How to stop your dwarf hamster from biting

how to stop your dwarf hamster from biting
Hamsters are naturally curious. We have a Russian dwarf hamster and it bit me and my brother drawing blood so my dad put a glove on and it bit the glove and was hanging from it.

He will probably need time to learn that your hand is not a threat unlike the old owner. I have a hamster who always bites, but nowadays he has stop biting so much and I think this has helped:. He should stop after a while.

Do Hamsters Bite?

The above has worked for taming my Roborovski hamster the one in the video that bites. Thank you a lot for your advice. You reacted realy fast. Before i readed your reaction this moring, i got two leather gloves from my dad gloves for more grip on his baseball bat I am washing them right now, but they smell like leather. Can i still use them or do I have to get other gloves to approach the hamster? Is it ok if I have more questions? Anyway, thank you for your tips. The smell might be a problem because hamsters have sensitive noses. I usually use cloth gardening gloves like the one that my hamster is biting in the video.

My dwarf hamster never bit anyone before until today when the person that was helping me out went to pick him up and put him back in the cage. Was it afraid of something? Next time I clean his cage, if I do it the way I always used to, will he try to bite again or will he be normal again?

Hi, is the person helping you a stranger to your dwarf hamster? It might have been because the hamster was afraid of an unfamiliar scent.

how to stop your dwarf hamster from biting

Hi, Thanks so much for this helpful article! Eventually she got used to the glove, and now hardly ever bites it, although she seems a bit jittery. How should I graduate from stops to bare hands without getting a lot of injuries? Have you tried wearing gloves on just one hand, picking her up with the dwarf hand and then letting her walk over to the other hand? It sounds like your hamster has cage aggression.

One of my roborovski hamsters is the same way. You might want to take a look at this: Is there how chance that Pepper could be sick? Or has someone else been playing with her and handling her roughly?

I have no idea why…hmm has your sister accidentally frightened the hamster? Does she wash her hands from handling it? You said earlier that sometimes they bit because of food, well what about soap, will they bite you because of soap? Thank you for your time! However, you should probably not let them bite you so much or it might turn into a hamster. If you are having problems lifting them without them biting you, you might want to use a toilet roll or something else that can pick them up.

I just got a dwarf hamster yours petco about 3 days ago and shes bitten me three times. I know she is still probably not used to me and her new surroundings biting is probably the reason shes biting. I just started trying this with my 2 month old male russian dwarf and it already looks like its working! Open the lid, the hamster will come out when it is ready.

How To Stop A Hamster From Biting

Keep a cover on the cage so small children can not try to grasp the hamster. Do not keep the cage in your child's room. The next day, use the eraser end of a long blunt pencil to gently poke through it's nest until you find it.

how to stop your dwarf hamster from biting

Don't make a lot of racket and don't shake the cage. Gently stroke the hamster with the eraser until it gets used to being touched. Speak to it in a soft voice. Do this several times during the day. Relaxed, gentle hamsters like to gnaw on small hard stuff - like pencils - do not mistake this for biting. When it ignores the eraser and does not cringe, it is time for the next step. In a day or two, when the hamster doesn't appear to fear the pencil, Put some treat into your open hand.

A tiny cube of apple works well. Let the hamster come up and sniff your hand and the apple. It may take the apple and leave for its nest with it. Don't give it a big chunk or it won't come back out.

Do Dwarf Hamsters Bite?

Do this until you earn the pet's trust. You can stroke it with the eraser or a Q-tip while it is exploring your hand. When it come right up to your hand without fear, it is time to pick it up. Slowly cup your hands around the hamster. Move one hand under the pet and the other over it. Keep your hands low in the cage so that if it fallsit won't fall far. When the hamster stays relaxed in your handsyou can move to a chair. Try to start out with your pet in a room that has no crevices to hide in so you can catch it if it gets away.

Do this in a quiet area without distractions or other pets. When it tries to walk out of one hand, offer it the other. But they "un-learn" just as fast. Children and owners often loose interest in pet hamsters in a month or so. They handle them less and less and the hamster reverts to its fearful nature.

how to stop your dwarf hamster from biting

So the fact that it was once tame, doesn't mean it is still tame. If you accepted a mature hamster that has not been handled or has been neglected, you can begin by scooping it up in a cup, using the pencil to shoo it in. Then you can place a towel on your lap and pour the hamster into it. Keep the towel nest-shaped and use your hands to elevate the towel to the side it is trying to leave. Give it some wrinkles to hide in.

Also I was holding him correctly. How do I get my hamster to stop biting me?

how to stop your dwarf hamster from biting

Dwarves are slightly more inclined to bite than Syrians, at least at first, perhaps because they are simply smaller and more defenseless than the heftier, faster Syrian.

You can help them break the habit. A hamster can build an entire home with that jaw! It comes down to physique. Beyond that, habit takes over.

Putting on a glove is of no help because, frankly, glove and skin are the same thing to a hamster, but gloves may seem more frightening. Let your hamster get used to your scent. Put your hamster on a big, flat surface. A bed or couch is perfect for this because it bears your scent strongly hamsters are extremely sensitive to smells — their olfactory sense is far, far stronger than any other. There are two reasons for this.

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