How to make ginger garlic paste in tamil

how to make ginger garlic paste in tamil
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Simple Fresh Homemade Healthy Recipes http: Your email address will not be published. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Follow by Email Enter your email address. Peas Paratha August 14, No Comments. Artisan Bread Bowls August 6, Comments 4. Connect with us Tweet. July 20, at Sherri The Well Floured Kitchen says: July 19, at 8: Joanne T Ferguson says: May 8, at 2: Wow looks absolutely perfect…love those clicks and the brown bowl too Reply.

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December 3, at 5: I must get into habit of making a jarful rather than each time — thanks for the inspiration!: So happy you liked the piece…And a jar of this handy blend makes life just a little easier on a busy weeknight: March 9, at 9: Since I usually use a curry powder which has ginger, would it be too much to use this ginger paste as well?

However, the ginger-garlic paste ratio is always in your hands; reduce the ginger a little and increase the garlic, that should help: Great minds think alike.

how to make ginger garlic paste in tamil

We are both getting saucy this weekend. Freezing your sauce is a great idea but this looks so delicious it wont last long. March 8, at 7: Two of my favorite ingredients. What a great idea. It would be a time saver for many Asian dishes as well. March 8, at I seem how need both for every second recipe I cook and ginger can take a few precious moments to prepare on a busy day. This mix one can make every few months on a less busy day: And, yes, I did know about the health benefits.

On a low cooking day, I bring out my bulk ginger and garlic, making big batches of paste is so much simpler! I also like making a small batch of garlic paste at the same time since some recipes, especially fish ones need just garlic: All handy ways to make our busy lives easier and keep bringing healthy homemade meals to our dinner tables: March 8, at 1: Although, there is another harissa-like equivalent in Indian tamil too, which uses dried red chili peppers, garlic, cumin seeds, vinegar etc.

The red chili pastes differs from region to region in India…I keep a Parsi-version, made by my mom as per her family recipe using Kashmiri chili pepper in the fridge and freezer, adds such an amazing flavor to any dish and cuts at least steps out of recipes! Thanks, glad you like this one…. Mama Miyuki Easy Pantsy says. Wow, you read my mind. I was wondering all of this time, when I saw a recipe with ginger-garlic make, whether they garlic ginger the basic ingredients or added with other ingredients.

Thanks for this enlighting article, I really loved it.

how to make ginger garlic paste in tamil

Although, you should see the wide range of store bought ginger-garlic paste choices in Asian ethnic stores! I am so glad that 2 of my favorites, garlic and ginger, are so good for your health as well.

Your recipes look delicious, thanks!

ginger garlic paste recipe, how to make ginger garlic paste at home

And yes, these two ingredients are really power packed, used by so many cuisines around the world…. It doesn't matter what measure you use, the point is to have equal quantities of both. Put this in a mixie or a blender and grind it coarsely. Add some salt and oil to this.

how to make ginger garlic paste in tamil

The salt acts as a preservative and the oil helps in smooth grinding. Do not add any water. Grind it again to make a smooth paste.

how to make ginger garlic paste in tamil

Now it is ready to use. How to store the Ginger Garlic Paste???

how to make ginger garlic paste in tamil

If you plan to refrigerate, then store the paste in an airtight glass bottle or a good quality plastic container. Put it in the coldest part of the refrigerator. If you want to freeze the paste, put them into small containers.

How To ~ Make Ginger Garlic Paste

This way you can take a small container, use it in the next few days by refrigerating and then take the next one. Addition of water depends on how the potatoes are to be cooked. Garnish with fresh coriander leaves, raw onion, kasoori methi or roasted cashew nuts or almonds. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips Poking the potatoes with the fork is done so that the masala penetrates into the vegetable.

Fresh cream can be used along with curds.

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