How can technology influence culture

how can technology influence culture
Employees have become uncertain how they should conduct themselves, so they take cues from others about what are acceptable technology practices. Since the valuable plants are no longer exclusively found in the region, trade diminishes and people may have to change their way of life in order to survive. The study of plants for commercial use and profit made it clear that those who controlled the natural resources, like plants, had the most global power.

The past decade has seen incredible change: This extension of the conversation beyond the experts is a seismic shift that has registered across the technology industries from media — where the readers become the creators — to theatre, where the audience become part of the how.

As Dick Pennydirector of Watershed, a cross-artform venue and producer based in Bristol, says: Take theatre for example: Companies such as [immersive theatre pioneers] Punchdrunk have turned those conceits on their head.

Rather than devaluing the traditional influence, it just shows there is another way of doing it. Another significant change is the freeing up of the means of production. It has never been easier to at culture attempt to make your creative dreams come true. One constant thread throughout my own career as a journalist can been the sometimes thankless task of educating print hacks about the possibilities of digital.

how can technology influence culture

Where you see an opportunity, your superiors all too often see a threat. Ultimately, advances in technology directly affect how technologies evolve; thus, when cultures evolve, they tend to create new technology. The influence of technology on can. Beliefs, values, moral goals and customs shared by group of people i. Few beneficial aspects of technology in our corporate cultures are: Online communication can be impersonal therefore we can loose the rewarding experience of in-person influence connections How illusion of being in control and hiding behind online cultures vs.

This meant that no longer were people forced to live within walking distance of their job or public transportation. The suburbs of the early 20th century moved people out of the congested cities and into the clean countryside. Americans saw the cookie-cutter track home as a step up. Levittown is probably the most famous of these suburban tracks. Opened inLevittown was advertised as being part of the American dream Murren et al.

how can technology influence culture

According to Murren et al. Middle class families could move outside the dirty city apartments and own a little piece of land with a brand new home. It is argued that the automobile gave birth to the American Dream of having a small family, home ownership and a shiny new car in the driveway. Suburban homes most noticeably have a different architectural style from earlier styles found in American neighborhoods. With the integration of automobiles into American culture, the suburban home evolved to include a garage.

The first garages allowed for storage of one vehicle, and then they expanded to accommodate two, then three or more. Driving through suburbs in Southern California, the major focal point on the exterior is the garage door.

how can technology influence culture

Clearly, the style of suburban homes has been influenced by automobiles. Critics of this architectural style reference the lack of design. The large imposing garage door that has replaced the focal point of front porches on older architectural styles may be the reason for the critical opinions of these types of homes.

Not only did the automobile move people out into the suburbs but it also kept them there. Only in heavily populated urban cities are automobiles not a necessity, like in New York City which has an extensive public transportation system.

How Technology Influences Corporate Culture

In the suburbs, people had to commute to the city using a car or a light-rail line like a streetcar. The automotive technology changed the way communities were developed in America. The car became the machine that changed how Americans get from one place to another. In addition to the practical uses of the automobile, people have found ways to incorporate into their leisure activities with the creation of car clubs, restoration projects and the custom modification industry.

The influence of technology on culture

There was also a change in the American landscape with the building of highways and interstates connecting the East coast to the West coast. People could easily drive across the country. Vacations soon included the automobile as a viable transportation option. Americans were then free to explore their country and visit new places. The automobile is not the only product Americans have embraced to excess. Advances in manufacturing technology changed American culture by allowing people to become accustomed to the large consumption of goods.

The demand for new products encouraged advances in technology. The boom of handheld devices like iPods, cell phones and Global Positioning Systems GPS in the 21st century is just an extension of the changes American culture encountered in the American Industrial Revolution.

Has technology changed cultural taste?

Once Americans became hooked on consumption after the Industrial Revolution, it has been a slippery slope to the high consumption American lifestyle prevalent today. With marketing on television, radio, billboards, and even in some schools, people are bombarded with images telling them to buy and consume more.

how can technology influence culture

This need to consume is often associated with spending more than one can afford. The relationship between technology and culture is not just an American phenomenon. It can also be seen throughout the world. In the 19th century, European countries like Great Britain collected and catalogued exotic plants and seeds from around the world. The study of plants for commercial use and profit made it clear that those who controlled the natural resources, like plants, had the most global power.

Technology can help foster a culture of collaboration and teamwork. New programs have created spaces online to share ideas, create projects and track performance with people halfway across the world.

Cloud-based computing has made information easily accessible, eliminating time and energy wasted on searching for data and creating a more well-organized and collaborative culture.

how can technology influence culture

There is also a growing trend of remote work and flexible work schedules. This is a huge benefit to many, especially working parents. Employers who allow for flexible work scheduling see a decrease in absenteeism and employee turnover accompanied by an increase in morale and productivity. We can certainly see how far technology has come, even in the last five or ten years.

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