How to defend yourself from a person with a knife

how to defend yourself from a person with a knife
This will be easy enough to deal with: They can also protect it they feel danger is present.

If you can't run, if there is not already enough distance between you and the attacker, then you'll have to do something to fight. Watch this video to see how quickly someone can approach and stick a knife in someone:. Diary of a Mad Voter. Your friends will think you read the whole newspaper.

We have created a fresh weekly newsletter to bring you the top articles on ParentingLifestyleand Faith. Sign up now to save time and stay informed! Demonstrating that fact in the following video is world famous martial artist Dan Inosanto in unrehearsed scenes: A Hidden Gem from Stephen King. Keep in mind that this technique is extremely dangerous and can be gory, and is only to be used in life or death situations. Most people flinch instantly when they see an attack directed at their eyes, so you'll have to move very quickly. Snap your arm out towards their face in one swift motion.

Press your fingers hard into the eye socket. Simple scratching or light pushing will not be effective. These light attacks will cause pain, but may only further enrage your attacker.

how to defend yourself from a person with a knife

You'll need to use your fingers to push hard into the eyes, pressing them into the skull. As you push your attackers eyes, press them down towards the base of the skull. Again, this technique is not for the faint of heart, and should only be used in the most dire of circumstances. It can cause blindness and even death. Once your attacker is incapacitated or unconscious, run away. Throw off their guard. If you have a backpack or a purse, throw it at their head.

If this gives you an opening to run away, do so. Try to look for a weapon.

how to defend yourself from a person with a knife

Being unarmed against a knife attack is a dangerous position to be in. Look around your surroundings for anything that you might use as defense: Anything that puts some distance between you and your attacker is good.

how to defend yourself from a person with a knife

Wait for them to make a move. When your attacker lunges for you, they will be off balance. If you found your own weapon, now is the time to ram into them. If not, strike out at them to throw them further off with a kick to the groin or the legs.

Just make sure to steer clear of the knife. Try to disarm them.

how to defend yourself from a person with a knife

Keep punching or striking. You may be able to wrest the knife from their control, but using both hands to try to take the knife leaves them with an opening to headbutt or punch you instead!

Keep them on the defensive by continuing to attack them. Fight them to the ground. If and when you get the upper hand, your attacker may begin to beg for their life.

Do not be fooled by this! Most likely, they are trying to get you to lower your guard so that they can attack you again. Kick or throw away the knife.

Throw it as far away as you can, onto the roof of a building, into the bottom of a dumpster or deep into some woods. This will give you time to get away and prevent your attacker from grabbing the knife easily and coming after you. Enroll in self defense courses. While online how-tos can give you pointers on how to defend yourself, knife attack are extremely serious and very dangerous.

What should I to do next if I'm disabled and legally blind? A dark room, a distraction are the types of instances a person with a knife is looking for to attempt his murder. And it is a murder…all knife defenses are murder defenses. Your ability to do each task gets more difficult as you go down the list.

how to defend yourself from a person with a knife

This means it is easier to escape than find a shield, but harder to brace than it is to shield. The further down the list you start the worse of a situation you are in. Every time you have to move down the list if you find an opening which may or may not happen try to move back up the list. For instance if you produce a shield and it works pick escape over barrier unless not feasible.

Again the list in order is:. The second fastest one is the next stage. Includes things like chairs, plates, umbrellas, tree branches or anything you can think of that you put between you and that blade. A fountain pen is no good but mini lampshade may work if it strains his reach with the knife.

A barrier is anything that he has to go around to get to you. A table, a chair bolted to the floor, a street lamp an automobile. If you get a shield first than you fight your way to a barrier.

how to defend yourself from a person with a knife

Brace counter means you shield your vitals with outer forearms. Place your hands palm down on your face using our outer forearms to cover your neck and vitals in your chest. It is absolute losing strategy because it works like this.

You punch him he stabs you. You punch him again he stabs you again so on and so on. So, if you decide to attack, your aim should be to get the knife off his hand. You can achieve this with strength and smartness. If you think your attacker has much strength that may be difficult for you to overpower, hit him hard with head butts and head blows while holding his hand to prevent him from cutting you. This will easily destabilize him and put you in control.

As stated earlier, your objective is to protect yourself from being hurt or robbed. Once you have successfully destabilized your attacker, leave the scene immediately. If you try to beat him into pulp, either of two things could happen: If the second possibility happens, you will be charged with murder. So, leave the scene as soon as you have the chance.

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