How long does a electric rc car battery last #

how long does a electric rc car battery last #
Switch to Threaded Mode. Over time, you developed hot spots on the battery, which resulted in premature battery failure.

Because not too long ago they were well known for being underpowered and almost asthmatic?

How long does a lipo battery last

Hybrids like my once-prized Prius built a following—right up to the point when gas prices went into a free fall. If that early generation hybrid battery of mine had lasted beyondmiles, I would probably still be driving it today. So might other Prius owners who have returned to driving cars with conventional powertrains.

how long do batteries last in electric rc cars?

The consumer's desire to buy and keep a hybrid is usually based on benefits outweighing the financial risk at purchase time; but, as Wallace points out, buying decisions aren't entirely economic. Regardless of the improvements automakers have made in hybrid powertrain systems sincethe image a car conveys influences many purchases. Hybrids and electric vehicles are in the midst of trying to change their image, from a car that attracts technophiles, tree huggers, and tightwads, to a vehicle that can offer a higher level of performance, reliability, and fun.

In the 14 years andmiles it took my Prius battery to finally start to die, perception of the hybrid car has changed radically.

Q: How Long Does a Car Battery Last?

Expect history to repeat itself when you try to calculate the number of miles you're able to put on your new Volt or Prius—your results may vary, but the batteries might last longer than the whole idea of your car. Gauging the risks, and rewards, of driving an electric-powered car with the father of the Chevy Volt's battery system. I guess there are deep cycle batteries and there are real deep cycle batteries.

how long does a electric rc car battery last #

It never got too discharged, only as far as my Hyperion charger would let it before giving a low voltage warning. Rick, unfortunately, the battery is all sealed up except for the indicator window which can unscrew to allow topping up of fluid.

I will try and slow charge it using my power supply and limit charging current to something low, like 0.

How long can a car battery last without using the car?

BTW, is there a right and wrong way to charge them for long life? I was thinking about rigging up a solar charger to keep it topped up. I know they won't have any memory effect, but does having them on a constant trickle do any harm? Last edited by everydayflyer; Sep 26, at Never discharged more than 20Ah and always charged as soon as I'm coming home.

how long does a electric rc car battery last #

Return to Batteries and Chargers. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Discussion How long should a deep cycle battery last? Sign up now to remove ads between posts. Ken Myers Registered User. Originally Posted by Ken Myers I usually get three years out of mine, as long as I keep it out of the garage in the winter and use it for bench testing in the basement.

how long does a electric rc car battery last #

Challenger Registered User. How long did your first MCX battery last? I want to know how long can the battery last if the car is not being turned on or rather if the car is not being used at home. Very detailed and thought out answer, best answers will most likely go to you if there is no better answers than yours. Thanks for the answering my question. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? It all depends on the weather conditions. Faster if the battery is older.

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Even when eveything is off there are devices in the car that will continue to draw electricty. The computers, the memory in the radio, the clock, etc. This will inhibit the battery's ability to accept a charger or release energy.

how long does a electric rc car battery last #

If the battery goes dead in cold weather it can freeze. The best way to extend the battery life is to stay on top of routine battery maintenance, which includes cleaning the battery terminals, charging the battery periodically, and making sure to service the vehicle by replacing alternator belts or having the alternator replaced as soon as an issue is discovered.

Have a car question? Get free advice from our top-rated mechanics. Not sure what your car needs? How long does a car battery last? Tim Charlet Automotive Mechanic. Some of the variables that can reduce battery life, beyond the location and use of the vehicle, include: The alternator creates an electrical charge that powers all vehicle electrical systems while the engine is running. This also allows the battery to recharge itself during operation.

how long does a electric rc car battery last #

A malfunctioning ignition system: Sometimes an ignition relay switch will stick open, causing the battery to supply power to components like interior lights, dashboard lights, fuel pumpsor ignition components even if the key is not inserted.

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