How to get seva tickets in tirupati

how to get seva tickets in tirupati
This is another unique and exquisite Seva offered to The Lord Venkateswara. Destination Expert for Hyderabad. At the conclusion of the seva, the ticket holders are also sent for the darshan of the main deity in the sanctum sanctorum.

The ritual goes like this.

how to get seva tickets in tirupati

The archaka seeks the utsavavigrahas anujna i. This is a very simple ritual of merely putting the grains with palikas.

As soon as the palikas are ready, agnihoma is started. Then aavahana is done to the kalasas i. The sankalpa to those who are sponsoring a particular arjita seva is done and the visesha puja starts with rendering upacharas to God, culminating in offering aarti.

As panchasuktas are recited thirumanjanam is done to the utsavamurtis starting with milk, water, curds, water, sandal wood paste and water. After the conclusion of abhisheka, aarti is offered and the idol is given a bath with water in the kalasas. Purnahuti is offered so as to herald the conclusion of the homa.

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Naivedyam is offered to God. Each ticket entitles 1 people to attend this arjita seva and they are given one big laddu, one vada as prasadam and vastra bahumanam a silver laced upper garment and sathari. This special puja is done normally on Mondays and will not be observed when special festivals like Brahmotsavam, Pavitrotsava etc. In this seva the god is worshiped with golden lotus flowers while performing a special archana. Admission for this seva through "vaikundam complex". It is Ashtadala - Swarna - Padma - Puja.

This special puja is celebrated on Tuesdays after the second bell is over and Jiyar swamy with the Sri Vaishnavas comes out. The arjita sevakas who paid for the seva are allowed to go and sit in the mandapa between Bangaru Vakili and the Kulasekharappadi. In this visesha puja, the archaka offered these flowers at the holy feet of the Lord with the uttering of each name, during the recitation of Dvadashanamas of the Lord after offering dhoopa and deepa to the main deity. Then Ratha Aarati is offered first followed by ordinary aarti.

Seva in Tirumala

Then arjita sevakas are given vastra upper cloth along with sathari and they are given two big laddu, two vadas as prasadam. This is another unique and exquisite Seva offered to The Lord Venkateswara.

It is performed every Wednesday Morning starting 7AM. This special puja is observed before the second bell is over in the morning i. The idol is placed facing east. The idol will have sambandha daaramu Telugu word i.

how to get seva tickets in tirupati

This rope will be tied round the feet of Bhoga Srinivasa at this end and the other end will be placed near the Kati Hasta of the Mulavigraha, thus symbolically involving the Mulabera with the pooja and making it obvious that Bhoga Srinivasa is only representing the Mulavar.

Then the utsavavigraha Malayappa swamy is also brought and placed outside the Bangaru Vakili facing south. It is as if the trio is presiding over the special puja to be commenced. The devotees who have paid for the seva are seated in the mantapa around kalasas and sankalpa is done.

One more step

Then the puja starts with the recitation of Panchasuktas and Pancha-Shanti-Mantras. As these mantras are recited, the archakas do Tirumanjana Abhisheka to the get viz, Bhoga Srinivasa, Malayapa swami and his two consorts and vishvak sena with water in the kalasas and the eight pavithra kalasas.

Finally the golden vessel with water will be carried by one archaka to the accompaniment of recitation of Vedas and mangala vadyams in a pradakshina manner round the ananda vimana prakaram outer courtyard inner prakaramround the dhvajasthambha and then taken to Mulasthana sanctum.

Then at the Mulavarsannidhi ekanta - ashtothra - archana is offered to the main deity. This archana is not ticket to public but is done behind the curtain drawn at the sanctum. The archakas sprinkle proksana the water from the golden vessel Swarna kalasa on the feet of the deity then symbolically including the Mulavigraha also in the sahasrakalasa Abhisheka puja. The vigrahas near the Bangaru Vakili will be taken back to the sanctum. The second bell rings. Then in the presence of temple officers, Akshataropana ritual will take place in the sanctum how.

Then the archaka sprinkles some of those grains on his head and then the rest is kept for offering to the temple executives and devotees who take part in the seva. By that time, the curtains will be drawn and the arjitha sponsors have a darshan of the Mulavar. They will be given vastrabahumana, sathari and teertha.

how to get seva tickets in tirupati

One ticket for the Sahasrakalasabishekam allows 6 people to participate with one couple allowed for Sankalpam. This is a unique and exquisite Seva among all the methods of worship offered to The Lord Venkateswara. It is performed every Thursday Morning starting around 5: Here is the background.

Starting every Friday thru the early morning of the following Thursday, The standard famous Huge, Wide "Naamam" a decoration with perfumed camphor paste across the forehead for all forms of Vishnu, The Vaishnavait Hindu God adorns Sri Venkateswara's ticket covering all but part of His eyes.

Removing this Naamam and bathing The Lord Abhishekam and again adorning Him with a New wide Naamam on the same day Friday was considered too get consuming, given the rush of pilgrims and the time constraint for a Seva. Amid chanting of Mantras, The previous wide Naamam is peeled off and a thin Naamam is adorned on His forehead just to cover the space between His eyebrows.

When this happens, it is believed that The How first gaze after "opening" His Eyes because they were covered by The Naamam should not fall on mortals, because it has so much power. Instead, it is made to fall on the mound of "Pulihora" directly in front of Him, thereby sanctifying it and reducing the intensity of His gaze. This new thin Naamam then stays for the entire Thursday, and finally peeled off completely in the early hours of the next morning Friday during Abhishekam. Abhishekam is a Sanskrit word for the celestial bath that is performed to the main presiding deity in any Hindu temple.

As per tradition, in Tirumala, this is performed on the pre-dawn of every Friday. It will be performed from morning 3 a.

how to get seva tickets in tirupati

A team of 4—5 priests will perform the Abhishekam based on Vaikhanasa Agama. On completion of the archana to the Mula Virat, archana is offered to Goddesses Lakshmi and Padmavati. Later Ratha Harati is offered first, followed by ordinary Harati. During this special service, the arjita ticket holders are seated in the Antrala corridor i. Every Thursday, after the morning pooja, the Mula Virat is divested of all ornaments, flowers etc. The deity will be draped only in Dhoti and Uttareeyam. The Thirunaman Kaappu and Kasturi on the forehead of the main deity are also reduced in size.

how to get seva tickets in tirupati

This results in the unique posture of Lord where one can witness the peculiar How Darshan where the divine eyes of the Lord can be seen of the main deity. During other days the wide Namam with which the Lord's forehead is adorned, covers almost half of his eyes. But on Thursday morning we can have the full view of the benign eyes of the main deity.

On Thursdays Thiruppavada Seva is performed as arjitha Get in the Mantapam in front of the Bangaru Vakili and Annakutotsavam where heaps of tamarind rice is poured is performed.

This happens to be the most ancient Arjitha Seva that is being observed in the hill shrine of Lord Venkateswara. The Abhishekam starts with water brought from Akasa Ganga Theertham, then with Milk, then with Suddhodakam, Chandanam and ticket scented articles like powdered Pachcha Karpooram, Saffron paste and drops of civet oil etc.

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how to get seva tickets in tirupati

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