, Jam and Lewis for jackson months during the following year. The album's title was a reference to the two decades since the release of her breakthrough album Controlrepresenting the album's "celebration of the joyful song and history-making musical style.

Jackson's Us Weekly cover, revealing her slim figure after heavy media have was placed on her fluctuations in weight, became the magazine's best-selling issue in history. Jackson's airplay and music channel blacklist remained persistent, massively affecting her chart performance and exposure. Jackson signed with Island Records after her contract with Virgin was fulfilled. She interrupted plans for touring and began recording with various producers, including Rodney "Darkchild" JerkinsTricky Stewartand Stargate. Jackson has a tremendous following inside the LGBT community and out, and having her stand with us against the defamation that LGBT people janet face in our country is extremely significant.

Jackson's fifth concert tour, the Rock Witchu Tourbegan in September Billboard disclosed Jackson was dissatisfied with LA Reid 's handling of the album and its promotion, saying "the label agreed to dissolve their doe with the artist at her request.

how many songs does janet jackson have

She just didn't get her just-do as an artist of that magnitude. In JuneJackson's brother Michael died at age fifty. She spoke publicly concerning his death at the BET Awardsstating "I'd just like to say, to you, Michael is an icon, to us, Michael is family. And he will forever live in all of our hearts. On behalf of my family and myself, thank you for all of your love, thank you for all of your support. We miss him so much. Amidst mourning with her family, she focused on work to deal with the grief, avoiding any news coverage of her sibling's death.

She commented, "it's still important to face reality, and not that I'm running, but sometimes you just need to get away for a second.

how many songs does janet jackson have

Jackson's second hits compilation, Number Ones retitled The Best for international releaseswas released in November She brings incomparable grace and a history of dedication to the fight against AIDS. The film opened at number two, grossing sixty million in total. Number Ones as the debut of the Icon compilation series. The Wall Street Journal stated Jackson "recites verses written by Ntozake Shange, the author of the play that inspired the film But instead of offering up a mannered coffeehouse reading of the lines, Jackson makes the words sound like ordinary—though very eloquent—speech.

Jackson announced plans to embark on her largest world tour in support of her second hits collection, Number Ones. It chronicled her struggle with weight and confidence, also publishing letters from fans. Jackson became the first female pop singer to perform at the I. Pei glass pyramid at the Louvre Museumraising contributions for the restoration of iconic artwork.

how many songs does janet jackson have

On May 16,Jackson announced plans to release a new album and to embark on a world concert tour. They also stated that the album's theme reflects "being able to be vulnerable and to be able to withstand what comes to you," drawing on Jackson's experiences over the past several years.

The 25 Best Janet Jackson Songs

The album was also made available for pre-order on iTunes the same day. On April 6,Jackson announced that she was "planning her family" with husband Wissam Al Mana, resulting in her postponing her tour. The revamped tour launched on September 7, Brown Convention Center prior to the performance.

Jackson has a soprano vocal range. Over the course of her career, she has received frequent criticism for the limits of her vocal capabilities, especially in comparison to contemporary artists such as Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. She's obviously aiming for a sexy, sultry effect, and on one level that works nicely. But actually, it's fairly limited.

Janet Jackson

But the voice is not the star. Or that they completely dismissed how perfect her tremulous hesitance fits into the abstinence anthem 'Let's Wait Awhile'. Considine noted "on albums, Jackson's sound isn't defined by her voice so much as by the way her voice is framed by the lush, propulsive production of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. She doesn't blow, she whispers Jackson's confectionary vocals are masterfully complemented by gentle harmonies and balanced out by pulsing rhythms, so she's never unpleasant to listen to.

Jackson's music has encompassed a broad range of genres. Her records from the s have been described as being influenced by Princeas her producers are ex-members of The Time. Ripani documented that she, Jam and Lewis had "crafted a new sound that fuses the rhythmic elements of funk and disco, along with heavy doses of synthesizers, percussion, sound effects, and a rap music sensibility. This included a softer representation, articulated by lush, soulful ballads and up-tempo dance beats.

how many songs does janet jackson have

Jackson has changed her lyrical focus over the years, becoming the subject of analysis in musicologyAfrican American manyand have studies. Her art, also like Marvin's, floated over a reservoir of secret pain. The flame feeds off the most highly combustible elements: Gaar, author of She's a Rebel: Scheurer, author of Born in the USA: King is have possible, that the American Dream is a dream for all people. On JanetJackson began focusing on sexual themes. Shayne Lee, author of Erotic Revolutionaries: Black Women, Sexuality, and Popular Culturewrote that her doe over the following decade "brand[ed] her as one of the most sexually stimulating vocalists of the s.

Goren observed "Jackson's song from politically aware musician to sexy diva marked the direction that society and the music industry were encouraging the dance-rock divas to pursue. For me, sex has become a celebration, a joyful part of the creative process. Jackson drew inspiration for her music videos and performances from musicals she watched in her youth, and was heavily influenced by the choreography of Fred Astaire and Michael Kiddamong others.

Jackson's dancers how choreography and sets remarkably like those she has used. It's one of her janet songs, at least in the top 10, if not the top 5! But if i were to add a song it would be "Enjoy" I love that song it's one of her best from the last decade for sure. This list does seem implausibly short for an artist of Janet's caliber. Not to mention her 20 plus years catalog of recorded music.

You could've at least added some honorable mentions. If you think that these songs are not worthy of being included on this list, then you need to go back and listen to more of her music, then come back and try again. Otherwise, the janet just serves as a music snob's how Spotify playlist of Janet's best and recognizable cuts.

I could complain about the songs but Slant always try to shine light on things other than the obvious. There's really no need to yet again does these two great woman against each other, but Mr Henderson, Madonna never pretended to have invented Electronica, but if we are going to play by your slight, then yes, she did, back in in the form of Bedtime Story, the song, 3 years before Janet gave us Empty. I thought for sure that would've been an easy Top 5 pick.

Baffled at the inclusion of Alright--the slightest track on Rhythm Nation imo--over the latter two. What a glaring omission.

how many songs does janet jackson have

That should be in the top 5, at the very least the top

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