What should i get my boss for secret santa

what should i get my boss for secret santa
I'd Agree With You Mug. We've compiled a list of awesome Secret Santa gift ideas that are bound to meet all different budgets and personality types.

As it gets to the end of November and talk of Christmas starts to roll around, talk in the office turns to one thing- the annual work Secret Santa draw.

what should i get my boss for secret santa

And let's face it, buying for your co-workers can be difficult at the best of times, let alone when you pull out Fred from Accounts' name out of the hat who you've only spoken to once. Or what if you get the boss? Fortunately, we've got plenty of fool proof Secret Santa ideas for work that are perfect for any recipient, whether you know them a little or a lot. From the funny novelty ideas right down to the thoughtful gifts we are sure you will find only the best office Secret Santa ideas here.

Whether you have agreed a budget or are feeling a little more generous this year, be assured that a gift from us won't disappoint,in fact your boss might be so delighted they give you an extra Christmas bonus.

what should i get my boss for secret santa

You many even find that next year your colleagues will be wishing and hoping you've picked them! Work secret santa gifts do need to be chosen with care, as you don't want to find you've bought exactly the wrong thing for the guy in accounts or the woman in marketing.

You spend a lot of time in your office or workplace, so - with our help - you'll get the right kind of presents, no matter who you drew in the secret santa. You have javascript disabled - some features of this site will not be available to you.

Secret Santa Ideas For Work

Please turn on javascript to get the most out of your visit. Click here for instructions. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Click here for instructions. Home News Sport Business. What to buy your boss this Christmas: Here's our pick of the best festive presents to please even the trickiest of managers. The ultimate guide to what to buy Park Avenue Alphabet Charm.

35 Most Fun Secret Santa Gifts Under $25

Christmas gift guide grid. If you would like to add a comment, please register or log in. Trust us, your stressed out deskmate will thank you. Stay hydrated and enjoy the sweet taste of your favorite fruits with this handy water bottle from Fruitzola.

Fill the inside tube with fruit or a combination of your choice -- strawberries, lemons, kiwis, watermelon, and mint all work well -- and enjoy the taste of fresh, flavored H 2 0 all day.

For many, listening to music, a meditation app, or a podcast before bed can make it easier to drift off to sleep. Trouble is, it's tough to get comfortable with a pair of headphones in.

Deep inside this unique pillow lies a built-in speaker that connects to your phone or music player via a headphone jack. The sound from the speaker is only audible to the person resting their head on it, which is great if you don't want to disturb your spouse or significant other.

Treat your coworker to this four-part specialty espresso sampler from Seattle's world-renowned roasters. Each sampler comes with tasting notes, roaster profiles, and brewing tips.

If you're lucky, maybe they'll share. Transform your smartphone into a big screen projector with this retro-inspired cardboard structure.

Simply slide your device into the compartment for an instant cinema-like feel. You can make this gift even better by throwing in a box of popcorn to complete the viewing experience.

what should i get my boss for secret santa

Whether you're making chili for a rainy day, wings for the big game, or tacos for Tuesday's dinner, a little homemade hot sauce can make all the difference.

With this awesome kit, recipients can whip up six signature sauces that are seasoned to their exact liking.

what should i get my boss for secret santa

The kit even includes customizable labels for a fun, personalized touch. Seriously, how cool is this? These handy storage strips adhere to the ceiling of your refrigerator and can hold up to a six pack of bottles of your choice. Plus, the magnets are super strong: With all the space you'll save, you'll have plenty of room for snacks. It's the perfect gift for your office beer enthusiast.

Not only does this sleek pad provide a smooth surface for your mouse, but the leather is also known to weather and darken slowly over time to take on a one-of-a-kind look. Step your hot chocolate game up with a box of gourmet marshmallows. From boozy flavors like bourbon to sweet flavors like eggnog, these handcrafted marshmallows are good enough to eat straight from the box.

It's a perfect gift for nearly any coworker.

what should i get my boss for secret santa

Enjoy hot and fresh tea on the go thanks to these dissolvable, pressed tea drops. Made from just a few simple ingredients -- finely-sourced tea, sugar, and spices -- these tiny morsels are perfect for a busy coworker looking for an easy, healthy beverage to sip on.

This particular sampler set includes five drops of each of the following flavors: We'll admit it, we actually have a crush on this water bottle from S'well. Yes, a water bottle crush. Not only is it sleek and stylish -- it comes in tons of colors and prints -- but it's non-toxic, non-leaching, vacuum sealed, and BPA free. Wireless speakers are the perfect gift for anyone in your office.

what should i get my boss for secret santa

Whether they use it to listen to podcasts while they cook, bring tunes to the beach, or create a custom surround sound movie experience, this little Jam Plus speaker packs a big punch. I love this speaker so much I bought another one The set comes complete with six green leaf coasters that you can mix and match to create different landscapes within the pot.

Build them up or stack them close, they're there when you need a place to put your drink -- and still look really cool when you don't.

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