How to upgrade xp to windows 7 without formatting

how to upgrade xp to windows 7 without formatting
Read More goes into further detail on this. In short, if your computer runs Windows 8, it should also run Windows Subscribe to Tom's Hardware.

Don't install your XP drive until after you have windows 7 installed.

how to upgrade xp to windows 7 without formatting

You can then use the XP drive as a secondary and just transfer files over. If your bios boot screen has the option to "boot", sometimes listed like "F12 -Boot", you should also still be able to boot from the XP drive if necessary.

Is there any way to format my hard drive without losing window xp solved How to reinstall windows 10 without losing any data to a different Hard drive solved How to transfer my OS to an SSD without losing data on my HDD.

Can't find your answer? For all of your stuff under "My Documents": While still running XP, create a new folder tree - call it MyStuff or similar.

Under that, MyDocs, MyMusic, etc.

how to upgrade xp to windows 7 without formatting

What this does is move those files out from under the existing NTFS permissions that are currently applied on the My Documents folder tree. Attempting to look in those folders will result in "Access Denied".

While you can, after the fact, "take ownership" of those folders and files in themthis one step of prep work gets around that completely.

how to upgrade xp to windows 7 without formatting

On rare occasions, though, the "take ownership" does not work, and all your stuff is trapped. Now that your personal stuff is safe and accessible, on to the Win7 install. Gather the Win 7 disk, and any and all installation files and disks for all your applications. Remove all drives, even thumb drives 2. Connect only the drive the new one that you want Win7 on.

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I won't be switching soon exactly, but it's intriuging to see that it's not going to be a complete nightmare. I too wrote a post regarding migerating to Win7 from XP. Mught not be as great as yours but may problems and their solutions are listed. Tuesday, August 04, 3: Is it possible to transfer program installations? Tuesday, August 04, 4: I have a Dell Latitude D - not a dual-core. Wondering how it would perform It's an old Dell Dimension Tuesday, August 04, 5: It's a shame it still can't do Application transfer too.

It's one of the things still missing from the Windows competitive tick-sheet. Tuesday, August 04, 8: Well, I have been known in some circles as "crazy" because my computer is something that started up as a DOS3.

Windows XP to Win7 (best way to transfer data) without losing a thing?

So I am glad this upgrade to Win7 is possible without major issues. This doesn't migrate non-OS apps though, does it?

how to upgrade xp to windows 7 without formatting

If a reinstall of apps is needed, I wouldn't consider it an upgrade - just a user file migration. I haven't used the process myself yet though, so perhaps I'm mistaken? Thanks for the info: Just out of curiosity, I have an XP machine with a c: Is it possible to install win 7 on my c: It doesn't sound like it migrates any apps at all. I do believe there are some 3rd party apps out there to do that though.

how to upgrade xp to windows 7 without formatting

Hopefully they will be updated to work with Win7 when it hits the shelves. I think MS is hurting adoption somewhat by not providing some sort of straight upgrade capability. I think the migration process might be beyond the capabilities of many home users, or at least they will think it is. One note about your upgrade process: I know they're not too common yet, but if the machine being upgraded contains a solid state disk drive, I would let Win7 delete the partition and re-create it, rather than just reformatting.

This will ensure that the partition is aligned properly on the disk, which Win7 does but XP does not. Not aligning the partition can hinder performance on an SSD.

Tuesday, August 04, 6: Brad - It doesn't migrate programs, but it does to all settings. So, after I reinstalled Office 15 minutes all the settings were already present. Pat - Yes, totally. Just don't tell Win7 about your D drive. You can format the C: The original installation discs or setup files for the programs that you want to use with Windows 7 and You need to perform clean installation of Windows 7 by formatting your Windows XP or install on different hard drive partition keeping XP and Windows 7 in dual boot mode The best you can hope for is to dual boot XP and Windows 7 and then gradually migrate applications to 7 over time.

How to Install Window 7 without Format the hard Disk??

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How to Upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7

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how to upgrade xp to windows 7 without formatting

Also Win7 is no longer supported by Microsoft. Can't find your answer? The OP simply asked where he could get it, not why he shouldn't get it. I've been using Win7 since it's initial release and never once had to use Microsoft Support.

how to upgrade xp to windows 7 without formatting

We shouldn't dissuade members from installing what is a perfectly stable and capable OS and more liked than Win8 apparently. You can legally download windows 7, from microsoft as well.

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