What address do you send your taxes to

what address do you send your taxes to
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International taxpayers often mail their returns to the Austin, Texas service center, but depending on your situation, the address where you should send your return might differ.

Where Do I Send My Tax Return?

First find the city where your tax return should be sent, then look up the street address for that service center. If you're mailing two or more tax returns to the IRS at the same time, consider placing each in its own envelope, then place each of those envelopes into a larger envelope. Mail that one larger envelope to the IRS by certified mail, return receipt requested. When the IRS opens the larger envelope, it will immediately and easily be able to sort each of your tax returns separately. If you really want to make sure the IRS gets your return without fuss, you can hand deliver it to a local IRS taxpayer assistance center.

Ask the IRS agent for a stamped receipt. Keep this receipt with your records as proof that the IRS has your tax return.

what address do you send your taxes to

E-filing tax returns is easier than ever these days. Here are five guidelines:. Saved to your computer.

Where to Mail Tax Returns, Tax Payments and Extensions to the IRS

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Where to File Paper Tax Returns With or Without a Payment

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Where Do I Mail My Federal Tax Return?

Filing online File online for free - Free certified software products are available to file your income tax return online. For individuals served by Tax Services Offices in: Mail your T1 return to: Report a problem or mistake on this page.

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what address do you send your taxes to

Recommended Answer 5 people found this helpful Yes you do have the ability to mail a Arizona State Tax Return here are the addresses to meet your needs. Was this answer helpful? No answers have been posted. This post has been closed and is not open for comments or answers.

what address do you send your taxes to

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what address do you send your taxes to

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what address do you send your taxes to

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