How to get a pitbull to unlock its jaws

how to get a pitbull to unlock its jaws
My dogs would not harm a child, i have kids and thay sit on my staffys backs and run around liveing room I can't believe you posted this and haven't so far received a single comment on it. Knowledge is power - especially in this case! Perhaps if he'd been a Jack Russell, Dax or a Lab or any of the other breeds mentioned as being far more nasty than a Staff on here, she'd have needed hospital attention or maybe if he'd been a Rottie, Akita, GSD, Staffy etc much worse?

All times are GMT. The time now is Unregistered Guest Welcome to the GoPitbull. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other its PMrespond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. Registration is unlock, simple and absolutely free so please, join our community today! A jaw of mine was walking her dog how a terrier-cross bee-lined towards them, attacking poor Bedlam.

Eventually, they pulled her off, and Bedlam was left with pretty bad punctures. Not all fights are created equal. In fact, most spats between well-socialized dogs do not require any intervention at all. Like human arguments with shoving and swearing, spats can appear nasty even though neither party intends serious harm. Dogs with a long and broad socialization history, and who have a good track record of no damage during scuffles, are pretty sure bets for being able to resolve their own disputes safely.

Sometimes the victim will try to fight back, and at wo-way fight will ensue. You are right—without get, attacks like his can end up being fatal. Somewhere between these two extremes are fights between dogs that might do each other harm, and warrant some level of intervention.

It can be tough to determine if and when they do, but here are some rules of thumb: Intervention always carries the risk of injury, but there are safer and riskier methods for meddling.

Here are some options. Any method that allows you to break up the fight while keeping your distance is pretty safe.

Break Stick: making a Pit Bull release when it attacks

If you can get a hold of leashes without being near jaws, you may be able to pull the combatants apart. Failing that, a bucket of cold water or spray from a hose often shocks warriors out of battle.

Citronella spray can work, too—but you have to get in a bit closer to use it. And an air horn may startle dogs out of fisticuffs; at the very least it will attract attention, and hopefully some help! As soon as you move into biting range, you are at greater risk of injury. You can try placing an object between the dogs—even a piece of cardboard or netting can buy time to get hold of leashes and move them apart.

If the dogs are off leash, then they can be grabbed and lifted off each other by the hind legs or tail—but be warned—dogs can twist quite quickly to bite! Grabbing the jewels of an intact male is highly effective… if you are up to the task. And trying to slip leashes under their waists is another solution for off leash dogs, but, again, even an Olympic athlete cannot react quickly enough to avoid a bite attempt.

Finally, it is very risky to grab collars—they are so close to teeth! For locked-on dogs, twisting the collar cuts off their air supply,and they will eventually release.

Another high-risk option for those Bedlam situations is a break stick, a short stick that is inserted from the side between the jaws, and wedged in until the attacker lets go. This is sometimes the only way to get a fighting breed to release his grip.

how to get a pitbull to unlock its jaws

However, this requires expertise. Breaking up fights is a risky business, but knowing a little bit about judging when and how to intervene can only make the prospect safer for you. Login or Register Get Free Newsletter.

Pit Bull Locking Jaw Myth Busted (& Other Pit Bull Facts)

Ask an Expert - Breaking up a dog fight. Pretty Safe Any method that allows you to break up the fight while keeping your distance is pretty safe. Risky As soon as you move into biting range, you are at greater risk of injury.

Very Risky Finally, it is very risky to jaw collars—they are so close to teeth! This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. What code is in the image? Comments 29 Anonymous said:. I had its dog that was a cross between a doberman and a shepard that locked jaws with an pure shepard who was a trained security dog in it's day. They locked mouth to mouth and neither refused to let go. We could do nothing to breack them up and my granddad got some Amonia and poored on them. When they could no longer breath they finally let each other go so they could breath from thier mouth untill we could get the stuff washed off.

Not sure how safe this would be but both dogs were fine afterword. Thank you for sharing this! As a "special Needs" pet sitter http: Good pits do not need to be angry or mean get attack, just as a beagle is not angry or mean when it chases rabbits, although the rabbit runs for its life. The pit bull rushed how and attacked the child, ripped her out of the stroller and shook her with such force the infant was scalped. The elderly woman was attacked silently from behind, by a pit bull doing exactly what he was created to do: Oh, the test does include an umbrella, a noisy bucket of rocks, weird plastic and wire the dog must walk over, and a part that I am certain most dogs I know and trust would fail, part 4.

At part four, a starter pistol is fired 3x, at close range, behind the dog.

how to get a pitbull to unlock its jaws

Dogs that panic fail the test. Pits often do well during this part.

Ask an Expert - Breaking up a dog fight

Why even mention this worthless test? You are obviously speaking from 2nd hand or even 3rd hand accounts of these dogs and how they act. Are all dogs the same? Do we train all types of dogs the same?

Not even a little.

how to get a pitbull to unlock its jaws

Pit-bull type furbabies deserve a chance to be the great dog they are. I have not heard anything about break sticks in a while. What the heck, may I ask, is an honest and experienced dogman or dogmen? Am I a dogman because I have been around dogs my entire life and am experienced? Or is that code for dog-fighting-men?

Cuz I am percent sure the truth about dogs trained to be vicious is different from the truth about dogs trained to be loving. Pitts were bread by farmers to get rid of small scavenging animals. Farmers couldnt afford to be bitten by their working dogs so they "got rid of" any animal that didn't display ultimate loyalty to their owners The extreme loyalty bred into that breed will drive a dog to harm itself and others as long as the dog feels that it will please their owner.

how to get a pitbull to unlock its jaws

No its not their physiology and NOT their gripping power or technique! I believe that there are some good information on pits and theirs jaws on this article. But I feel as if this is very one sided on the fact that pits are almost monsters or that the fact that the "their just dogs" is wrong. I have an amazing pit named Jersey and a pit named Jazzy who is a mastive mix.

Pit Bulls Do Not Have Locking Jaws

Neither fight with my smaller dogs, both who are chihuahua mixes. Yes jazzy is aggressive yet that is the mastive who is part of the pit family. My pits don't fight and they also don't fight people unless to play.

This article makes it seem like only "experienced" people should have pits, yet I've never had a big dog before then I got my two girls. This is all lies pitbulls dont have lock jaw if you acually belive this do the research anyone can say what ever they want pits are detemind dogs its not their jaws lock its the fact that they are determind not to let go to its, just like humans in a game no one wants to lose.

Pits are good dogs they can easily be misgided though so do me a favor please stop bulling my breed. Today February 12 I found that there has only ever been reported pit bull attacks sinceYes that is a big number but that has been over almost two centuries. The dogs were trained to attack the jugular and hold on which is where the myth that pits have lock jaw came from, but as I said that is a myth the breed just has extremely strong muscles in their jaws.

The sport was banned in england in After that they jaw also bred with terriers to make them more agile as well as faster. The jaw was timed to see how many rats the dog could kill in the time limit. This sport was brought to America shortly after by immigrants. This sport is believed to be why pits are supposedly vicious dogs any dog trained to be a fighter is extremely get because there entire life they are trained to kill and fight for their lives constantly.

Pit bulls in the news. We see this quite frequently but the media specificly target pit bulls because of the enormous amout of damage they can cause. The traits that come with this dog that were bred into them is, enormous jaw strenght, the hold and shake bite style, amazing agility, and terrior quickness.

Why did people decide to use the pit bull for dog fighting? Dog fighters exploit several breeds of strong, medium to large dogs. This breed has an incredible sense of determination, once they begin a task, they will not give up unless they can not physically continue or you step in to stop them.

This is its whether you force them to fight or ask them to pull a car. Their un-relentless desire to complete a task combined how their unshakable sense of loyalty makes them easy targets for cruelty by cowards and criminals alike.

With a trained pit they usally wont start a dog fight but, if a Pit does get in a fight there determination will defenatly be unlocked because they want to please there owner though if they are trained good you can just say enough and usally thats the end of it. I go to rvhs and have been doing research for 9 weeks about pits these are the true facts. People who raise pit bulls as game dogs and don't pretend otherwise.

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