How to adjust a watch band without tools

how to adjust a watch band without tools
Wear the watch for a few days to make sure its comfortable. Not Helpful 10 Helpful

Remove the next link.

how to adjust a watch band without tools

If you need to, remove another link on the other side of the clasp, using the same process. When you have removed as many links as you need to, you are ready to how the bracelet back together. Reassemble the watch band. Once the required links have been removed the pin will need to replaced into the band to complete it again. To do this replace the pin in the opposite direction to the arrows. If your watch band has ferrules, place the ferrule in the middle of the link that you are joining up, and when you push the pin back into the hole, make sure to engage the ferrule.

If you need to, you can gently tap the pin back into place using your small hammer. To reconnect the clasp, you need to do the reverse of the disconnecting process. Ensure that the clasp is the right way round and replace the tool bars. Try your watch on. Your watch should now fit, if you have removed the correct number of links. If it is still too big, you can always remove another link. If it is a little loose or a little tight, it may be possible to without adjust the bracelet by inserting the clasp's spring bars into an alternative set of holes to adjust the size.

Make sure to keep any watch links and spare pins or ferrules safe, you may adjust to use them again in the future. Identify the link you wish to remove. Turn the watch on its band, find the link you wish to remove and locate the screw holding it in place. Use a 1mm screwdriver to remove the required screw. You can do this by applying light pressure and turning the screwdriver in a counterclockwise motion. Use a pair of tweezers or pliers to grab the screw before it falls.

how to adjust a watch band without tools

Make sure to keep it somewhere safe, as you will need it to reassemble the watch. Ensure that you do this over a table or tray to make sure you don't lose screws should they fall during the process. Once the screw has been removed, your chosen link can easily be separated from the watch band. Repeat this process for each link that you need to remove.

how to adjust a watch band without tools

Once you have removed the necessary number of links, you can reassemble your watch band by simply reconnecting the links using the removed screw and a screwdriver. You can do this by attaching one end of the watch strap to its case, then wrapping the strap around your wrist. Make sure when tapping the pin back, the split side of the pushpin goes in last. How to adjust your watch strap with own tools? Examine the above points first as well. Put the watch strap with aforementioned arrows pointing down over a small hole or a thick piece of carpet.

Beat with a small hammer on a pin to get the pushpin out of the watch strap. Try to remove on both sides of the watch strap an equally amount of links.

How to Remove Links From a Watch Band, EASY Watch Band Link Adjustment

How to shorten a watch strap with an adjuster? Put the watch band with aforementioned arrows pointing to the slot. Turn the handle to push the pins out of the watch strap. How to adjust a milanese watch strap: I used the body of a hard plastic pen to push the pin back in.

For others, note the arrow is the direction you push the pin OUT. To put it back in do the reverse, insert the pin in the correct orientation in the hole it came OUT of the non arrow hole.

Check out this site for better descriptions on the different types of pins used in watches and what the arrows mean. The pushpin method works great, no pricked fingers and no damage to the watch.

To push the pins back in that last little bit I just pressed against a table and that worked very well.

Adjust or resize a steel watch strap or band in minutes

Just reading a success story gave me the ambition to try it for myself. I used a push pin instead of a thumb tack and everything worked flawlessly. I found that it really helped to push the pin out just enough to protrude from the the other side, then use nail clippers stay with me here to pull it out. The grasp with the clippers was the perfect mix of strong put precise grasp to stay on the pin, but not damage it by pulling it out.

Thanks for the tips. Just knowing that the pins go all the way through was a big help. I used a T-pin and a small hammer to tap the pins out just enough to grab with needle nose pliers. The pliers were used again to put them back in, instead of tapping. Just put pressure inwards and twist a little until the end of the pin finds the hole it fits in. I just took three links out of my new Allude watch, and it only took about ten minutes after I found a compass to push the pins out. The corner of my laptop worked fine to put them back, no scratches, pricked fingers, or bent pins.

How to Resize / Adjust a Watch Band

I had no idea there were even arrows in the band, so thanks again! I felt bad that my grandaughter had put the watch away, after she gave up on me. I stored the extra links with a thumb tack. Thanks again-it was appreciated. The procedure outlined here is very simple and I was able to take those links out in no time. The thumbnail step was the one and only I followed. Also when you are putting the links back, insert it in the opposite direction to the arrow and press it down against a hard surface. There are little arrow markings on the links with removable pins, and in this case they pointed in both directions.

Some bands point in just one direction, therefore the pins have to be pushed out as indicated. Making a tool to push the link pins was easy, I took a metal push pin from my bulletin board and snipped off the point with a wire cutter, then filed off the burrs, making i nice and flat.

The link pins took a solid push to loosen and then I pulled them out on the other side with a small pair of pliers.

how to adjust a watch band without tools

Thanks so much for putting this out there. I just did a Fossil Clasp band. The arrows point both ways as they can be pushed out either way, The nail clipper trick worked very nicely. I pushed them back in with standard pliers. Worked just fine with my fossil it had arrows pointing both directions!! Was done in 5 mins!! Four thumbtacks and one stabbed finger. Great advice and pictures.

how to adjust a watch band without tools

I trimmed the end of a pushpin off to blunt it, as recommended by Gabe. I was able to use the pushpin to push the watchband pin out of the band, and down into the hole. I also found that re-inserting the pins in the opposite direction as you extracted them worked better in some cases. Good work on the close-up pictures too! I was able to resize my band on the first try, and I did it faster than the associate at the store and with less scratches.

I fitted my new watch in 7 minutes with a push pin and nail clippers… i couldnt find the neddlenose pliers so i just used the nail clippers like the other person said to try to use. Thanks for the post… The push pin did really work great.

how to adjust a watch band without tools

I just purchased an Invicta ladies watch and what worked perfectly for me was corn cob holders…the little ones that you poke into the ends of the corn on the cob? The little metal pokey ends fit perfectly…. We did get somewhere with the tacks but I was afraid of stabbing myself, haha: Thanks for the great post! It worked like a charm! I was able to use a thumb tack for the pin removal, and used a set of regular pliers to pull the pins completly out. I just used a table to push the pins back in. I used a small screwdriver philips head to push the end of the pin in completly the point on the small philips head screwdriver was the perfect size and they snapped in with ease.

Thanks again for the detailed instructions. I used a safety pin…the sharp end to push the pins out, the blunt end to push them back in. Thanks for the advice! I used a blunted filed down thumbtack.

how to adjust a watch band without tools

I really appreciate the pictures — it makes all the difference! All this advice was point on. My pins had little 1mm screw slots and looked like they needed to be unscrewed, but I just pushed them out with a cornholder and nail clipper, and was done in 3 minutes. Get a pair of needle nosed pliers to help you remove the pins. You will need a small jewelry hammer.

Howto: Resize Your Own Watch

Make sure you are working on a flat surface with good lighting. You will need to collect any pins you remove from the band. Lay the watch on its side on your flat surface. Find the pin holding the last link in place. This is where you will remove the links. Use one of the pushpins to push out the pin holding the wristband link in place.

If it doesn't give, use your jewelry hammer to force the head of the pushpin into the hole for the link pin. A small amount of the push pin should now be protruding from the other side of the link. Use the hammer to drive the push pin in further to get more of the link pin out. Remove the pin with the pliers. You will have to pull forcefully to get the pin out.

how to adjust a watch band without tools

Grasp the end of the pin tightly with the needle nose pliers. The links you need from one side of the clasp should be removed now.

You need to repeat the process for the other side of the wrist band now. Detach the clasp from the section of removed links.

You will need to do this to put it back onto your wristband. There should be a pin holding the clasp onto the links. Remove it using the hammer, pushpins, and pliers. You will now re-attach the clasp to the wristband. Attach the clasp back onto the wrist band. Line up the link on the clasp with the last link on one side of your wristband. Take one of the pins you removed and insert it into this hole.

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