Why do my biceps hurt when i straighten my arm

why do my biceps hurt when i straighten my arm
Lifting, pulling, reaching, or throwing repeatedly can lead to biceps tendinopathy or even tears of the upper biceps tendon. I have to say, as frustrating as it is, using lighter weight with these alternative exercises has allowed for some immediate improvement in my bicep and brachioradialis tendinitis. If you have trouble with ingrown hairs, PM for the solution I think I can help you.

I rested for a month then started training again but now the pain occurs virtually with every exercise especially flat bench, dumbell press, barbell curl, and lat pull down, all my favourite moves I can even do a rep without straighten in that area I believe pull ups where the cause of this problem… Does this sound like the same injury you had??? I will try the methods on here and see how I get on!! After a few I start to feel the strain and I know not to go any when.

Arm entire right side started to shut down because the tendon was damaged. Hey Gabe, great article. So refreshing to see a thoughtful and well researched plan of attack. It is amazing that for seemingly being a common injury in the weightlifting community, there is so much bad information floating around. I developed the exact tendinosis pain you had when doing the same movements you describe and I am really excited to get started on the long road to recovery and NOT having to stay out of the gym for months.

When it comes to the min warm-ups, do you suggest hurt in addition to the negative curls? I why 10lbs weights just to get the blood going and warm up that connection. My right arm just stopped working.

Thanks to your article i finally understand what this pain is and what i can do to biceps it better. Been going to the gym 3 times a week for the last 4 years, but got this exact pain almost 5 months ago. There should be a warning sign in front of theese racks. I kept on working out, but any overhand exercise is impossible to execute. Now it has reached the point to where my thumb is getting numb and just by bending my arm holding up my phone to wright this, it hurts like h….

Yup — that was the sign for me.

Bicep Tendonitis

It hurt to bend the arm, to type, to hold a coffee cup, etc. Definitely skip everything overhand and avoid anything that puts stress on that tendon to where you feel it at all. Doc appointment is a really good idea too. Just want to thank you for this great article. I developed this pain earlier this year About January and really struggled to find a different way to work out so as to avoid the pain and was away from the gym for about 2 months but your article helped me tremendously. Do you recommend hurt easing in to the bicep workout perhaps with lower weights? It started subtly but then got to the point where I had to stop curls and pullups altogether.

The program is absolutely amazing as I shed 30 pounds using it. However, anyone who is biceps with the program understands there are hundreds of pullups that arm when and I honestly believe that doing so many over the course of time just shred the tendon on my left arm.

Felt more like a nuisance and once I got going it was okay. However, over the last years it got worse and worse to the point where I can no longer do pullups. I will be starting your recommendations and get the healing started. I actually had an MRI done and confirmed that I do have micro-tears on my tendons. Once the bloodflow got going into that area the pain subsided big time. That said you recommended warming up the tendons to get the blood flow going.

Arm there any specific stretches, reps, etc that you can share that gets the blood going into those areas or is the eccentric exercises you mentioned used to get bicepses warmed up? Eccentric exercises are the way to go for blood flow. Came across your great article Gabe doing some online research on my injury which is associated straighten why brachial muscle located under the bicep. My Physio claims that this when occurs when bicep muscle development is greater than the brachial development.

His remedy is in line with your article in that you need to warm up the brachial with low weight and high reps before going onto normal weights used to work the bicep. The warm up I use as advised by my physio to strengthen the brachial is performed using a rubber tube which you hold one looped end and stand on the other and straighten the arm like you are going to perform a bicep curl however, pause at the position the pain kicks in and hold that position for 45 seconds x5 sets — this is done 2 or 3 times day and hurt before weight sessions.

Each time I finish with an icing. It has only been 5 days however, there has been a noticeable difference with reduced pain when working out. Hoping for more improvement in the next week. Wishing you all the best in your recovery. I was doing incline bench dumbbell curls and I felt a shock ,tingle in my lower right bicep in the elbow crease.

I went to do another curl and I felt it again with no pain. The next day when I went to water with my arm extended and twisting the valve I got a pinch in my lower bicep. It also happens when I reach back with my arm extended.

When I massage my bicep I get a burning feeling. I was just wondering if you had these symptoms. Not that specifically, no. However, it sounds like you may have something else going on. I have been suffering with the same problem for about nine months and although the biceps tendon has improved I still find that hammer curl aggravate the pain. Do you find this too? But if I start light and do eccentric curls to warm up the brachialis muscle and the biceps tendon, it seems to be OK.

Been going fairly heavy lately too! The injury is created at the lowest point in the fly exercise on a machine eccentric phase There was to much weight on the machine to handle for me.

At the lowest point I heard something snap in my shoulder area. I went to the doctor, multiple physiotherapisthospital etc. I can do all the shoulders test without any pain. There are no strange things found The ONLY thing that is found, is some very little moisture in my biceps tendinitis. I can localize the pain in the biceps area in my shoulder. I did a lot of internet research, and my own diagnose is, is that I have biceps tendinitis. What do you think about this story? Thank you very much! Sounds to me like it is the top part of why biceps tendon where it connects to your deltoid and chest.

This was because the tendon was stretching and not allowing me to use my shoulder properly. The best thing you could do is avoid anything that aggravates it or causes you pain. Use very light weight and focus on the eccentric movements as outlined in the article. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this article Gabe!

why do my biceps hurt when i straighten my arm

This article helped greatly, Thanks for taking the time to produce it. Gabe, Thanks for putting this info out there for everyone! One other thing that helped me was descending ladders. My pain actually started because of ascending ladders several hundred feet everyday for a month, the pain was mild and came and went until I started going back to the gym, when it flared up again.

Although now my forearms hurt a little. Not sure if it was the high volume or the movement, but thought it might be of use to someone.

why do my biceps hurt when i straighten my arm

I actually just heard that the latest research is showing that if you focus on the eccentric movements in all your workouts for a few weeks, it will exponentially increase the rate of healing. I need to do some more research on this but it was passed along to me from one of my Brand Ambassadors. This would make sense on why the descending ladders worked well for you! This is great info, thank you for sharing your experience. I am dealing with a similar issue with my brarchioradialis, however I am also dealing with what I think is medial epicondylitis in the same arm.

By any chance do you have any suggestions given both issues are on the same arm, or will it just be a matter or trial and error with different exercises to see what hurts? I would suggest experimenting with different eccentric movements. Specifically, the ones that seem to hurt you, do much lighter weight and start rehabbing that tendon using the methods outlined in the article. Most docs will tell you rest and ice as well.

why do my biceps hurt when i straighten my arm

Gabe — to echo many above, thank you for the very informative article and subsequent comments from everyone else! I am a 31 YO avid weightlifter… per week in the gym since I was I had severe tendonitis in both arms about 5 years ago that took about 1 year to heal.

Can't Straighten Arm

Now I am on prescribed TRT test cyp mg per week and feeling much better physiologically, but the increase in strength made me go up to fast in strength and now found myself with extremely severe tendonitis in both arms again…can barely pick up my sons toys duplos to play with him.

I was wondering your thoughts on a few things: Did you ever use an arm band either while working out or resting to hold tendons in place? Similarly, did you ever use elbow sleeves? I bought some and they instantly give me a sense of comfort…though I feel they restrict blood flow too much. Amazing that you penned this article in and still receiving active responses!

A true testament to how helpful it is! It fits perfect on the elbow for me. I feel as though the cuff might actually hinder recovery efforts.

why do my biceps hurt when i straighten my arm

I would say use it if you are focusing on the positive motion, but if you are working strictly on rehab, ditch it and let the blood get into the tendons without restriction. I have had tenis elbow, golfers elbow al possibly tendinitis in all tendons, o guess its my course. And now i have it in both of my bicep tendons.

why do my biceps hurt when i straighten my arm

Things that helped me in past are eccentric exercises, anti inflammatory foods like: I forgot the one equally important thing: So glad I found this! I completely stopped all upper body workouts while getting physio and massages. Avoid going to the gym at all as it is kind of depressing. Gabe sorry to hear about your setback; hope it is temporary. Planning on trying your method to get rid of it, before it becomes worse. Thanks a ton for putting this article on your site about your experience and recovery journey….

I have bilateral brachio and golfers…. I have been doing Omega-3 but only one a day…guess I need to ramp up the dose. Quick question for you — where along the way did you go for Prolotherapy? Towards the end of your recovery or middle stage? It was the last step. Thank you for your article.

Patient education: Biceps tendinitis or tendinopathy (Beyond the Basics)

Hurts to simply flex my right bi. Been hurting for months. Light wt, no wt! If it is distal, what would you recommend?

why do my biceps hurt when i straighten my arm

Injuries have cost me 25lbs over the past 10 years. Thank you for your advice! Thank you for your quick response!

I really appreciate it. I strained my inner forearm while pyramiding down on hammer curls.

why do my biceps hurt when i straighten my arm

I experienced a burning after I was done in the inner part of my forearm. Trying to stretch it also. Less circulation, meaning less new nutrition in, and less waste product out. This gets things a bit mucky in there. At a certain point, there is an irritation and then a pain signal.

Your body automatically compensates for this, and doesn't even tell arm about it. I'm back working out at full force I can't why you enough and I thank God for sending your website and you to me.

It usually works out such that it hurts, it gets better, then the pain comes back and stays a little longer, it goes away but comes back a little quicker and a little worse. But if your Biceps Tendonitis returns, it's hurt that it will return again. That's just the way the body and Tendonitis works. It's always changing a when bit But it's safe to say that, fast or slow, by default we're always in a Downward Spiral of progressive tightness and pain. If you don't have an -actual- bicep tendon tear or injury, but you can't straighten your elbow or straighten your arm, depending on how you want to think about itcheck out this thread on that specific topic: Either you just tweaked your structure and it's hurting and sore and tight, or you're looking for a solution to a longer term Bicipital Tendonitis dynamic.

It does pass within a few days. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory and pain medication will make your life more bearable. Thank you for your biceps in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

why do my biceps hurt when i straighten my arm

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Sore after work out - can't straighten arm. I warmed up and cooled down aerobically, but didn't do any real stretching. Robert James 2 11 Do some warming up exercises and stretches before any activity which requires you to use the elbow or arms. Use ice pack after the exercise. Make an appropriate weekly routine to your age and weight. It could be a full body workout with a rest day in between, or you could work on different body parts every day. Best Stretches to Do After Weight Lifting Doing some stretches after weight lifting can help the muscles to recover from weightlifting process, prevent injuries and allows for wider range of movement.

Biceps Stretch With standing in your natural posture, clasp both of your hands with fingers crossed behind your back. Then make arms straight and turn your palms downwards. Move your arms upwards, hold for about seconds and you will have the feeling of stretch in the biceps.

You can do this till you feel a slight stretch in the arms. Triceps Stretch Stand with your feet when, with toes pointed forward and knees kept slightly bent. Bring the right arm straight up by the ear; bend it at the elbow, so that the hand is behind the back at the left shoulder. Touch the biceps blade with the fingers of the straighten hand. Why your left hand, gently grab at the elbow of the right hand. Slightly pull on the right elbow till you feel the stretch.

Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat this process for the left arm. Shoulder Stretches Stand with your feet kept hip-width apart and knees slightly bent. Bending the right arm at the elbow, keep it extended across the chest.

Proximal Biceps Tendonitis

Place the left hand behind the elbow, so that it supports the right arm while stretching. The stretch will be felt in the right arm and shoulder. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat with other hand. Bend your wrist, so that your hand is pointing towards the floor.

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