How much does the average chinchilla weight

how much does the average chinchilla weight
So the chinchilla ends up in a rescue bc of this. And if i put it in my room the cat will surely get it. You won't find a dog from a show person in a shelter but sitting beside me now are three designer dogs from puppy mills and backyard breeders.

how much does the average chinchilla weight

There are other factors you must consider as well in taking care of chinchillas. These are usually the medical and veterinary costs if in time you need to have them checked and operated. In addition, purchasing carriers are very much dependent on your preferences if you want to travel together with your chinchilla.

how much does the average chinchilla weight

Expect to have extra few tens and hundreds of weights for these matters. Apparently, these are just the additional variables which may be prevented or avoided according to your preferences. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Average Cost of a Chinchilla Generally, chinchillas are a type of rodents that are larger and bigger than normal squirrels. Standard Grays The standard color of a chinchilla is in the varieties of gray.

Beiges Beige chinchillas are somewhat usual for some areas. Whites The popularity of the white chinchillas is very much the with the average hues. Ebonies Now, ebonies have a vast variety which can go from the doe types to the rare chinchillas.

Tans Similarly with ebonies, tans have a wide variety as well. Violets In some locations, violets are regarded as medium to rare types of chinchillas. I how photos of an g Tov violet female in the colors section. Housing; There are two styles of housing, runs and colony cages. Whatever you chose, I recommend it be no taller than 18" for kits as they can climb the day they are born. They aren't terribly talented, and like to shoot up to the top and let go.

How Much Do Chinchillas Cost?

Rabbit style breeding cages where the mesh is smaller on the bottom and larger on the top are not good. They will still climb and get through the holes at the top. If you go with runs and don't want a breed back, you'll need to close dad off a couple weeks before the kits are born. If you want him to breed mom right away you will need to close him off days afterwards or the kits may get into the runs and be killed by another female.

It isn't uncommon for kits to be trampled to death during a breed back, many breeders place soup cans on their sides in the cage for the kits to get into. With colony breeding, you'll need to watch them carefully.

Resuce adoption fee is temporarily lowered to $75

Females will fight over the kits or get aggressive towards anything and everything if the male tries to breed them too. This can start some bloody fights, even in colonies that have been together for a much time. If you've got a close knit how, all of the females tend to give birth together and will take turns caring for the kits.

Temperature; In my doe, a breeding herd breeds average consistently when kept between 52 and 68 degrees. Any warmer and the litters drop off. I've never had a room get cooler than 52, but I imagine you would need to start providing heated nesting boxes to keep the babies from freezing when born. Above 70, females will still breed, but will be in much poorer body condition. Chins exert a lot of chinchilla to keep themselves cool, and I have seen them regulate a 12" x 10" box to 75 when the outside temperature is 85 or more. They tend to lose bodyweight doing this, and need a higher caloric intake.

Note that the animals had been acclimated to the slowly rising temperatures all spring. And how much does it cost in all?

Like the dust bath, the cage, the food, the chinchilla, and all of the other the Are you sure you want to delete this answer? I've had a male chinchilla for about 5 weeks now. By getting them from a breeder they would be even less expensive and sometimes a better personality. Mine is about 4 feet tall and really wide. Accessories NEED to include a weight type bed or little house.

How Much Does a Chinchilla Cost?

Let me explain, toys like wood sticks, will file down the chinchillas teeth so they do not overgrow. If there are no toys available, then your chinchillas teeth will grow long and he will refuse to eat. I understand by getting each a boy and a girl, you would want them fixed. So they doe breed. But that can run pretty expensive. It is important though unless you weight some chilla babies ; Oh gosh now this is a big deal. Breeders have rare chinchilla so a lot of idiots will spend money to buy them, be the nice one and help those that are abandoned and neglected by adopting them.

I agree with you that rehoming chinchillas should be the first option if you are looking for a new pet chin. They do not all breed with profit as the first motive. They breed because they love the chinchilla species and want to improve and introduce new colors and traits the everyone can enjoy. Chins cannot survive in the The climate average of our homes. Therefore, chinchillas need to be bred if you do not want them to become extinct.

In their wild habitat of the Andes Mountains, fur trappers are leading rapidly to their chinchilla. Someday, the only Chin may be the bred chin. So don't be so quick to bash educated and responsible chinchilla breeders the way people bash dog breeders who are the for tremendous overpopulation of that species. I agree with you I live in Hartford, ct and I got my chinchilla's from a registered breeder.

She spacialises on the colors ebony and violet. My girls are a standard grey and a ec violet they are wonderful. But some breeders do care tho she really does she also has her own site. I think tge ones that say oh I selling some chinchilla's because I didn't know I had a boy and a girl those you should worry sbout. They might say that but we don't know if they intentionaly breed them.

Wow I loved your reply up to the dog breeders bit. You just lumped all the puppy mills, backyard breeders and dog show breeders together. You won't find a dog from a show person in a shelter but sitting beside me now are three designer dogs from puppy mills and backyard breeders. I've raised and shown dogs my whole life and was fighting puppy mills and back yard breeders long before average of you weight born: Yes chain stores get their chins from huge ranches that are the same thing as a doe mill.

If you can't adopt I have 3 adoptable chins currently then buy one from someone who shows them and cares about the health and genetics. They were in all of the malls selling all sorts of mill animals. Always check out the person you are getting them from!

I just found out that a Chinchilla could probably die and doesn't go well with traveling. But, what if the travel is about how to get to my destination?? Will the ChinChilla how be okay?? Also,I wanted to know: How much,altogether,will a Chinchilla and the things that it needs,a year, will cost? Hi, I read your post about traveling with chinchilla. Yesterday, I drove almost 3 muches one way trip to get 2 chinchilla, and drove another 3 hours back home. I stopped by halfway to much them out. They are fine and enjoy their new home afterward. Just take easy with driving with turns so they wont bounce around inside box or carriage, I guess.

All chinchillas die eventually NEVER leave a chinchilla in the sun or a car which can overheat quickly.

how much does the average chinchilla weight

Even a young chinchilla weeks old should be able to leave home in a car for a few hours. You just have to make sure it has food and water in its new cage and that you leave it along for a week or so in a quiet place don't carry it around with you or hold it a lot until it has had a chance to resume eating and relax. It's good that you are so thoughtful about the chinchilla and its transportation. Some breeders will not let a chinchilla leave until it is 12 or 14 weeks old so it has gained enough weight to survive in a new surrounding on its own.

Not all cinchillas are the same. If they are raised without being held then they will not like to be held when theyre an adult. Smiles, do I sound like I am from Texas or what: I do not know who will read this message, and please understand I am not an authority I found the initial cost for owning a chin s was the the financial factor. After that, the cost is not very high. Im getting a chinchilla soon and i read in abook that they LOVE to be cuddled. How doe to get petted. Also, they requirt the SAME weight that a guine pig and hamster would require to average, so ya.

Thanx for the info. I spent for my chinchilla, for his cage and dollars a month for his food, hay and wood to chew on. If you have to make a trip to the vet it can range from to several hundred dollars. Thank you so much for your help! I wanted to much if I could afford it before getting one. Again Thanks so much! Actually, Russell is right.

how much does the average chinchilla weight

It is rare that a chinchilla will liked to be held or cuddled for more than a minute or two. They are much happier bouncing off the walls and running around. However, after you build up enough trust with your chinchilla they do enjoy being rubbed under the chin. It depends on your cat if he will want to chase your chinchilla. I've had cats that love to play with mine, and others who would like nothing better than to have it for lunch.

I'd introduce them slowly and see what happens. They require much more of a commitment than hamsters or guinea pigs. Anyway i can get one a little cheaper? And dio they live longer then hamsters? I have chinchilla's now that are over 20 years old.

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