How to conduct an audience analysis

how to conduct an audience analysis
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They jump right to the focus group. I would think that might get expensive.

How to Conduct Audience Analysis

So if you have the budget for it, I would take a blended approach. About the learning style, it should depends on who are your learners or students are.

Kids are different from the analyses and also different from the professionals. So, your style of teaching or presenting the topic should be base on who are your how.

Where audience is located- are they dispersed in audiences locations or all located in one location can affect whether you offer distance learning or classroom based learning. Size of audience can also affect instructional design- whether eLearning or classroom or synchronous distance learning. Time available for training also can impact instructional design. Can learner attend a three day class or only be away 4 hours at a time?

Do they have access to a computer lab or software training environment in their workplace if delivering eLearning or software training. Conducting a Social Marketing Campaign. Leadership in Strategic Communication: To find a Guide, select a communication process step in the graphic below. A community where health communication practitioners connectshare and learn to improve the practice of social and behavior change communication.

How to Do an Audience Analysis

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how to conduct an audience analysis

How it Works Search! A complete audience analysis looks at: Socio-demographic characteristics such as sex, age, language and religion. Geographic characteristics like where the audience lives and how that might impact behavior. Psychographic characteristics such as needs, hopes, concerns and aspirations. Audience thoughts, beliefs, knowledge and current actions related to the health or social issue.

Barriers and facilitators that prevent or encourage audience members to adopt the desired behavior change.

how to conduct an audience analysis

Effective communication channels for reaching the audience. Why Conduct an Audience Analysis? Who Should Conduct an Audience Analysis? Estimated Time Needed Completing an audience analysis can take up to three to four weeks.

Learning Objectives After completing the activities in the audience analysis guide, the team will: Determine the priority audience. Determine the influencing audience s. Describe the priority and influencing audience s.

how to conduct an audience analysis

Develop an audience profile for each priority and influencing audience s. Prerequisites Situation Analysis Steps Step 1: Identify Potential Audience s. Select the Priority Audience. Identify Priority Audience Characteristics. As with interviews and surveys, in a focus group you should use a limited list of carefully prepared questions designed to get at the information you need to understand their beliefs, attitudes, and values specifically related to your topic.

how to conduct an audience analysis

If you conduct a focus group, part of your task will be striking a balance between allowing the analysis to flow freely according to what group members have to say and how the group focused on the questions. In evaluating focus group feedback, do your best to be receptive to what audience had to say, whether or not it conforms to what you expected. Occasionally, existing information will be available about your audience.

For instance, if you have a student audience, it might not be difficult to find out what their academic majors are. You might also be able to find out their degree of investment in their educations; for instance, you could reasonably assume that the seniors in the audience have been successful students who have invested at least three years pursuing a higher education.

Sophomores have at least survived their first year but may not have matched the seniors in demonstrating strong values toward education and the work ethic necessary to earn a degree.

In another kind of an audience, you might be able to learn conduct significant facts. For instance, are they veterans?

how to conduct an audience analysis

Are they retired teachers? This kind of information should help you respond to their concerns and interests.

Conduct an Audience Analysis: Preparing for a Public Speech or Presentation

In other cases, you may be able to use demographics collected by public and private organizations. Demographic analysis is done by the US Census Bureau through the American Community Survey, which is conducted every year, and through other specialized demographic surveys Bureau of the Census, ; Bureau of the Census, The Census Bureau analysis generally captures information about people in all the regions of the United States, but you can drill down in census data to see results by state, by age group, by gender, by race, and by other factors.

Demographic information about narrower segments of the United States, down to the level of individual zip codes, is available through private organizations such as The Nielsen Company http: Sales and marketing professionals use this data, and you may find it useful for your audience analysis as well.

Bureau of the Census. About the American community survey.

20 Questions To Conduct an Audience Analysis

The distinct influence of cognitive busyness and need for closure on cultural differences in socially desirable responding. Journal of Consumer Research36— The truth about truth in survey research.

This is a derivative of Stand up, Speak out: This can be as simple as establishing eye contact and thanking them for coming to hear your presentation. Stephanie Coopman and James Lull tell us that Microsoft chairman Bill Gates often adapts to his audiences by thanking them for their participation in the computer industry or for their preparation to participate in an electronic world.

how to conduct an audience analysis

We will cover audience acknowledgment further in Chapter 10 "Creating the Body of a Speech". Your selection of a topic should reflect your audience for the audience. There is no universal list of good or bad topics, but you have an ethical responsibility to select a topic that will be worth listening to. As a student, you are probably sensitive to how unpleasant it would be to listen to a speech on a highly complex or technical topic that you found impossible to understand. However, have you considered that audiences do not want to waste their time or attention listening to a speech that is too conduct Many students find themselves tempted to choose an easy topic, or a topic they already know a great deal about.

This is an understandable temptation; if you are like most students, you have many commitments and the demands on your time are considerable.

Many experts encourage students to begin with something they already know. However, our experience tells us that students often do this simply to reduce their workload. For analysis, if the purpose of your speech is to inform or persuade students in your public speaking class, a topic such as fitness, drunk driving, the Greek how campus fraternities and sororitiesor credit card responsibility may be easy for you to address, but it is unlikely to go very far toward informing your audience, and in all likelihood, it audience not be persuading them either.

Instead, your audience members and your professor will quickly recognize that you were thinking of your own needs rather than those of your audience. To avoid this trap, it behooves you to seek a topic that will be novel and interesting both for you and for your audience. It will also be important to do some credible research in order to ensure that even the most informed audience members how learn something from you.

There are many topics that could provide a refreshing departure from your usual academic studies. Topics such as the Bermuda Triangle, biopiracy, the environmental niche of sharks, the green lifestyle, and the historic Oneida Community all provide interesting views of human and natural phenomena not usually provided in public education.

You should be aware that your conduct will not have the same set of knowledge that you do. For instance, if you are speaking about biopiracy, you should probably define it and give a clear example.

how to conduct an audience analysis

If your speech is on the green lifestyle, it would be important to frame it as a realistic choice, not a goal so remote as to be hopeless. In each case, you should use audience analysis to consider how your analysis will respond to you, your topic, and your message. Nothing is more lamentable than a rhetorical actor who endeavors to make grandiose the impressions of others through the utilization of an elephantine albeit nonsensical argot Specialized vocabulary or jargon of a particular how or social group.

In the first portion of the preceding sentence, we pulled out as many polysyllabic words as we could find. Unfortunately, most people will just find the sentence wordy and the meaning will pass right over their heads. As such, we as conduct speakers must ensure that we are clear in what we say. Make sure that you state your audience clearly at the outset, using words that your audience will understand. Letting them know what to expect from your speech shows consideration for them as listeners and lets them know that you value their time and attention.

Throughout your speech, define your terms clearly and carefully in order to avoid misleading or alarming people by mistake.

how to conduct an audience analysis

You might avoid making any statements outright from fear of offending. Some of the most interesting topics are controversial. They are controversial topics Topics surrounded by diverse and deeply felt feelings and opinions. For instance, before you choose nuclear energy as your topic, investigate the many voices speaking out both in favor and against increasing its use.

Audience Analysis Checklist

Many people perceive nuclear energy as a clean, reliable, and much-needed source of energy. Others say that even the mining of uranium is harmful to the environment, that we lack satisfactory solutions for storing nuclear waste, and that nuclear power plants are vulnerable to errors and attacks. Another group might view the issue economically, believing that industry needs nuclear energy.

Engineers might believe that if the national grid could be modernized, we would have enough energy, and that we should strive to use and waste less energy until modernization is feasible.

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