How to qualify for aid and attendance va

how to qualify for aid and attendance va
It is in a format that a veterans service representative would recognize. At present, the VA does not have a look-back period, although legislation has introduced proposing a 3 year look-back.

Applying can be a lengthy process and final approval may take up to nine months or more.

Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefit Eligibility

There are a number of documents and approvals an applicant must secure prior to receiving a benefit. Check Your Eligibility What state are you in? I acknowledge and understand that by submitting this Contact Request form through clicking "Check Eligibility! It provides the highest level of financial assistance for veterans who do not have the means to pay for care for themselves.

This guide explains eligibility for the program and how veterans can take action to utilize this benefit. Wartime veterans and their dependents may be entitled to three tiers of benefits if they meet certain criteria. As the tiers increase, so do the dollar amounts. It provides cash assistance to veterans and dependents who are healthy but living off a very low income. As the name implies, this is for veterans and their dependents who are basically housebound and need assistance with day-to-day activities on a regular basis. This is for veterans and their dependents who require a fairly high degree of care on a daily basis for basic living functions including bathing, eating and other related tasks.

Military service is classified as either peacetime or wartime service.

how to qualify for aid and attendance va

To qualify for Aid and Attendance, a veteran must have served a minimum of 90 day with at least one of those days taking place during wartime. The veteran did not have to see actual combat to be eligible.

how to qualify for aid and attendance va

If active duty began after September 7,you must have served at least 24 months or the full period that you were called to duty. The Va cannot keep up with the current workload, yet you muddle the whole Aid and Attendance benefit with these convoluted rules. Unbelievable, decietful, evil, and downrigtht disrespectful to Vets and their families who already gave so much of their lives.

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how to qualify for aid and attendance va

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Aid and Attendance

Not yet a member? Wartime veterans or their surviving spouse with limited income may be eligible to receive a non-service connected pension. There are three levels of VA Pensions:. To be eligible for either of these pensions, one must also meet the requirements for the Basic Pension.

Veterans Aid & Attendance Gets New Eligibility Rules

The Aid and Attendance benefit is the most well-known VA Pension and provides the greatest amount of financial assistance. Readers should know that the Aid and Attendance benefit is often referred to by other names. These are various names for the same program, which, as mentioned previously, is an added benefit amount to the basic VA pension. However, because the VA allows applicants to deduct certain expenses and forms of income from their "countable income", the applicants' actual income can be considerably higher than their countable income.

Medical-related expenses include the cost of care in skilled nursing, assisted living, adult day centers, and at home. Medicare and other insurance premiums, as well as prescriptions not covered by insurance, should also be deducted.

how to qualify for aid and attendance va

A detailed explanation how the VA calculates income is available here. Assistance is available to help veterans determine their countable income which will enable them to receive their maximum benefit amount.

When calculating assets, the VA allows veterans to deduct their value of their home and vehicles. The primary home, household, items, personal effects, and vehicles can be excluded when determining net worth. Each case is unique and carries its own set of challenges.

how to qualify for aid and attendance va

It will also depend on which processing center will be handling the claim. For unknown reasons, some centers do a more efficient job than others. How complete the application package is will also impact the process. One thing you can expect is that it will take between months on average for your application to be processed and to receive a determination letter. Due to the current backlog of claims to be processed this timeframe can be much longer. Many families can't afford to pay for care while waiting for the pension to be approved and funds to be released, which places an additional burden.

Fortunately, all benefits are retro-dated back to the original filing date. If you or your loved one is age 90 or older, you should request the application process be expedited. It is advised that you include a cover letter with the application noting this request. The Aid and Attendance pension benefit rates for can be found on our About page. You can request to be appointed as Fiduciary. Please see our FAQ Section for more detailed information on this subject.

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The VA will have to approve the individual who acts as the fiduciary as someone reputable to handle the financial affairs according to their guidelines. This will require a meeting with a Field Agent if you request to be appointed. Due to a lack of Field Agents, the wait time for this meeting to be scheduled can be several months.

how to qualify for aid and attendance va

Without this form the VA will not discuss the application with you. As a special note:

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