How to get good at juggling a soccer ball fast

how to get good at juggling a soccer ball fast
Being a good teammate is a great way to become popular on your team. If you use your knee the ball will bounce more violently and may move out of range of your next kick. For example, try juggling the ball without spin, with side-spin, with backspin, and topspin.

I know this on a personal level. One summer I decided to focus on juggling. I started at nonconsecutive juggles a day and worked up to My ball control drastically improved. Juggling will improve your first touch. You will keep the ball closer when you receive it — whether the ball is played on the ground or in the air. When I focused on juggling I felt more comfortable dribbling, passing, shooting, and receiving the ball. Other players I talked to reported the same thing. Added comfort with the ball improves your game and confidence.

How to Juggle a Soccer Ball

It makes juggling worth the time and effort. Get used to alternating feet with each juggle.

how to get good at juggling a soccer ball fast

Developing both feet equally will greatly improve your skill on the field. Once you get the hang of it repeat the process but try to get two juggles before catching the ball. Repeat the process until you can do 10 juggles 5 with each foot before the ball touches the ground. Start with the ball in front of you.

5 Tips to Juggle Like the Pros

Pull the ball back then pop it up with the same foot. Use your foot to scoop the ball into the air. Start juggling the ball after you pop it up. Now you can juggle the ball without using your hands or letting it bounce. But I kept moving past all the frustrating failures and reached my goal. If you keep persevering see tip 1 you will have a breakthrough. You may struggle to get 50 juggles in a row for months then suddenly get over juggles.

The ball should be in the air for a very short amount of time before touching your foot. You can be a great player and play in the back. You often get a little more time in the back and you can see the whole field. Work on passing and receiving with the inside of your foot.

You can pass the ball off a wall to help receive the ball. As for scoring goals, it is a mentality. You have to think and believe that the ball is always coming to you so you are ready to score. You can take some speed off for better accuracy. Finally, be ready to attack the ball with your head to score goals.

Diving headers are great. Center half players need to be very skilled in passing, tackling, and heading, so those are good things to work on first. Additionally, they need to be fit. Most defenders are not slow because they are matched up against the forwards who are seen as being the fastest.

how to get good at juggling a soccer ball fast

You can make up speed by knowing the game better and out smarting the other players. Watching more soccer can help learn the game. This post gives you some ideas on how to benefit from pros. I want to impress my team, be good enough to become a mid-fielder and become a better soccer player.

Can you please help me? You can impress your teammates by simply playing good soccer and not giving the ball away. Being a good teammate is a great way to become popular on your team. Improving your technical ability will help, so check out our posts in the individual training tips category. Also, better fitness always improves your touch. You can improve your skills! It just takes some work, and more than just your team practices.

We also have written several articles about defending in particular which you might find helpful. They are in our game tips category http: Always landing on your shooting foot will help you strike a ball better for a shot. IF you lean back which many players do, even some pros! If you are playing a long pass, on the other hand, you want to shorten up your stroke and have little to no follow-through.

Practice driving the ball with your laces and let us know how its going. Hey Opare, Make sure your plant foot is aimed at your target. This will help your accuracy. Hey Callum, As an outside midfielder, you will need to be able to get behind the defense getting to the end line and passing the ball back to an on rushing team at six yard box or a little further back.

5 Ways to Improve Your Soccer Skills in Your Backyard

Practice turning your foot over and cutting the ball back with you laces. Make sure you practice both your left and right foot. If you coach older players fast adding in some set balls during low intensity soccer sessions is a realloy good idea iff you want to work on the tactical components of the game. The combination of the two will pay dividends you can only hope for at present but from one who has coached soccer athletes at every level, on the pitch andd in the gym, you have to reemember that one question: And for children who are new to the sport, it is not surprising that they swarm around the ball trying to get a kick at it.

A good coach demonstrates his knowledge of and commitment to physical health and safety. I would agree health and safety are important at all levels. Additionally, it is good to coach dribbling at a very young age. Kids can alway become better dribbles. Right now I am recovering from an acl tear from this season. I know I started really late but I want to make it onto varsity or jv next season and I have poor juggle control am not good at 1v1, are there any exercises individually or with a small group of friends I can do that improve these two together?

Hey Tia, Dribbling a soccer ball around all the time will help your ball control. You should not only outside but also inside your house if your allowed. Hey Elyes Essanaa, I have never seen you good but becoming a professional means a how of work. Also there are different levels of professionals. Make sure you set short term and long term get to complete your goal. I have one question of you. What are you doing each day to accomplish your goal? Hello, i do hv gr8 passing skills n also hv sme flashy skills in my feet, yet i get myself trapped whenever i try 2 show dem during d play n gt tackled cz i m a bit slow…i wnt 2 b a good central midfielder n how should i train fr it?.

Hey Arpan, You should check out our blog post http: As a central midfielder, you are like the quarterback. You need to know where everyone on your team needs to be. Taking your eye off the ball to look around about every 8 seconds will help you know where your teammates are on the field and get you thinking a few plays ahead.

Additionally, you can improve your vision by improving you touch. When you comfortable on the ball and with your touch, you will and should find yourself picking your head up more. Also…how to enhance my basics regualrly in my backyard…i mean…how to increase my basic moves like dribbling? As a striker, your job is to score goals and create chances for your team. First, scoring goals is mental. You need to have confidence yourself that you can score goals. You should practice shooting shots along the 18 yard box and have a cone placed one yard inside the goal post.

You should try to place the ball with pace between the cone and the goal post. Second, check out the blog post below for helping your team be more dangerous by being able to beat your defender one vs one.

And not to hard just ones that can help me because i am only Hey Soph, You can always run some sprints around your house for fitness and do bodyweight exercise.

How To Juggle A Soccer Ball - "From 5 to 500"

Hey Robben, If you land on your shooting foot, then you will get more pop on the ball. Also you should practice shooting shots along the 18 yard box and have a cone placed one yard inside the goal post. Thank you,But I feel wick if my team mate complains about me which,makes me play rubbish hw can I control it?

Hey Paul, I hope your teammate is giving you positive constructive feedback, and if your teammate is not giving positive constructive feedback, then you should talk to your teammate about it. Remember, you have a better chance at winning the game when everyone on the team is sticking together through tough times during the match.

Being a DM is going to require great fitness and conditioning, also, your first touch and passes need to be very sharp. Hey Jacob, Go play with confidence, work hard, and have fun. If you are the hardest working player on the field and at tryouts, then it will not go unnoticed. Hey Elvis, As a winger, you need to be dangerous out on the pitch and need to be able to beat defenders one vs one to serve in crosses or get shots off. Check out our blog post on How to Beat Defenders off the Dribble http: Hey Tiger, Your coach is supposed to find the best position for you.

You just need to keep working on your skills. Think about what your weaknesses are and work on those. J just started playing soccer last week, so im a beginner.

how to get good at juggling a soccer ball fast

Hey Alicia, Make sure you try your hardest and have fun. No one will fault you for giving your best effort and working has hard as you possibly can.

Hi I really just switched position from attacker to CB, I want to know how to make my defense position better. Hey Dan, This type of switch happens a lot. Make sure you are talking with your other defenders. When a defender next to you steps up to pressure the ball, you need to make sure you drop in to cover. When you drop in to cover, make sure you are close enough that you can help if your teammate gets beat. Additionally, you need to be close enough so that you cannot get split with a pass.

And greate arrival thing up above my coaches say the same things. What would you suggest?

how to get good at juggling a soccer ball fast

Hey Pablo, Number 5. Kicking a Soccer Ball Against a Wall will help with your first time finishing. Finally, if the ball is in the air and you are trying to finish one time, then you need to try to get over the top of the soccer ball and drive it into the ground. Hey Zahk, For practicing shooting, place a cone one yard inside the goal post. When you have a reasonable measure of control you can progress still further by kicking with alternate feet before catching. Drop the ball, let it bounce, kick it up with your right foot, let it fall, kick it up with your left foot, catch the ball.

This technique really tests and improves your balance, eye tracking, coordination and peripheral awareness. You can involve more than your feet in soccer ball juggling. As the ball falls from one of your kicks knock it up with your thigh. Use the meaty, mid-part on the top of your thigh. If you use your knee the ball will bounce more violently and may move out of range of your next kick. The whole idea of soccer ball juggling is to improve your ball skills.

Practicing anything requires a measure of strictness and discipline — juggling is no different.

Beginners Kick Ups Tutorial - Learn how to Juggle a Football Soccer Ball

You should aim to juggle the ball without moving backwards or forwards, or side to side more than a metre or two. But so will your progress. Happy soccer ball juggling! How to Juggle a Soccer Ball.

how to get good at juggling a soccer ball fast

Reinforced muscle-memory benefiting first touch on the ball and your ability to receive the ball. Motor skill fine tuning.

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