How do earthquakes happen in japan

how do earthquakes happen in japan
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Potential energy keeps building up in the locked or stuck portion of the plates. When the unstuck part of the plate has moved far enough, the force exerted by it pulls the stuck regions apart. This ripping of the stuck part of opposing plates results in release of oodles of potential energy, that was stored for the sliding movement.

Seismic Waves Here's when the earthquake seismic waves come into picture. The energy radiated outwards from the ripping action comes out in the form of seismic waves. These waves resemble the ripples formed in a pond.

As the ripples of seismic waves move through the earth, they shake our earth and we experience the quaking of the earth. There are two kinds of waves that radiate through the earth during an earthquake, one called the Rayleigh waves which move with a rolling, up and down motion, while the other is called love waves, which cause the ground to twist from side to side.

how do earthquakes happen in japan

These two waves are responsible for all the quaking, cracking of the earth's crust and crumbling of buildings, etc. Depending on the amount of energy released in the form of seismic waves, the magnitude of the earthquake will vary.

The problem with relying on these methods is that we do not have a truly long-term scientific record of earthquakes for any given area on Earth. Therefore, our forecasts of earthquake cycles and seismic gaps are far from precise. In Japan, for example, in the early s, many seismologists suggested that the Great Kanto earthquake of a magnitude Instead, a megaquake hit Awaji Island and the nearby populous city of Kobe, killing 6, people in Nevertheless, it is important to collect and analyze as much data as possible about past and present earthquakes.

The seismo-tectonic relationship between these past earthquakes and the March megaquakes off northeast Honshu will be of particular interest to geoscientists. But it will likely be awhile before we have a big picture of how these events were related.

how do earthquakes happen in japan

Meanwhile, the risk of the Big One hitting the populous Kanto region, where Tokyo is located, is far from over. Recent fault stress modeling by Ross Stein of the U. Geological Survey in Menlo Park, Calif. Although we may still have a lot of questions about how and when megaquakes occur, one thing is becoming clearer with each passing earthquake disaster: No single nation can be fully prepared against natural disasters, and international sharing of science and technology on geohazards is crucial for humanity.

The views expressed are his own. The Pacific Plate and the Eurasian Plate. The Northeastern coast of Japan. Their Nuclear Power Plants released chemicals into the air because of the earthquake. The Focus Point was 24 kilometers deep into the ground ….

how do earthquakes happen in japan

Because the Pacific Plate is moving to the northwest, and Japan, New Zealand, Alaska, and California are all located on the boundary of that plate. Haiti and Chili are on the … boundaries of other plates, and when one moves, it effects the one next to it. My bet is on Anchorage Alaska for the next big quake. It's because on plate banged into another one which made it go down and then it flicked up causing an earthquake and a tsunami. Yes it is very likely to happen again.

They are processing over tons of waste every day and much of the usable material is being recycled for use in new buildings.

earthquakes in japan

One of the first and most interesting — and positive — outcomes is the innovation that often follows such disasters. Japan has especially proven itself unafraid to use disasters to its best advantage, coming back with new and often highly technical solutions. I would not be surprised if new rescue materials and equipment are developed and successfully marketed internationally because of the quake. Such innovation not only help mitigate damage from future disasters, but also becomes a new source of income for the nation as it is sold to other countries that are worried about similar occurrences.

But innovation is just the beginning: In countries like Japan and the United States, governments can exert a lot of control on building standards and required materials. Perhaps a number of new building standards for coastal cities will also enter the construction industry of Japan, designed to reduce damage and loss of life in the future.

how do earthquakes happen in japan

Similar things happened historically with the other Japanese quakes. Of course, this has its ramifications, too: This could lower demand for coastal property as much as is possible in a real estate market like Japan and lead to a loss of value in the coastal markets.

Is this an acceptable trade-off for safer conditions? But it will still make some people unhappy. Then you have the material market, and this is where things get interesting.

Where do most earthquakes happen in japan?

As Japan starts to recover from the quake, it will need to rebuild, and rebuilding is always good for the construction industry. This means that the quake will have a revitalizing effect not only on the Japanese construction industry but also on sectors across the Asia-Pacific and North American areas that depend on construction themselves.

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This may sound far-out, but think about the possibilities: Without new construction demand, they cannot make the profits they were counting on. The lumber industry, the siding industry, the roofing industry, the insulation industry…brick, concrete, stone, construction equipment…the list goes on.

Now these industries have a brand new chance in Japan to make their yearly revenues look far better than they had before. International trade to Japan will shift in response to this quake, and the shifts will be very interesting.

How do Earthquakes Happen

When a quake occurs and the tectonic plate finishes shifting, there are usually a few aftershocks while the plates settle back down into a new position. After this occurs, it is far less likely that a quake will strike again.

how do earthquakes happen in japan

When the quake occurs, the tension is reduced and takes time to build again. How will insurance companies and insurance subsidy programs handle this? This enables insurance companies to capitalize on earthquake fears with a minimal chance that they will actually have to pay out on any claims.

Japan tsunami 2011 how did it happen

However the business aspects of this disaster work out, many of them provide potential benefits for Japan during its recovery phase. I hope Japan ends up with some advantages out of this tragedy. While it would not bring back loved ones or reverse damage done to things totally irreplaceable, hopeful this new business provides much-needed support. On a different note, it would be interesting to compare the damage done from fires and other indirect problems to the problems Japan has had in the past.

Has the nation managed to percent these ulterior disasters from causing as much damage, or are they still problems? How did riots or lack of riots compare to past quake incidents? How fast did emergency teams assemble? How much government aid was required compared to previous quakes and tsunamis? How far did damage extend inland?

how do earthquakes happen in japan

These and many other questions wait to be answered. I suspect that any such studies will show a definite improvement between the past quakes of Japan and this latest quake.

The damage may be greater because of a denser population and more complicated building structures, but this does not mean that response time or damage mitigation has failed. It means that Japan has protected growing assets more effectively than it ever has before, and that is something to be proud of. Of course, looking back, organizations will probably find many ways in which responses could have been more effective. But I hope Japan will look back at its history of earthquakes and how it has evolved to deal with them, and be thankful that loss of life was not worse.

Looking forward, hopefully even more lives can be saved in the future from what the entire world learn from the Japanese quake.

how do earthquakes happen in japan

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