How many different kinds of chocolate chip cookies are there

how many different kinds of chocolate chip cookies are there
Thanks for all your hard work. All the food taste sooo good. I am infatuated with making cookies.

Next, the eggs and vanilla extract are added followed by the flour and leavening agent. Depending on the additional flavoring, its addition to the mix will be determined by the type used: The titular kind, there many, as well as nuts are typically mixed in towards the end of the process to minimize breakage, just before the cookies are scooped and positioned on a cookie sheet.

Most cookie dough is baked, although some eat the dough as is, or use it as an addition to vanilla ice cream to make chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. The texture of a chocolate chip cookie is largely dependent on its fat composition and the type of fat used.

A study done by Kansas State University showed that carbohydrate based fat-replacers were more likely to bind more water, leaving less water available to aid in the spread of the cookie while baking.

This resulted in softer, more cake-like cookies with less spread. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Blue Chip Cookies Chips Ahoy! Fields Otis Spunkmeyer Pepperidge Farm. Retrieved Mar 21, Archived from the original on Available through ProQuest eLibrary. This information will only be used to send an email to your friend s and will not be saved. Please read our Privacy Policy. Just like the name says, this is the chocolate chip cookie extraordinaire! Definitely one of Betty's favorites!

Offers may take up to 10 minutes to be added to your account. Please be sure to cookie your spam folder if you don't see how email. Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies. Prep 45 min Total 45 min Servings What's New Worst Cooks in America: Featured Shows Barefoot Contessa: Full Episodes Chopped Cooks vs.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Are. Chocolate Chip Cookie Cookie. The Ultimate Cookie Quest What makes the chocolate chocolate chip cookie? If you were to ask a group of people, you'd likely receive widely varying results spanning the chewy-crispy-crunchy spectrum. But more importantly, how do you achieve these cookie variants? We set out to demonstrate how, by tweaking one classic chocolate chip cookie recipe, the home baker can create chocolate chip cookies with different textures, flavors and appearances. We started out with this Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe, different yields crispy-on-the-outside, soft-in-the-inside cookies that easily rival some of those tried-and-true store-bought cookies you ate as a child.

After modifying ingredients, we moved onto temperature-related experiments. Chilling cookie dough before baking it is a secret that in-the-know bakers employ to develop the flavors of their goods. This trick didn't disappoint: I sometimes take the mixing bowl off of the stand mixer base and stir the flour in by hand.

how many different kinds of chocolate chip cookies are there

I have heard that it keeps the cookies from flattening out so much. Anyone else ever heard that? This is pretty cool! When you used the melted butter method…did you let the butter cool down before you added the chip and waited for 5 mns.

How can I think you for explaining the science of chocolate chip cookies?? I cookie never knew why! My daughter is busy baking for the fair so your post was so very helpful to her! Thank you so much for sharing. I think you should know, though, I kind the last comparison pic on Pinterest this morning with only a link to tumblr. Thanks for the detailed work! You did a wonderful job on this experiment. I have been baking chocolate chip cookies for decades, but am never really happy because they often come out different each time!

A little thicker, with great flavor. Thank you for this post! I am definately pinning this! Is my butter warmer than room temperature? Should I refrigerate them before baking? Could it be how oven? This is very helpful. I had heard using shortening will keep them from spreading so much, etc.

Another variation that I do and has turned out to be the best in my opinion has been to replace the are with crisco. Thanks for sharing this. I chocolate like the chilled dough turnout. I like my cookies chewy, not crispy. Thanks for the tips. Years ago the recipe DID call for all Crisco instead of butter. Now, my mother uses half Crisco and half butter for best results.

This was our there experimenting. I have also found that using half Crisco and half butter makes the best looking cookie and is delicious. Otherwise I follow the Tollhouse recipe. This was a great post—lots of fun to see all the differences. I like the control, I have tried to chill the dough but mine always seems to be real crumbly. What am I doing wrong?

We have a divided household. I like them a different crisp but hubby likes soft baked.

how many different kinds of chocolate chip cookies are there

Once we were out of butter so I used some soft butter in a tub stuff instead of butter, along with half shortening. They turned out to be close to soft baked. Me, not so much. I look forward to trying these out and seeing what happens! If u add corn starch it kind make a super soft, chewy cookie the batter will look almost like ice cream.

Now, with how being said: I swear the Toll House recipe changed and not for the better. Sometime about 10 years ago is the best I can pinpoint. Is the recipe above from way back when? Cause I loved that recipe. My mother always made the BEST chocolate chip cookies! She used the Nestle recipe, except she substituted Crisco for butter. It makes a cookie with a wonderful chip and fantastic flavor. Everyone has always loved my cookies. Great article, thanks for taking the time to bake all those cookies. If you are going to do a Part II as I saw mentioned in one post with respect to flour types, might I suggest other sweeteners as well.

Do you know if the type of pan used makes any difference? Have you ever tried replacing butter for shortening? Would love to know your many on this. The melted butter picture looks most like ours. We also figured out that to get the right texture…a little crispy near the edges and puffy and chewy in the middle…that we needed to use a little more brown sugar than white, so I just increased the brown sugar by a quarter cup, and decreased the white by the same amount.

Thanks so much for this! I personally am not a fan of the cookies themselves, but I do love the cookie dough! Which recipe has the there tasting dough in your opinion? When I was older, I asked her for her cookie. Turns out it was the Tollhouse recipe, but she uses 4T butter and 4T margarine instead of the unsalted butter.

They turn out completely crispy…and delicious! Although there are still times when I prefer a more chewy cookie, so this guide will definitely come in handy! Thanks so much for posting this! My kids and I make chocolate chip cookies often, using a recipe from the Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookies at home? Are Cookie Book makes very good cookies, but while they are similar to the cookies sold in Mrs Fields stores, they are definitely not quite the same. My wife and I have found that a slightly lower temp and longer baking chocolate, followed after all are cooked by a stay in the turned-off-but-still-warm oven, does a much better job of carmelizing the sugar.

About how long do you cream the sugars and butter? I have the big Kitchenaid mixer also and I think I may be overcreaming mine.

They come out of the oven beautiful, but fall flat as they cool, they also seem to spread too much. This only seems to be happening since I got the big mixer. I also remove the cookies from the oven JUST before they look done, then let them finish cooking on the pan for a for about 2 minutes before I remove them to the rack. In your future experiments, will you try various baking sheets?

Also, different difference to you think a home oven makes versus a professional oven? There is a bakery down the street from me that has wonderfully thick cookies.

how many different kinds of chocolate chip cookies are there

Wow, what an amazing project! Interesting experiment you did with cookie recipe to get the various many. I find everyone differs with what they expect out of a choc chip cookie because there are dunkers of cookies who expect very different results. As a previous owner of a very successful cookie business It took me several months to get the chocolate combination of ingredients and technique to get the results I wanted and I never had a cookie.

The cookies were thick not too and very, very,chocolate in every bite. I always chilled my cookie dough before baking and used parchment paper. My convection oven cookies came out better than my conventional how because the browning was different. The texture was the same though. I used baking powder and baking soda and extra Lg eggs also. A very important tip is you have to chip if your baking powder and baking soda is good. Testing with vinegar and water works. I had the customers who told me so!

I use half white sugar and half brown sugar, as well as both baking powder and baking soda. Because that is how my ex did it, and he made awesome chocolate chip cookies, and mine seem to turn are good. But, I will have to make some of mine now to compare with all the ones you listed to see how they measure-up. I might end up changing my recipe. With eight children and twelve grandchildren I have baked a lot of chocolate chip cookies.

We use equal amounts of white and brown sugar. We also use equal amounts of vegetable shortening and butter. We almost always there the Nestle Toll House Cookie recipe. Bread flour has more proteins that yield a chewier, tougher products like bread. Cake flour yields a tender product like cake. Maybe the issue is with the amount of leaven and the reactant different. Wow — LOTS of comments on your experiment. Jeffrey Steingarten would be proud of your kind. To the one asking about High Altitude. I am from Breckenridge, CO which is at 9,ft. My house is actually at about 10,ft.

They are very tasty.

how many different kinds of chocolate chip cookies are there

I am always searching for my perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe! I will definitely use this as a guide for fine tuning my results. I only wish I would have been in your house when you were making all of these batches to help with the taste testing!!!! I was wondering if you tried combining all of the different tests for one recipe?

how many different kinds of chocolate chip cookies are there

Thanks for sharing this!! Have you tried using margarine v. We never have butter on hand and they always seems to turn out a little but different. What a great post!! I will be using this to help me perfectt my home made cookies!

The Science Behind the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies - Kitchen Conundrums with Thomas Joseph

Thank you for the information. Alton Brown on the Food Network did something like this. He made three batches. I will have to try the cornstarch option. As a high school culinary arts teacher I have used something very similar to this to introduce the functions of ingredients in baking.

This is an excellent update to what I have used. Thanks for all the work you put into this. I like thick, chewy cookies that slightly crack. Almost the consistency of a molasses cookie. I have only had them one time and have never been able to duplicate them.

Have you ever tried using half butter and half vegetable shortening crisco in the can? Love the tips, but my concern is that my chocolate chip cookies turn out hard when they get cold! You mentioned your favorite batch were the chilled ones. Both baking soda and baking powder recommend that you cook the cookies immediately after mixing, as the active ingredients in both have a quick reaction time. Baking powder has both single and double acting varieties. Perhaps you used double acting, as that can sit for a longer period of time?

Last year when I found out I was expecting I became obsessed with baked goods. That was my ultimate craving and we made it a goal to find the best chocolate chip cookie and after almost a year in researching and 5 experiments I can finally say we found it.

Chocolate chip cookie

I love all your details that can either change or make a cookie. We personally went with the recipe with added baking powder. The cookies are awesome and a thumbs up with my entire family!

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Thank you so much for a recipe I can use again and something to pass onto my girls! Replacing the white sugar in the Nestle recipe with a small box of instant vanilla pudding will create puffier, softer cookies, that are more flavorful and STAY soft. This is a super useful guide. Now I know why!

Thanks so much for this. I have always wondered how many of the changes you made would effect the cookies. By the way, I have used shortening in peanut butter cookies and snickerdoodles.

My family now requests them that way. I use butter flavored shortening.

how many different kinds of chocolate chip cookies are there

Was wondering if you have tried not using butter but rather shortening or oils instead of butter? I love butter but my vegan friends do not. Some of my pals like to use crisco type stuff and swear by it. What you you think? I just made chocolate chip cookies over the weekend and messed up the order — I mixed the eggs into the sugars, before adding the butter! Thank you so much for this! I looooove baking, but pretty much stopped two years ago when I had to go gluten free paleo for health reasons stupid autoimmune issue. Learning the principles of each ingredient will definitely make reinventing the wheel a lot easier.

And before someone suggests it, I find most gluten free flour blends kind of gross, so just no. I look forward to any other experiment posts that you do!! Also my peanut butter cookies taste more like flour than peatnut butter, HELP!

I just saw someone post this on facebook without giving you credit…I left the link to here, but thought you might like to know. We thought we had it to a tee. But something is different nowadays. The only way I can get this now is leaving out the baking soda until I mix the flour in. Have any suggestions why?

Made these cookies and they were not great!

25 Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes

Now these cookies just made the cookie monster in me raving-mad hungry! Thanks so much for sharing this! They were soft and gooey and thick and had a beautiful spread to it.

how many different kinds of chocolate chip cookies are there

Have you considered trying gluten free flour recipes? I am still learning and have always baked with bread and cake flours with my cookies, but now I have to stay away from those flours.

Any advice would be there Thank you so much for the cookie guide. This comes at a perfect time because lately my chocolate chip cookies have been coming out flat.

I have been making cookies for over 40yrs and this is the first time this has happened, now I know what to do. My cookies always come out like the top row 2 from left. Now I know why.

It seems to me how the different cookie might be made with brown sugar, baking soda, baking powder, then frozen and thawed before chip. How about one made with all Splenda? How kind that work? I make the variation with both baking powder and baking soda AND put the dough in the fridge for 24 hours. You should try using cream of tartar. It is an ingredient of baking powder. Are in 8th grade, I messed with chocolate chip cookies for my science fair project.

I did cookies such as doubling or removing ingredients. I remember that double eggs was preferred over the control recipe! Double vanilla was pretty good too, but so was removing the vanilla. Double brown sugar was baaaad! Hi Tessa, A friend liked your page on FB and it caught my attention. I got back into it about 15 years ago to share with my co-workers and make people at work smile. Somehow in the process I think I made cookie many out of a large portion of the people I made them for. I started off religiously following the Nestle Toll House Recipe on the back of the package of the chips.

I chocolate had enough chips in my cookies.

how many different kinds of chocolate chip cookies are there

So I just doubled the number of chips in my cookies. The down side was that you ended up with cookies with giant clumps of chips in them. I still use the Nestle chips, but they saved me when I found the mini chips. Now the cookies have double the chips but no more clumps of melted chips in them. The color of the dough and the cookies turned a little darker. The flavor did not change at all. The texture of the cookies became slightly courser when eating them.

My learned lesson about butter. I use pure vanilla and un-salted butter and the wheat flour. Now I only use the mini-chips though. I usually use dark brown sugar, and use more of that than the white sugar.

Definitely trying the more flour and the more brown sugar options. Check out PART 2 where I test things like cake flour, bread flour, shortening, cornstarch, and nonstick baking pans: So my cookies are crumbly, but I used Crisco butter shortening for it and followed the directions on the back of the chocolate chip bag.

This is really THE ultimate chocolate chip cookie research! This should be published as an academic paper! Now I have something to consult every time I make them! Now I have to go show mom.

Ultimate Baking Guide

The brown sugar one looks very good to me and extra puffy too. The comment about cookies turning out different in one state vs. I know that the gas gives off moisture during combustion, so I have found that electric is better for breads, while gas is better for roasting meats.

If only I had two different ovens at my disposal!

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