User defined exceptions in java interview questions

user defined exceptions in java interview questions
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user defined exceptions in java interview questions

We should catch this exception and provide useful message to user and log it properly for debugging purpose. Exception is the parent class of all Checked Exceptions. Runtime Exceptions are caused by bad programming, for example trying to retrieve an element from the Array. We should check the length of array first before trying to retrieve the element otherwise it might throw ArrayIndexOutOfBoundException at runtime. RuntimeException is the parent class of all runtime exceptions.

How to create User Defined Exception class in Java

If you are catching a lot of exceptions in a single try block, you will notice that catch block code looks very ugly and mostly consists of redundant code to log the error, keeping this in mind Java 7 one of the feature was multi-catch block where we can catch multiple exceptions in a single catch block. The catch block with this feature looks like below:. Most of the time, we use finally block just to close the resources and sometimes we forget to close them and get runtime exceptions when the resources are exhausted. These exceptions are hard to debug and we might need to look into each place where we are using that type of resource to make sure we are closing it.

So java 7 one of the improvement was try-with-resources where we can create a resource in the try statement itself and use it inside the try-catch block.

user defined exceptions in java interview questions

When the execution comes out of try-catch block, runtime environment automatically close these resources. Sample of try-catch block with this improvement is:.

Read more about this at Java 7 ARM.

Java Exception Interview Questions and Answers

OutOfMemoryError in Java is a subclass of java. These exceptions are called user defined exceptions in java OR Customized exceptions. When user enters negative value in the above example, it throws an exception and prints exception description which user may not understand. Modify above example so that user can understand why the exception has occurred.

Above defined exception is called user defined exception or customized exception. This makes the user understand easily why the error has occurred.

User-defined Exceptions in Python with Examples

Q5 What is Runtime Exception or unchecked exception? Q6 What is checked exception? Q9 What is throw keyword? Q10 What is use of throws keyword?

user defined exceptions in java interview questions

Q11 What are the possible combination to write try, catch finally block? Q12 How to create custom Exception? Q13 When to make a custom checked Exception or unchecked Exception? Q14 What is StackOverflowError?

User defined exception in java

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A python program to create user-defined exception class MyError is derived from super class Exception class MyError Exception: Error is derived class for Exception, but Base class for exceptions in this module pass class TransitionError Error: Raised when an operation attempts a state transition that's not allowed.

user defined exceptions in java interview questions

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Java Examples - User defined Exception

Increment and Decrement Operator. Logical and Bitwise Not Operators on Boolean. Arrays Set 1Set 2.

user defined exceptions in java interview questions

String Methods Set 1Set 2Set 3.

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