How to grease utility trailer wheel bearings

how to grease utility trailer wheel bearings
Remove the retaining nut and washer, then pull the hub off the spindle. Set the bearings on clean newspaper. They make it much easier to check the grease levels and add additional grease as necessary.

Apply a small amount of grease to the castellated nut, then place it over the castellated tab. Gently hand tighten and click the tab into place while using care not to over-tighten.

how to grease utility trailer wheel bearings

Rotate the castle nut until it stops, rotate the drum in the opposite direction until you feel resistance, then put the cap back onto the wheel hub. Inside the back of the wheel hub, you should see a rubber cover that when removed, will expose a notched starwheel. Place a flat head screwdriver inside the starwheel grooves then turn the wheel until you feel total resistance.

If the bearings are too tight or too loose, they will fail prematurely. You can experiment with the castle nut to feel the difference in play when the nut is too trailer or too loose. This will help you find the perfect adjustment. When you rock the wheel front to back, you should barely be able to feel the hub move. If the castle nut is too tight, it will hinder wheel rotation. Once you are utility with your adjustment, insert the cotter pin and bend the end to how it into place. You can replace your dust cap at this point, but we really wanted a better way to grease and maintain our bearings.

Another pop up camper owner recommended Bearing Buddiesso we ordered a set off Amazon for the camper. The Bearing Buddy website has a great chart here for determining what size you need to order. We measured our hub bore using a cheap set of calipers and found that our hub measured approximately 1. To install them, you simply hold the Bearing Buddy against the hub wheel a small piece of wood and use a hammer to drive it—making sure it stays straight—into place.

You can use a hand grease gun to easily add grease to your bearings as needed. You can check your lubricant level by pressing on the edge of the piston inside the Bearing Buddy.

Wheel Bearing Grease and Grease Gun Recommendations for Cargo Trailer with EZ-Lube Spindles

If you can rock the piston, the hub is properly filled. How often you need to grease your bearings will depend on how frequently and in what conditions you use your camper.

How to Grease and Repack Your Trailer Bearings

Definitely check your lubricant levels before you head out to camp. When we are on our road trips, Mr. TypeTwoFun checks our bearings, by reaching down and feeling them, every time we get gas. They are super simple to install. Pressing in the center of the BRA expels the air and creates a snug fit.

Maintaining the working parts of your pop up camper will ensure that you can enjoy that pretty new interior for a long time to come. This post contains Amazon affiliate links. I found your blogs couple of weeks ago when I was cruising Pinterest looking for some camping meals.

how to grease utility trailer wheel bearings

I was searching Craigslist all day today and am going to check out some tomorrow. We're not afraid of fixing things but we don't want this to be a giant project. Any tips or advice???

Check the canvas for leaks and mildew. Make sure your faucet runs from both the city water hookup and the water tank. Check the lights and electrical, too.

10 Easy Steps to Repack Your Own Trailer Wheel Bearings

Make sure everything is in good working order and that the owners show you everything before you purchase it. You can avoid being stranded by repacking your wheel bearings on a regular schedule. If you use your work or utility trailer daily or drive it long distances, repack them every six months.

For boat trailers, repack the wheel bearings at the start and end of the boating season. Use marine wheel bearing grease. Pick up new grease seals, cotter pins and the wheel bearing grease at any trailer supply shop. Grease seals come in various sizes based on the inside dimension of your wheel bearings. So after you pull off the bearings, take them to the store to match them with new ones. Then follow the simple steps in our maintenance photo series.

Jack up the trailer and support the frame or axles with jack stands. Remove the wheel and then the hub dust cap with slip-joint pliers.

Repacking Trailer Wheel Bearings

Unbend the cotter pin, grab the head with side cutters and leverage it out of the castle nut. If this is the case, take the trailer to a service center to get the bearings replaced. You can download and print Figure A from the Additional Information section below.

how to grease utility trailer wheel bearings

Remove the lug nuts and the wheel. Be sure that the trailer is supported with jack stands and the opposite wheel is blocked. Pry the dust cap loose with a large screwdriver. Straighten the ends of the cotter pin and pull it out with needlenose pliers.

how to grease utility trailer wheel bearings

Remove the retaining nut and washer, then pull the hub off the spindle. Be careful—the bearings will come out with the hub. Set the bearings on clean newspaper. To remove the rear bearing and seal, tap along the rim of the bearing with a block of wood and a hammer. If the seal is rusted to the back of the hub, spray a little WD on the back to help loosen it.

If the seal is damaged, replace it.

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