How to fit carpet runner on stairs

how to fit carpet runner on stairs
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how to fit carpet runner on stairs

The easiest way to do this is to roll up the excess runner, with the pile to the outside, and place the roll at the bottom of your stairs, with the end facing the stairs. Fold the carpet back round the gripper, making sure you now have a neat edge at the floor and press onto the gripper. Now work upwards, ensuring the gripper pins are holding the runner securely onto each tread and riser, keeping up an even tension so that your runner does not start to twist as you move up the stairs.

When you reach the top of your stairs, you will need to fold the runner back under itself to create a neat edge, like a hem and tack into place.

How to Install a Carpet Runner on Wooden Stairs

Once you have finished fitting your stair runner, dress down all gripper pins with a hammer so that they do not stick up through the runner.

Install the Padding Cut carpet padding the same width as the strips and wrap it around the front edge of the steps, but leave some slack. Trim Carpet to Size Roll out the length of carpet needed to run the length of the stairs and cut it approximately 3" wider than the finished runner will be. Crease the Carpet Runner Use a straightedge and an awl to score the back of the carpet along the chalk lines image 1.

How to fit a Stair Runner

Position and Attach the Runner Fold the edges of the carpet under, and center the carpet on the bottom edge of the steps image 1. Staple the Riser Staple the carpet onto the riser just below the tread.

How to Install a Handsome Stair Runner

Tuck the Carpet Into the Corner Use a knee kicker to push the carpet tight into the corner of the tread and riser while using a stair tool to wedge the carpet into the corner between the tread and the riser.

Straighten the Runner's Edges If necessary, use the awl to pull the bottom of the fold out so that the edges of carpet are straight image 1. Holmes and Holmes Tips and How-tos 5 Videos. Bathroom How Tos 6 Videos.

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How to Install Trapdoor Stairs 5 Steps. Make sure the carpet is taut. Continue up the stairs until done. At the corner of each tread and riser, use a carpet stair tool with a hammer to push the carpet into the corner. Sign up for weekly project ideas and advice from experts Privacy Policy.

how to fit carpet runner on stairs

How To Rooms and Spaces Floors. Install Carpet Pad Cut the non-slip carpet pad to widths two inches less than the width of the carpet runner and one inch less than the depth of the tread.

How to Install a Stairway Carpet Runner With Stays

Butt pad to front edge of tackless strip. When using the waterfall method, clip 3 inches off the corners of the pad where it curves around the nosing. This helps hide the pad. Check end of runner with framing square.

how to fit carpet runner on stairs

If not square, mark, then cut along backing with carpet knife. Dab cut edges with latex carpet glue to prevent fraying. After glue dries to touch, unroll runner up 3 or 4 treads, making sure it's between the layout marks.

Push end of runner against floor at bottom of first riser.

how to fit carpet runner on stairs

Line up runner between the layout marks. Push stapler through the pile and against the backing before pulling trigger. Place front edge of knee kicker on center of the runner about 2 inches from the riser.

Installing a Carpet Stair Runner Video

Hold down front knob with one hand, using the other hand to keep the kicker's shaft level. Hit kicker with knee. Runner should engage tackless strip and become taut.

Repeat every 3 inches, side to side. If runner bulges and doesn't lie flat against the tread, lift it straight up off the strip and begin again.

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