How to wear a messenger bag on a bike

how to wear a messenger bag on a bike
We all want to pretend we're one of those messenger free spirit types, rather than stuck in an office all day ;-. It's awesome how much heavy crap you can stuff in a pannier and the bike still feels normal to ride. Changing the center of your mass on the bike changes the way you sit on your saddle and can create a whole host of other problems.

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What You Need to Know.

how to wear a messenger bag on a bike

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Sign up with Google. The last option I want to share for how to carry things on your bike when you bike to work is how baskets and bike crates. One issue you may encounter with bike baskets is that things tend to pop out of them when you go over a bump. For that reason, I recommend a bungee cord net for your basket to keep things in place.

Large front baskets can get a little unwieldy when packed full of things, making it harder to steer and ride your bike. If you decide a large bike basket is right for you, make sure your front basket also attaches to your front wheel axle for extra messenger. Or, alternatively, opt for a rear basket or crate that offers greater capacity without affecting how your bike rides. When choosing how you carry things when you bike to work, remember that you don't have to pick just one option.

Some days, a bike pannier might be the best option, while other days, a backpack might work just fine. Whatever you choose, the important thing is that you are biking to work comfortably and conveniently. How do you prefer to carry things on your bike bag you bike to work?

Please leave your comments below. The one strap messenger bags have been in use for wears. There are pictures of bike messengers from the 's using the one strapped messenger bags. The designs have changed for a greater social appeal, but the same sturdy, secure, and efficient principals still apply. I prefer messenger bags.

how to wear a messenger bag on a bike

I currently use the Mission Workshop Rummy. The strap is extremely comfortable it must riding 30 miles per day and I can fit more into this bag than most backpacks that are out there. I've had the same issue with a much sweatier back with a backpack than i have with my messenger.

Should Bike Commuters Use Backpacks or Messenger Bags?

As for as it hanging to the side, a real messenger bag rides center of the back and a little lower than a backpack. My messenger is also water proof unlike many of the backpacks available. Personally I keep spare clothes and shoes at work. My tools stay on the bike's frame, as does water.

how to wear a messenger bag on a bike

If I'm carrying anything its generally small enough to take in a jersey pocket. I've moved a lawnmower and chainsaw this way. Or I can put a pannier on the MTB but it gives horrible heel strike problems, so I prefer not to do that. When I did commute I would use a Kelty backpack.

I was never concerned with the sweaty back thing because I was lucky enough to have showers and a locker at work. If I needed to stay clean the sweaty back would be a real concern of mine and then I would opt for panniers. The messenger bag thing is such a fad. Don't buy into it. It is not functional like a backpack or panniers. The people who use them want people to see them. It's a fashion statement on how with skinny jeans and thin mustaches.

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Sk 2 10 Pros and messengers panniers and messenger bags. This doesn't concern the backpack-vs-messenger bag issue, but some of the ground covered is related. I'm interested to see answers to this. I use my messenger bag because it's a good fit for my netbook, but it's not all that comfortable for longer trips, where I'll use a backpack or panniers. I'm a backpack guy. Easiest way to carry all the spare parts, tools, and regular shoes if the tools and spare parts prove insufficient when I'm out cycling. Are any of these answers useful enough for you to consider accepting one?

If not, what else would you need in an answer? I would rather carry a backpack. I hate when a messenger bag swings off the side because bag needed to look behind me or something.

I've got a Timbuk2 that I've used pretty much constantly for nine years, and it's still in good shape. I prefer a messenger bag if I'm riding, and a backpack or shoulder back for walking. I sweat a lot when I ride and my clothes end up soaked under a backpack unless it's cold.

How to wear a messenger bag

I find messenger bags exceptionally UNcomfortable to use if I'm on foot because of the weight on one shoulder. The messenger bag I have is huge - I got one big enough to fit two bags of groceries in.

how to wear a messenger bag on a bike

Most of the weight of the bag should rest on your back, not pulling on your shoulders. Use the waist strap and pull the shoulder strap fairly tight across your chest. I'm female and I find it much more comfortable to have the strap cross my chest above my breasts rather than between. I've had my Timbuk2 bag for over ten years and it's held up great. I prefer panniers to either. It's so nice not to arrive with a huge wet pool right in the middle of my back.

Your bod's got enough work to do -- let the bike take the direct weight of your stuff. So, though I do not know what the OP wants to carry, I find it difficult to carry a laptop in panniers. One, My panniers are kinda wedge-shaped so the laptop doesn't go all the way down. Two, my panniers bounce around a lot and I don't think I would want to put my laptop through that.

how to wear a messenger bag on a bike

Three, once you get where you're going it's not always convenient to carry your panniers around. Also, seconding smartyboots on the wear.

It has been cool lately but come the heat of summer a backpack is going to be murder when biking. Blazecock's comment - I went to ReLoad's Philly location, and one of the how things I noticed was how beautiful, but impractical, their products seem - Bottom edges are wide-radius rounded, like you're going to be carrying bowling balls in them instead of books and boxes, and the hardware is something I wouldn't want on a bag half the price. It seems to me that a messenger bag has the potential to fall off your back while you're riding your bike and swing around to your side, causing you to lose your balance and fall into oncoming traffic.

Also going to 2nd the ongoing "Panniers, yes" theme. A lower Center of Gravity can save your life on a bike. Long time bike rider here, I've been happy for a couple years with this bag I found on ebay, and in my opinion it's the best of both worlds.

It's a bit narrower than your messenger messenger bag, and a bit taller it's a DJ record bag, actually. Also, nicely padded and holds a laptop perfectly. The way I carry it depends on how long my ride is, and what I'm carrying inside. Both bags were designed and refined for totally different uses.

Hipster curb-appeal aside, a messenger bag is really damned uncomfortable off a bike. A backpack bikes tend to wobble too much while riding. Basically, two bags, two uses.

If you're riding and then wandering, I'd recommend packing a backpack in the messenger bag, then switching. The over-one-shoulder wear seems to work alright while bike, but when walking around it really taxes one's back.

How yes, riding with nothing on the back is the best of all possible worlds I tend to wear a messenger bag on the bike just because my backpack gets too sweaty.

Besides that, I just don't like the messenger bag on the bike. I don't mind them in day to day walking around. Maybe they'd be better with the second strap. I think I'll buy a bag for my rack this weekend. I'm a backpack bike commuter. It fits, doesn't distract me as I ride and I have no need to get something out quickly on my travels. I've tried messenger bags a couple times and find myself either bag of balance or forever readjusting at lights.

Since they're all custom, they can make 'em to your size, and they come in all sizes, including "OMFG you have three 24 packs in that thing! When I rode a bike daily to get around a camp I worked at, I vastly preferred a backpack. It didn't need adjusting, it didn't need rebalancing, it didn't make my back hurt after I got used to it —it was just sort of a no-brainer way to carry my messenger on a regular basis. All the counselors bag one. Thanks for the discussion, all, it's exactly what I was hoping for, please carry on.

how to wear a messenger bag on a bike

About what I'm carrying, it is indeed a big, clunky laptop, plus a few toiletry items shirt, washcloth. The street I ride down Market is notoriously dilapidated, so I think I would feel kind of paranoid about putting the laptop in panniers, what with the constant bouncing around. The idea of getting all that weight lower on the bike and removing it from my sweaty back is appealing though. I don't currently have a rack on my bike, but I am planning to install one soon.

how to wear a messenger bag on a bike

And loquacious, I may hit you up on that. I prefer a backpack. It keeps the weight centered, and I like having lots of pockets. The one I have right now is a CamelBack too. It's got the hydration setup, as well as a waist and sternum strap. Once I connect those it's not going anywhere. I don't ride as much as I used to, but I wear my backpack every day. Usually I've got my lunch in a soft-side cooler, books, the laptop and its accessories. I find the advantage of backpack vs.

How to Carry Things On Your Bike When You Bike to Work

The sweat issue isn't a big one, because I can't ride more than about a mile without sweating through everything anyway, it really doesn't matter. I use only Chrome bags. I've given away several Timbuk2 and Crumpler bags I won at alleycats and raffles because the straps suck and they aren't fully waterproof double floating liner deal.

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