How to file medical bankruptcy in ohio

how to file medical bankruptcy in ohio
How often can you file for bankruptcy in Ohio? I Need Answers For: Chapter 13 Plan Duration The length of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan also depends on your income.

If an unexpected accident, illness, or disease occurs then the medical bills can pile up quickly. You may not be able to work and the high cost of the medical care can be overwhelming. Many Americans do not have health insurance coverage or have insurance that only covers the bare basics and minimums. This debt should not be ignored, even though you do not have the financial resources to pay off the debt and may be struggling just to feed your family and meet monthly expenses like rent or mortgage and utility bills. You need to know that you can discharge medical bills in bankruptcy.

Even if you have the best health insurance coverage possible an illness or serious injury means lost time from work, co-pays, deductibles, and other strains on your limited financial resources. However, the majority of Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases do not involve a sale because of the Ohio bankruptcy exemptions. These exemptions outline the types of property that cannot be sold. If your home, car and other items are covered here then you can avoid the liquidation sale.

Top 5 reasons people in Ohio file for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

For a full explanation of how these exemptions may apply to your property, speak with a local bankruptcy attorney. In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, a year debt repayment plan is created during your case. This repayment plan pushes all of your debts together, and may reduce some of the debts, so you only need to worry about one payment, which will be made each month to your bankruptcy trustee.

When your debts are combined in Chapter 13 bankruptcy you receive extra protection because the consolidation may allow you to avoid fees and fines. Call us today at to find out how we can help.

how to file medical bankruptcy in ohio

Timeframe Applies to Discharge, Not Filing There is no limit to how many times you can file for bankruptcy; however, a timeframe applies to how often you can receive a discharge. The bankruptcy court has put the following timelines in place for consumer bankruptcy: In order to receive another discharge in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you need to wait to file eight years from the date you filed the previous Chapter 7 case in order to receive a discharge. While it takes three to five years to complete your Chapter 13 repayment plan and discharge your case, you are usually able to file again immediately.

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It offers information on new standing orders, locations, mission statements, judges, processes, opinions and frequently asked questions. It provides information on judges, locations, phone numbers, FAQs, means testing, filing and seminars.

Filing Bankruptcy in Ohio When You Are Married

If you are currently considering bankruptcy as a remedy option for you debt problems, working with a qualified bankruptcy attorney will help make the complex process much easier to approach and deal with. An attorney will be able to accurately assess your financial situation while developing the proper strategy for your particular situation.

how to file medical bankruptcy in ohio

Eric Steiden uses objective, calculating analysis so that he can accurately handle your case and allow for the most practical and reliable avenue to be taken. He is committed to the values of integrity and honesty, which has guided his actions since he began practicing law over 15 years ago.

how to file medical bankruptcy in ohio

With four office locations, two in Cincinnati and one each in both Florence and Covington, KY, the firm is a convenient option for individuals living in both states. To schedule a free consultation to go over your bankruptcy option with Eric and staff, please call or send an online message today. When to File for Bankruptcy in Greater Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky A dedicated Cininnati or Kentucky bankruptcy lawyer can help you determine if this process is appropriate for your unique situation.

how to file medical bankruptcy in ohio

Several studies, including two published by Harvard Medical School and the Health Affairs journal, put the number of bankruptcies due to medical causes at approximately 50 percent. Job Loss — In the current economic climate, millions of people are unemployed, which makes them much more likely to file for bankruptcy. Uncontrolled Spending — Credit card bills, large mortgages, and expensive car payments contribute to bankruptcy. Irresponsible spending habits affect even those with large incomes.

Divorce — Factors such as attorney fees, child support, alimony and the issue of providing for a household on one income can result in a difficult financial situation. Foreclosure — A family or individual can spend years preparing for the purchase of their very own home.

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