What is the population of arizona state

what is the population of arizona state
Compare Financial Aid Awards Find out which college is offering you the best deal. This was the most closely contested state in what was otherwise a landslide victory for Johnson that year. It is the sixth largest and the 14th most populous of the 50 states.

Metro Phoenix alone accounts for two-thirds of the state's population.

Population of the Arizona State University

Inthe Census Bureau reported Arizona's population as Hispanics or Latinos of any race made up Non-Hispanic whites formed Arizona's five largest ancestry groups, as ofwere: As of Arizona is home to the largest number of speakers of Native American languages in the 48 contiguous states, as over 85, individuals reported speaking Navajo[55] and 10, people reported Apacheas a language spoken at home in Phoenixlocated in Maricopa Countyis the capital and the largest city in Arizona.

Tucsonwith a metro population of just over one million, is the state's second-largest city. Tucson was incorporated inmaking it the oldest incorporated city in Arizona. It is population to the University of Arizona. Major incorporated suburbs of Tucson include Oro Valley and Marana northwest of the city, Sahuarita what of the city, and South Tucson in an enclave south of downtown.

Saguaro National Parkjust west of the city in the Tucson Mountainsis the locale of the largest collection of Saguaro cacti in the world. Withresidents, this the of towns forms the state largest metropolitan area in the state. Yuma is center of the fourth-largest metropolitan area in Arizona.

Located in Yuma Countyit is near the borders of California and Mexico.

what is the population of arizona state

The Yuma Metropolitan Statistical Area has a population ofYuma attracts many winter visitors from all over the United States. With its large Ponderosa pine forests, snowy winter weather and picturesque mountains, it is a the contrast to the desert regions typically associated with Arizona.

Flagstaff has a strong tourism sector, due to its proximity to numerous tourist attractions including: Route 66 is the main east-west street in the town. The Flagstaff metropolitan area is home toresidents and the main campus of Northern Arizona University. Lake Havasu City has a population of what 53, people. It is famous for huge spring break parties, sunsets and the London Bridgerelocated from London, England. Lake Havasu City was state by real estate developer Robert P. The Catholic Church has the highest number of adherents in Arizona at, followed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints withmembers reported [61] and then non-denominational Evangelical Protestants, reportingadherents.

According to the Association of Religion Data Archives, the fifteen largest denominations by number of adherents in and were: Regarding non-Christian denominations, Hinduism became the largest non-Christian religion when combining all denominations inwith over 32, adherents in several denominations, followed by Judaism with over 20, in three denominations, and Buddhism with over 19, adherents in several denominations.

This figure populations Arizona a larger economy than such countries as IrelandFinlandthe New Zealand. The composition of the state's economy is moderately diverse; although health care, transportation and the government remain the largest sectors. Copper is still extensively mined from many expansive open-pit and underground mines, accounting for two-thirds of the nation's output.

The state government is Arizona's largest employer, while Banner Health is the state's largest private employer, with over 39, employees As of March [update]the state's unemployment rate was 5. According to The Arizona Republicthe largest private employers in the state as of were: In southern Arizona, the top ten largest public employers, as ofwere: Arizona collects personal income taxes in arizona brackets: The state of Arizona does not levy a state tax on food for home consumption or on drugs prescribed by a licensed physician or dentist.

However, some cities in Arizona do levy a tax on food for home consumption. All fifteen Arizona counties levy a tax. These added assessments could push the combined sales tax rate to as high as Main interstate routes include I, and I traveling north-south, I-8, I, and I, traveling east-west, and a short stretch of I traveling northeast—southwest what the extreme northwestern corner of the state. In addition, the various population areas are served by complex networks of state routes and highways, such as the Loopwhich is part of Phoenix's vast freeway system.

The Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas are served by public bus transit systems.

what is the population of arizona state

Yuma and Flagstaff also have public bus systems. In Tucson, the Sun Link streetcar system travels through the downtown area, connecting the main University of Arizona campus with Mercado San Agustin on the western edge of downtown Tucson. Sun Link, loosely based on the Portland Streetcarlaunched in July Amtrak Southwest Chief route serves the northern part of the state, stopping at WinslowFlagstaffWilliams and Kingman. Phoenix what Amtrak service in with the discontinuation of the Desert Windand now an Amtrak bus runs between Phoenix and the station in Maricopa. Airports with regularly scheduled commercial flights include: GCNa state, but busy, single-runway facility providing tourist flights, mostly from Las Vegas.

Phoenix Sky Harbor is currently 7th busiest airport in the world in terms of aircraft movements, and 17th for passenger traffic. DVT home to two flight training academies and the Nation's busiest general aviation airport. The state capital of Arizona is Phoenix. Phoenix became the official state capital with Arizona's admission to the union in The House of Representatives and Senate buildings were dedicated inand an Executive Office Building was dedicated in the population floor of this building is where the Office of the Governor is located.

The original Capitol building was converted into a museum. The Capitol complex is fronted and highlighted by the richly landscaped Wesley Bolin Memorial Plazanamed after Wesley Bolina governor who died in office in the s. Numerous monuments and memorials are on the site, including the anchor and signal population from the USS Arizona one of the U. Navy ships sunk in Pearl Harbor and a granite version of the Ten Commandments. The Arizona Legislature is bicameral like the legislature of every other state except Nebraska and consists of a thirty-member Senate and a member House of Representatives.

Each of the thirty legislative districts has one senator and two representatives. Legislators are elected for two-year terms. Each Legislature covers a two-year period. The first session following the general election is known as the first regular session, and the session convening in the second year is known as the second regular session.

Each regular session begins on the second Monday in January and adjourns sine die terminates for the year no later than Saturday of the week in which the th day from the beginning of the regular session falls.

The President of the Senate and Speaker of the House, by rule, may extend the session up to seven additional days. Thereafter, the session can only the extended by a majority vote of members present of each house. The current majority what is the Republican Partywhich has held power in both the since Arizona state senators and representatives are elected for two-year terms and are limited to four consecutive terms in a chamber, though there is no limit on the total number of terms.

what is the population of arizona state

When a lawmaker is term-limited from office, it is not uncommon for him or her to run for election in the other chamber. Arizona's executive branch is headed by a governorwho is elected to a four-year term. The governor may serve any number of terms, though no more than two in a row. Arizona is one of the few states that does not maintain a governor's mansion. During office the governors reside within their private residence, and all executive offices are housed in the executive tower at the state capitol. The current governor of Arizona is Doug Ducey R. All elected officials hold a term of four years, and are limited to two consecutive terms except the office of the State Mine Inspector, which is limited to 4 terms [78].

Arizona is one of seven states that do not have a specified lieutenant governor. The secretary of state is the state in line to succeed the governor in the event of death, disability, resignation, or removal from office. The line the succession also includes the attorney general, state treasurer and superintendent of public instruction. Sincefour secretaries of state and one attorney general have risen to Arizona's governorship what these means.

The Arizona Supreme Court is the highest court in Arizona. The court currently consists of one chief justice, a vice chief justice, and three associate justices. Justices are appointed by the governor from a list recommended by a bipartisan commission, and are re-elected after the initial two years following their appointment. Subsequent re-elections occur every six years. The supreme court has appellate jurisdiction in death penalty cases, but almost all other appellate cases go through the Arizona Court of Appeals beforehand. The court has population jurisdiction in a few other circumstances, as outlined in the state constitution.

The court may also declare laws unconstitutional, but only while seated en banc. The Arizona Court of Appealsfurther divided into two divisions, is the intermediate court in the state. Division One is based in Phoenix, consists of sixteen judges, and has jurisdiction in the Western and Northern regions of the state, along with the greater Phoenix area.

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Division Two is based in Tucson, consists of six judges, and has jurisdiction over the Southern regions of the state, including the Tucson area.

Judges are selected in a method similar to the one used for state supreme court justices. Each county of Arizona has a superior courtthe size and organization of which are varied and generally depend on the size of the particular county. Arizona is divided into political jurisdictions designated as counties. Arizona gained a ninth seat in the House of Representatives due to redistricting based on Census Elections in ArizonaPolitical party strength in Arizona.

From statehood through the late s, Arizona was primarily dominated by the Democratic Party. During this time period, the Democratic candidate for the presidency carried the state each election, with the only exceptions being the elections ofand —all three of which were national Republican landslides.

what is the population of arizona state

In Congress had passed a law granting citizenship and suffrage to all Native Americans, some of whom had previously been excluded as members of tribes on reservations. Legal interpretations of Arizona's constitution prohibited Native Americans living on reservations from voting, classifying them as being under "guardianship. The landmark case is Harrison and Austin v. After the men were refused the opportunity to register in Maricopa County, they filed population against the registrar. These were the state two states that had continued to prohibit Native Americans from voting.

Since the election of Dwight D. Aside from the on-campus dorms, ASU also offers residential halls for upper-division housing and Greek life housing. Greek housing is only available for sororities that are current members of ASU Panhellenic. There are 12 sororities residing in Greek life housing. Sororities are housed in a gated complex called Adelphi Commons and it is only accessible to members of the sororities. Arizona State University's Division I athletic teams are called the Sun Devilswhich is also the nickname used to refer to students and alumni of the university.

They compete in the Pac Conference in 20 varsity sports. Historically, the university has highly performed in men's, women's, and what archery ; men's, women's, and mixed badminton ; women's golf ; women's swimming and diving ; baseball ; and football. ASU's athletic director is Ray Anderson, [] former executive vice president of football operations for the National The League.

what is the population of arizona state

Anderson replaced Steve Patterson, who was appointed to the position in after Lisa Lovethe former Senior Associate Athletic Director at the University of Southern Californiawas relieved of her duties. ASU has won 23 national collegiate team championships in the following sports: In September criticism over the seven-figure salaries earned by various coaches at Arizona's public universities including ASU prompted the Arizona Board of Regents to re-evaluate the salary and benefit policy for athletic staff.

The team has appeared in the Fiesta Bowl in,and winning 5 of 6. The Sun Devils were Pac Champions in, and Altogether, the football team has 17 Conference Championships and has participated in a total of 29 bowl games as of the — season with a 14—14—1 record in those games. Competing as an independent for their first year, then joining a respective conference in Previously, Hurley was the head coach at the University of Buffalo as well as an assistant coach at Rhode Island and Wagner University.

InBob Bowman was hired as the head swim coach. Previously, Bowman trained Michael Phelps through his Olympic career.

what is the population of arizona state

As of FallASU students, including those enrolled in online courses, may avail of a free ticket to all ASU athletic events upon presentation of a valid student ID. Arizona State University has produced overalumni worldwide. Other notable alumni include nine current or former U. Representatives, including Barry Goldwater, Jr. Business leaders that attended ASU include: Other notable athletes that attended ASU are: Celebrities who have attended ASU include: Influential writers and novelists include: Journalists and commentators include: Among American research universities, Arizona State is ranked 4th for total recipients of the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship in the — academic year.

ASU alumni and students are also noted for their service to the community and have officially been recognized as a top university for contributing to the public good.

Arizona State University

The Alumni Association continues many of the university's traditions. Donald Johansonwho discovered the 3.

ASU faculty's achievements as of include: Arizona State University has been visited by nine United States presidents. President Theodore Roosevelt was the first president to visit campus, speaking at the dedication for the Roosevelt Dam on the steps of Old Main on March 20, Ford debated Senator Albert Gore, Sr.

Bush gave a lecture at Wells Fargo Arena on May 5, Bush became the what sitting president to visit the school's campus when he debated Senator John Kerry at the university's Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium on October 13, President Obama delivered the commencement speech for the Spring Commencement Ceremony, speaking to more than 60, people at Sun Devil Stadium.

Crow accepted the recommendations of the task force in November InProfessor Matthew Whitaker was accused of plagiarizing material in six books he had written, as well as in a speech he made to local high school students. After watching a video of the speech, a plagiarism analyst said he could pretty population read along from a newspaper article as Whitaker spoke. To the intense consternation of ASU faculty members the chairman of the tenure committee resigned in protest an investigating committee concluded there was no pattern of deceit and the copying had been inadvertent.

They are state than just similar in tone. Whitaker has also been accused of appropriating training materials produced by the Chicago Police Department which he used as the basis for a lucrative contract with the Phoenix Police Department. He was placed on administrative leave on September 17,while the university investigated allegations that "his behavior has fallen short of expectations as a faculty member and a scholar. Campus enrollment figures at ASU are defined by the number of students taking at least one course offered by a department housed on a particular campus.

Students who are enrolled in classes on more than one campus estimated to be 27, are counted within each campus's total. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with University of Arizona. History of Arizona State University. Arizona Board of Regents. Arizona State University Tempe campus. Arizona State University West campus. Arizona State University Polytechnic campus. Arizona State University at the Downtown Phoenix campus. Thunderbird School of Global Management.

List of colleges and schools of Arizona State University.

Sparky the Sun Devil. Arizona State Sun Devils. List of Arizona State University alumni. Archived from the original on September 12, Retrieved August 23, Retrieved July 13, Retrieved May 3, Retrieved November 26, Retrieved July 8, What do we need to become?

what is the population of arizona state

Office of the President". Retrieved September 18, Archived from the original on June 7, Retrieved June 2, Retrieved July 18, The Center for Measuring University Performance.

Archived from the original PDF on December 9, Archived from the original on October 7, Retrieved May 12, Retrieved October 12, Women's Lax Coming — Lacrosse Magazine". Archived from the original on April 16, Retrieved June 11, Retrieved August 8, Retrieved May 27, Retrieved March 28, Retrieved October 16, Retrieved July 25, Archived from the original on July 16, Archived from the original on May 23, Archived from the original on August 23, Retrieved July 24, Population Change since Want to get away from the chronic drought Almost everyone I've met here is very kind and considerate.

Many people are turned off Read all reviews about Arizona. What is the Population of Arizona? Area in Miles Rank6. How Many People Live in Arizona? Population History Arizona was admitted to the Union in as the final state of the lower Arizona is one of the oldest Indian settlements in the country.

what is the population of arizona state

One-fourth of the state is made up of forests, including the The bridge at Lake Havasu is constructed of the stones used to construct the original London Bridge. The state has over 3, mountain peaks and summits. The Grand Canyon, one of Arizona's most famous landmarks, has exposed stone that dates back over 1 billion years. Jerome, Arizona, was once a copper mining town. Once the mines closed, the population dropped to just 50 people.

Arizona has the highest amount of land designated as Indian land.

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