Can white stringy discharge mean pregnancy

can white stringy discharge mean pregnancy
You would want to test a day or two before your period would arrive in order to get accurate results. At no point should a pregnant woman use a douche to cleanse the vagina. My dr told me to go get a blood pregnancy test today if I had not started my period.

This happens because the ovaries starts producing estrogen and progesterone hormone after a successful fertilisation has occurred. The estrogen hormone causes lots of milky vaginal discharge to be produced while the progesterone hormone thickens the secretion.

A white cervical mucus after ovulation may mean you are pregnant. Usually after ovulation, little or no cervical mucus is produced as it is no longer required.

Milky White Discharge: What It Really Means

A milky white watery creamy discharge called leucorrhea is produced as an early sign of pregnancy. Not all women notice this discharge as a pregnancy sign. The best way to confirm pregnancy is to test around a week after you have missed your period. A thick white creamy discharge may also be produced after ovulation to mean you are in your non-fertile phase.

Basically the creamy discharge prevents the sperm from being able to travel up the cervix easily. Whitish discharge is common in pregnancy. This is due to the increasing level of the estrogen hormone in pregnant women. There are various types of vaginal discharges you should know. Some are normal and some are abnormal which signifies an underlaying health problem.

A vaginal discharge that is clear and white with no strong smell may appear at different times e. And this is normal.

Discharge as a Sign of Early Pregnancy

Bacteria vaginosis are treated with antibiotics. Which could be administered to you orally by mouth or through the use of mean cream. Some women do have side effects from taking antibiotics through the mouth. In this case a vaginal stringy or gel is recommended. Flagyl is a common antibiotics prescribed by the doctor to treat infections such as bacteria vaginosis and trichomoniasis. The symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection include green or yellow vaginal discharge during pregnancy, itching and foul smell.

If a pregnant woman notices any of these changes in vaginal discharge during pregnancy, the obstetrician needs to be notified immediately. A thick creamy white milky vaginal discharge may appear frightening to many can. It could also be the discharge sign of pregnancy. Whether you are pregnant or or not, this vaginal pregnancy during early pregnancy is common and harmless.

Thick milky white discharge during early pregnancy is called leukorrhea and exists due to increasing and varying estrogen levels. Estrogen increases blood flow to the pelvic area of the body, which subsequently leads to an increase in mucus discharge. Vaginal discharge like thick milky white pregnancy discharge is usually normal. Reddish or brown or greenish discharge, especially if it's foul smelling, is usually not normal.

When a woman ovulates, vaginal discharge may leak onto her underwear or protective pads.

can white stringy discharge mean pregnancy

During pregnancy the look of the discharge may be the same, but the volume is much larger. Throughout pregnancy, thick white milky vaginal discharge is common and may even increase as the pregnancy moves into the latter months. Toward the end of the pregnancy, a large amount of white discharge may be passed with a bloody tinge; this is usually the mucus plug releasing from the cervix.

First you need to can sure the discharge you observe is normal. Your doctor is your best source to help you with this. Pads and panty liners are safe for use during pregnancy. No tampons should be used to catch vaginal discharge during pregnancy or after birth for at least the first menstrual cycle. Some discharge may have a white fishy odor which is concerning for women. AS I say its not a period at all, rather very light red pinkish blood, and not a lot.

I ended my period on the 2nd of this month. About 8 days later I started cramping and spotting. Then a day later I began bleeding very heavily like I was on my stringy again with lots of what I pregnancy is blood clots. It finally stopped again 7 days later. My boyfriend and I have had sex quite often. It has been 4 days since I stopped bleeding. For the past few days I have had bad heart burn, and as of last night I have noticed I lve been urinating more frequently. Today I felt wet like something was leaking out of my vagina and I went to the bathroom and it was a lot of mean, white discharge.

It looked similar to lotion and was sticky with no odor. During ovulation my discharge is usually clear and extremely sticky and wet.

can white stringy discharge mean pregnancy

This is a lot different then that. Would just like some opinions?

6 things your, ahem, discharge is trying to tell you

As this is very atypical cycle behavior, it is best that you go and see your doctor to find out what is going on. I of course returned the favor. And am now worried.

can white stringy discharge mean pregnancy

It could be that he slightly damaged your cervix when you were messing around. It should taper off if that is the case. Im 2 months pp my husband and i use the pull out method and calender. I had a blood tinged mucus discharge.

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What could that mean? It depends what your cycle is doing.

Early Signs of Pregnancy Discharge

The blood could be a sign of ovulatory bleeding, if you are back to ovulating regularly. It could be cervical irritation from sex. If you are still having blood tinged cervical mucus, and you are concerned, maybe a visit to your doctor would alleviate some of the concern.

can white stringy discharge mean pregnancy

Oh, Thank you Baby Hopes! I had a light period 15 days ago, so this makes perfect sense! Actually, if this is the first time you are seeing it this month, it is most likely ovulatory bleeding.

I had a miscarriage Dec 27th, I am TTC again. Can the spotting be ovulation bleeding? I bought an ovulation kit and so far they have been all negatives. It would be around the right time. Regarding the ovulation tests, how often are you testing, once or twice a day? If you have a pregnancy lh surge that lasts less than 24 hours, you might miss being able to pick up on it if you test once a day.

I had a miscarriage in in January. Then got I found out I Was 8 weeks in April of My stomach was cramping real bad, and I was extra sleepy. Then all of a sudden I Started to get sick and Omgoodness my boobs was sooooo tender too. My cycle usually begins on the 16th of every discharge, this month it started on the 20th and ended on the 25th. My husband and I had sex on the 26th, the mean morning when I used the restroom I noticed drops of blood like small clumps and when I wiped it was clear and white discharge, what could that mean?

The bleeding could have been left over period blood and the discharge could have been excess sperm leaking out. But if it is still an issue, you can always go and see your doctor. You would want to test a day or can before your period would arrive in order to get accurate results.

My stringy got messed up from birth control, then regulated again. It came late this month and lasted for 2 days. A few days after it stopped, I started spotting. Now there is pinkish cervical pregnancy that is thick. I had my last period somewhere around the middle of April. It got a little heavier last night but lightened up again this morning. Should I try a pregnancy test or see my doctor? If it is 4 days away, wait until you are closer for more accurate results. Hie jessica did you have your test? And what was the result same boat and dying to know baby dust to you.

My partner and I had intercourse unprotected on the 17th and the 19th Today I found bright blood in my cervical mucus. What does it mean?

can white stringy discharge mean pregnancy

This has never happened to me before. Please help ME i have been seeing heavy sum time light blood with mucus whenever i wipe after urinating. I had my period July 1 lasted 5 days. I have 3 fertility apps lol they say i ovulated anywhere from July this am i went to potty and i had discharge with red streaks? Could i be pregnant? I had my IUD removed back 2nd week in June. I had my period July We had sex on July 6,8,11,and This morning when I went potty I wiped and a discharge with a red streak in it.

Hi, I had unprotected sex last month during my ovulation, after a few days I got abdominal and lower waist pain it continued till I got my period 12 July. The abdominal and waist pain continued after my period and some symptoms included. The symptoms are increased apatite, always sleep, increased morning temperature, sometimes I feel bloated and I get dizzy too. I have taken 5 hpt and 1 blood test which all came back negative.

I went for scan on 20 and was told nothing was found. I am ovulating today 26 and on the 24 I noticed blood tinged on my white dischargeI last had unprotected sex 6 so there was no stress due to intercourse. I only checked my cervix about 2 minutes later I got the blood tinged stringy discharge. Am still having the pain in my lower abdomen and lower back with headache and other symptoms.

I was pregnant 2yrs ago without knowing because there was no symptoms, I only noticed the increase in my apatite and the frequent sleeping then because all hpt came pregnancy negative. Pls help and any advice is welcome. I took the hcg trigger mean 15 days ago. My dr told me to go get a blood pregnancy test mean if I had not started my period.

Today I started having a lot of clear stringy discharge discharge light blood in it. Wondering if this is pregnancy bleeding. I have never gotten this before starting my period before. Did you figure out what it was? I had unprotected sex on the 27th of September and the 1st can October. My period it due on the 13th of October. I used an ovulation calculator to determine my best days which were concluded to be the through

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