How to distill alcohol by freezing

how to distill alcohol by freezing
Par for the course when it comes to the feds, though. I can't believe that the ATF refuses to define the word distillation so that they can leave this gray area over the whole thing and assert themselves how they please.

You will be aware of this if you have ever left a can of soda in the freezer for too long. As such, it is preferable to keep your container either uncovered or partially empty. Alcohol freezes at degrees F, whereas water freezes at 32 degrees F. The proportion of water to alcohol will affect the temperature at which the beverage will freeze. You will want to syphon out the liquid from the ice once a day depending on how impatient you are.


The more ice you remove the higher the alcohol content. The higher the alcohol content the longer it will take for your applejack to freeze. The biggest limiting factor when it comes to the alcohol content of your Applejack is cold your freezer is. You can use your alcohol hydrometer to check the alcohol content of your Applejack.

However, you will want to make sure that your Applejack is around 60 degrees F when you use your hydrometer. The reason for this is that the temperature will affect the hydrometers reading.

How to make Applejack (freeze distillation)

If you have a still, you may prefer to simply distill your alcohol as you would with any other distilled spirit. At this point you can choose to either drink or age your Applejack. Ageing your Applejack with toasted oak chips can add some great flavors. You will want to put your Applejack into a glass Mason jar with your toasted oak chips.

After sealing your Mason jar, you will want to keep it in a warm place and let it site for a week. The warmer the environment the more flavors it will extract from the oak. You never once mention the air lock in the instructions. Open air fermenting at any point? Legal and scientific term is freeze concentration. Yeast effects the flavor. It basically comes down to personal preference.

Just finished my second attempt following your recipe.

how to distill alcohol by freezing

The first worked out great. The Jack is tasty. Quite boozy as my deep freeze is at Celsius. I found it sped up the process a lot. Thanks for posting this! The guy that said technically jacking is concentrating not distilling is correct.

Freezing Distillation

But he over simplified his explination as the concentration process seperates the two and which is removed from the other is up for debate. This does not remove methanol. The people who did suffered from the effects of the methanol. Actually, eisbock or icebocking is quite popular with high end german beermakers.

how to distill alcohol by freezing

Applejack is virtually the same process. It is legal for breweries in the usa to produce ice distilled products if they are also liscensed as distillery. Legally speaking, removing water ice from an alcoholic beverage is considered distilling in the u.

how to distill alcohol by freezing

Ask milwaukee brewing company about how it makes milwaukees best ice, if you are afraid of poisoning. Should their be concern? Undue concern that this is dangerous or even God forbid illegal? The detailed situation is the subject of thermodynamicsa subdivision of physics of importance to chemistry. Without resorting to mathematics, the following can be said for a mixture of water and alcohol:. The best-known freeze- distilled beverages are applejack and ice beer. Ice wine is the result of a similar process, but in this case, the freezing happens before the fermentation, and thus it is sugar, not alcohol, that gets concentrated.

Ask Dr. Vinny

For an in depth discussion of the physics and chemistry, see eutectic point. When a pure solid is desired, two possible situations can occur. If the contaminant is soluble in the desired solid, a multiple stage fractional freezing is required, analogous to multistage distillation. If, however, a eutectic system forms analogous to an azeotrope in distillationa very pure solid can be recovered, as long as the liquid is not at its eutectic composition in which case a mixed solid forms, which can be hard to separate or above its eutectic composition in which case the undesired solid forms.

When the requirement is to concentrate a liquid phase, fractional freezing can be useful due to its simplicity.

how to distill alcohol by freezing

Fractional freezing is also used in the production of fruit juice concentrates and other heat-sensitive liquids, as it does not involve heating the liquid as happens during evaporation. Fractional freezing can be used to desalinate sea water. Don't use anything that has preservatives in it. Pitch in a Campden tablet per gallon of juice to kill any unidentified bacteria or yeast. Let sit for 24 hours then pitch in some champagne or cider yeast. Save some 2 litre bottles in the meantime. When the brew is done bubbling in the air lock, siphon the juice into the 2 liter bottles and freeze them with a hole in the cap to prevent an explosion.

Wait hours to pull the bottles and invert them over another vessel or bucket. I use a clean milk jug inside a 5 gal bucket to stabilize it. Let the mass drain till the ice is mostly clear and you have a good amount of liquid in the milk jug.

how to distill alcohol by freezing

Throw away the ice. Return the liquid to the 2 liter cap and re-freeze. Repeat this process until it no longer freezes. My grandfather, who was also a bootlegger during prohibition, used to make huge batches of apple jack in wooden barrels.

how to distill alcohol by freezing

He said they'd smash up ripe alcohols, fill the barrels to the top, packed with the crushed apples, and then add well water until it just showed. Then they'd how in "A shit-load of sugar" my grandfathers words, and lay the barrel top freezing on When it stopped fermenting, they'd pour the pulp and liquid through hardware cloth first, then feed the pulp to the pigs.

They'd strain it again through doubled, washed burlap feed sacks, then return it to the barrels which had been scrubbed out and scalded with boiling water. The cover was tamped down tight on the barrels now. Waited for freezing weather. If you included hops in the boil then I would bet there would be no distill whatsoever in anyone's mind that you were making beer and not liquor. Newsletter Subscribe for free and get the latest updates. Newest Forum Threads More How much gelatin to use to clear beer? Using wheat for head retention - lagers Traditional dunkelweizen ingredients?

First mead help - Sweet strawberry Give-away - getting out of this. Jaybird is doing some "inventory clearing" check it out.

Fractional freezing

Photo of the Day. Page 1 of Find More Posts by Cugel. Tell Me, How My A. Originally Posted by wilserbrewer As I understand it the downside to freeze distilling is that all of the alcohol is captured.

how to distill alcohol by freezing

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