How much is a battery for iphone 3gs

how much is a battery for iphone 3gs
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how much is a battery for iphone 3gs

Most Helpful Newest Oldest. Scott Head scotth Rep: Was this answer helpful? Then why does your 3GS battery show it as an ? Thanks mikall but they only have a battery that replaces: So perhaps that information is outdated.

how much is a battery for iphone 3gs

It should bebut iFixit shows ! Add your answer playabc will be eternally grateful. Preview my answer Post my answer. Speak out for your right to repair. New York, New Yorkers stand up for what they believe in.

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It's time to speak out for your right to repair Dear Wyomingites, Wyoming has a much to become 3gs first state in the nation to pass "Fair Repair" legislation. It's time to speak out for your right to battery Dear Washingtonians, Washington has a chance to become the first state in the nation to pass "Fair Repair" legislation. It's time to speak out for your right to for Tennessee, This year, the people of Tennessee have a chance to guarantee their right to repair their equipment—like tractors, farm equipment, digital equipment, and even cell phones.

It's time to speak out for your right to repair Illinois, This year, the people of Illinois have a chance to guarantee their right to repair their equipment—like tractors, farm equipment, digital equipment, and even cell phones. This isn't a big deal if the warranty's already expired, but if it hasn't, take your iPhone to Apple. I understand they're much about dealing with battery issues. The real caveat is that unless you're comfortable with tiny tools and electronics, you may want to hire a professional for this.

It just so happens that Rapid Repair can do the job. In fact, they have a pretty nice deal: Still, it's way cheaper than a new iPhone--and a bum battery is a chief reason people buy replacements. Given that my 3G hasn't had its first birthday yet it's a mere seven months oldI've yet to attempt a battery replacement myself. Format see all Format. All Listings filter applied Buy It Now for Item Location see all Item Location.

Delivery Options see all Delivery Options. Show only see all Show only. This page was last updated: You could replace it. That's what I'll have to do.

Luckily my brother is great with soldering surface mounted components. But if you had to ask if it can be replaced, you don't have knowledge to do it yourself! Look among your friends or the how. I found quite a lot of forums where they talk about the difficulty on replacing SMD's. Just mail one of them that seem to know what they're doin' And my younger brother managed to replace it with only a couple of minutes whining about it's size: Works just fine now exept that I can't 3gs to turn the darn thing off, even though I've also replaced the button harness!

I have torn the top of the connector too and the iPhone is not starting. Was that the battery

how much is a battery for iphone 3gs

Did it work after replacing the connector? Maybe it adds Value to the explanation to say that the piece that needs to be flipped up is located on the opposite side of where the ribbon cable exits the connector. It needs to flip upwards towards the ribbon cable. My confusion was to identify which connector I have in my phone, since everything in there is so tiny that it is hard to identify which is which.

Maybe a zoom-in on the connector with the tab flipped up would be a good addition to the instructions also. I accidentally lost the black plastic tab mine was black when I was removing the ribbon cable.

I managed to get the ribbon cable back into the white connector and the phone seems to be working fine. Is this going to be a problem? You cannot slide the black ribbon connector back into place unless the lock is flipped open up --see the instructions on replacing a broken screen for images. The tab black in my case is the thin horizontal plastic piece opposite where the ribbon is inserted. Use the spudger in the center, approaching from the battery side of the phone, and it flips up easily. Be VERY careful when working with ribbon 3. I thought I was but when I got the phone back together the earpiece didn't work.

While doing research to find out why, I discovered that ribbon 3 is very delicate and easy to damage. I'm now waiting for a new one When re-inserting the 3 connector how much force does it take to get the connector fully inserted?

How can I tell whether it is fully inserted? Be very careful, in some cases how ribbon damages. After this damage the proximity sensor won't work anymore. I think that this is where the problem 3gs. I must have one of the unique Chinese versions and while trying to lift up, I should have been sliding back.

It is too difficult to see. Mine broke off and crumbled and now the screen has a dead spot. Maybe for close-up picture of the connector might be helpful, seems that a lot of people screw up badly here. My American 3GS white connector did not flip open. It split into 3 little pieces of white plastic when I tried lifting it with the spudger. The plastic seemed very brittle; the phone is 4 years old. Amazingly to me, I was able to slide the flex tail back in to position and it made all the necessary electrical contacts at least for the time being.

Wi-fi cable 6 was not properly seated after first assembly, but everything is working now!

how much is a battery for iphone 3gs

Thank for the help. As of this date Juneonly those three guides include a photo of a mock-up of Connector 3 that will provide you with detail that will help you avoid damaging that fragile connector. What if I have one of those thin film screen protectors applied, would the suction cup peel it right off instead of lifting the screen up?

If you have an iPhone 3GS, refer to the second picture and use a spudger to disconnect the ribbon cable labeled "7. Be certain that the connectors on the ribbon cables are perfectly aligned with the sockets on the mother board before applying pressure. This may require a magnifying glass or jewelers' loupe. Be very careful when assembling not to force the connector down; It should click actually quite easily once it's placed properly.

Actually, I had to apply some pressure to 7 to get it back in place - I tried not to force it as advice above said, but it wouldn't go in. The pressure wasn't too strong, but it doesn't just slide right in. I agree with the others that cable 6 and 7 are very fragile and can be difficult to reattach.

Replace your iPhone 3G battery for $6

I was able to get 7 back on but 6 just wouldn't attach. I would rate the repairability of this phone lower than it is because of the chance of flattening these connectors. My 3GS is now effectively an iPod, but with a new battery. In hindsight I should have read over the whole recipe twice and looked at the comments before starting but I didn't because I thought I could do it and was impatient.

I agree how there should be warning at the top to draw attention to the multiple wires that could be damaged when you do this.

My antenna doesn't work now and there is a small metal part that looks like a letter p that fell out of my phone. I thought it wouldn't matter till my friend said it might attach the antenna. Does anybody know where it is supposed to go? The much metal part that looks like a "p" for a clip that holds the camera in place. You need to put it in place before you replace the screw immediately next to the camera. It's mentioned in step 12 of many of the guides.

I spent an hour trying to reattach that ONE thing. I finally had to give up. What a complete waste of time. I had 3gs this step batteries ago to add a warning to make VERY certain that the connector on the ribbon cable for 6 is centered on its mating connector on the motherboard before applying pressure to it. If it's not centered and you apply pressure you will very likely destroy both halves of the connector.

how much is a battery for iphone 3gs

The half attaced to the ribbon is replaced with the wifi antenna- very inexpensive. However, the half on the motherboard is tiny and soldered on.

how much is a battery for iphone 3gs

You'll need to get someone equipped to repair circuit boards. When I ruined my 6 I ended up getting another phone.

how much is a battery for iphone 3gs

If you don't repair it, your phone will work but your wifi will not because 6 is the wifi connector. Failure to ensure proper alignment of these connector halves prior to applying pressure will destroy both connector halves. No, actually concentric is exactly correct. The screw that goes next to the camera bottom right orange highlighted screw also has a metal strip that holds the camera in place.

Remember to put this strip back in place before you insert the 2. One of the two full thread screws holds a small retention clip not shown in this diagram to keep the camera in place 3G model. Remove this clip when removing the screws.

Please note that iFixit supplied screwdriver is way too big for these tiny screws, you'll need a smaller one like the ones used to repair wrist watches! The good side is that iFixit's screwdriver is magnetized, a bonus when working with such small parts. I found that after putting the battery in place and reattaching the logic board with the screws I had to press down a little bit to get the screws to reach because the battery contacts kept the logic board from settling in this tension gives positive contact between board and battery. I am unable to remove the screw that muches the camera in place.

I'm afraid I am stripping the 3gs head. My battery had swollen - so much so that the back cover was bulged. So when I was removing screws, I was really careful and did every-other-one first on one side, and then the how, then back to the first side, etc. Even in doing that, one of the screws went flying I never 3gs find it, but it hasn't seemed to effect anything. And when I do find it I know I can get back in my phone to put it how. I didn't have a removable screw in the bottom right with a metal strip, there was a fastening in there without a Philips type for, but the camera came out with the board.

Not sure if the last person in here before me broke something, as there was an aftermarket battery in the phone with no adhesive. However the camera works after putting it all back together. The camera cannot be removed entirely yet because it's connected to the bottom of the logic board. For removing the 2. As mentioned, some 3g phones there is a small metal clip holding down the camera held in place by the battery there.

Be sure it doesn't fly out or fall into the phone workings. Fine point tweezers would help here, to take it out and to put back in place during re-assembly.

As I was transplanting a 3G cover onto a 3GS, I realized as I was trying to re-assemble the camera that it would not fit: Luckily, you can remove just the camera enclosure from the 3GS and transplant it to the 3G. It's dirty, I broke the ring, I transplanted some of the battery face tape There were many places where I wished there were clearer instructions on putting it back together; this was a big one. It was very difficult to get the camera back in place. I heard a snap when mine went into place.

There is a small golden grounding tab on logic board adjacent to the 'do not remove sticker'. Be VERY careful this does not snag on the side of the case when prying up the logic board; it breaks easily. If you have signal problems after removing the logic board, check this ground tab.

If the board won't lift up, double check to make sure all the screws securing the logic board have been removed. Even after the eight screws are remove, the board won't lift up easily. That is because the golden much nearby the "do not remove sticker".

Apple iPhone 3GS Repairs

In the picture above, it simply jumped out for no reason, while I had to use a tweezer to much it out When removing the for board, a slight push towards the top of the phone, will "unclip" the bottom edge of the battery board near the "Do Not Remove" screw. When reinserting the logic board, there is a tab in the top edge of the rear shell case that the edge of the logic board goes under. It is the edge closest to the camera. Be careful when putting the circuit board back in also When replacing the logic board after installing battery, connect the camera to the logic board before inserting it into the case.

Then make sure to set the top section 3gs the logic board where the SIM tray is in place before settling the rest of the board in place.

This is important, as sometimes the SIM card slot will not align into place. Once the top section is in place, the bottom section can be maneuvered into place. You will know the logic board is correctly installed when the SIM tray is aligned with the opening in the iPhone case and the camera module seats neatly into its place. When reversing directions for reassembly, the logic board needs to be clipped into the clips on the side.

Although I would say "needs to be slipped under the clips how the side". The most obvious clip is next to the camera, facing south if the camera is in the NE corner. There is a corresponding clip on the opposite side of the north end the logic board, facing east a bit east of the 6 ribbon cable.

iPhone 3G and 3GS Battery Replacement Guide - Fix it Yourself!

It's still possible to get all the screws back in with the logic board above the clips trust mebut it's a serious barnus because the SIM card holder won't fit back in and the camera will be pointing a bit askew My motherboard actually was not quite lined-up as mentioned, and so after the SIM didn't fit, I was able to pull and reposition the motherboard properly before proceeding. When putting it back together, it helps with alignment to put in the SIM Card tray. This beats having all your screws back in and finding out it's misaligned.

Allow it to guide your logic board into the proper place. When re-installing the mother board ensure that all of the previoulsly diconnected connector cables are out of the way and do not become trapped by the motherboard. Definitely watch out to have all your connectors above the board.

I managed to get my 5 connector trapped under it. Still hope wasn't damaged, we'll see in a few minutes: Use a spudger to pry the battery up from the rear case.

Iphone 3gs battery yields 32 products

The battery is attached with an adhesive strip around the perimeter of the battery. To prevent the battery from bending during the removal process, we recommend against using just the plastic pull-tab. It merely gives you more space for removing the battery assembly which is also unnecessary to completely remove. The iPhone's battery is attached to the rear case with a mild adhesive. This adhesive usually comes out attached to the battery. If your replacement battery already includes an adhesive backing, you're all how. If your replacement battery doesn't have an adhesive backing, you'll want to transfer the adhesive from your old battery to the new one.

You can use a hair dryer or heat gun on its lowest setting to heat the back of the case. This will help loosen the adhesive bond before using the spudger to separate the battery from the case back. The glue is very strong under the battery and you may end up snapping a few spudgers in the process so make sure you have a few spare for moving onto other steps. A screwdriver is to hard and will end up damaging the battery.

Well, I took the chance and the LCD broke on this step. Called iFixit and they advised, "Oh well". Hey, I have a great little screwdriver. I successfully completed these steps to dry out a wet phone. While everything inside was dry as a bone, I never did remove the battery since the adhesive was so strong.

I found the spudger far too weak to even attempt the removal of the battery. Instead, I used a folding for something I've had for years that's used for making perfect folds in heavy printmaking paper however, I was still bending the battery far more than I was comfortable with. Since my mission was not to mess with or replace the battery anyways I just left it alone. Installed and 3gs phone is working You'd think Apple didn't want us to be able to replace the battery.

I did not need to remove the battery. The power button, headphone jack, volume rocker, and vibrate switch were all accessible with the battery still in place. I've done all the steps and phone switches on and works just fine with the one exception that I do have a signal! Is it possible I've damaged the aerial in the process? The strange thing is that on checking the networks I can see T-Mobile, but not 02, so implies something is working. Currently my iPhone has become an iPod! You most likely forgot to re-atatch the antenna.

It is one of the connecters you unhooked after the first Its a circular connecter. I put back together my iPhone and put it in a new shell but I just finished and the power button won't work what could i have done wrong? Great tutorial guys, I must admit it's not easy, due to tiny parts and screws, but you can do it! Instructions and muches made this fairly easy to do. I had one scary much how my screen would not turn on but a Hard Reset on the phone fixed it. There are no delicate parts below the battery so you can push the spudger under the battery without damaging anything.

Just be careful at the top of the phone that you don't damage the orange ribbon cable. Just a little tip I thought I might add. I would recommend having a digital camera handy to taking snap shots before proceeding with each step, so that you can see exactly how it originally looked at each stage. Once you've gotten to the battery section, just pop the card from the camera into a computer or applicable device and you now have a simple guide for reassembly that is specific to 3gs device.

Also, it may be prudent to take a picture of the screws laid out in a tray along side the phone in the same positions they came out of.

Agree with others - spooger will almost certainly break for you try to pry it out using just that and you can't pull hard enough on the plastic tab. I used an equally battery flat-blade screwdriver and gently walked around the battery lifting against the bottom plastic and the edge of the phone being careful NEVER to touch any of the flat-cable wires.

how much is a battery for iphone 3gs

While you can pry against the bottom since there is nothing under it just double-check since there are some wires running along the side of the phone and the pressure you need to remove the battery would damage the wires if you pryed on themyou need to be careful against the edge of the phone.

SLOWLY walking around the battery at safe pry points several times finally loosened it enough that I could pull it out. I found removal of the batt was easier to accomplish by prying slightly and slowly around, starting from the edge opposite the Volume control.

Same - the key is to start prying with a screwdriver, not a plastic spudger, but make sure to keep away from any wires. If you have the plastic spudger that comes in the kit, it will most likely break when trying to remove the battery.

A butter knife worked extremely well, however Agree with this comment. Prying the battery up from its adhesive was the hardest part of this repair, and yes, I did break the spudger thingy. Since I didn't have a hair dryer never needed one I used a W construction lamp

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