How much does reconstructive foot surgery cost

how much does reconstructive foot surgery cost
Injury can lead to flat feet. This device causes the physical blockade that prevent the collapse. The nurse took the stitches out and traded my soft cast for a boot.

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Flat Feet Reconstructive Surgery

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how much does reconstructive foot surgery cost

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Flat Foot Surgery Costs WHAT!?

Our writers are experienced journalists who adhere to our strict editorial ethics policy. However, your best advice is to stay below prices like Service Master or some big franchise charges. This tendon, is called the posterior tibial tendon, and is the main arch supporting tendon. Obviously damage to this tendon can cause collapse of the arch. Some people have genetically inefficient tendon, and tends to be the case in younger people. In mild cases, such as tendon splits, the posterior tibial tendon can be repaired to restore its strength.

My Left Foot: The High Costs of Fallen Arches

Acute incontinuity of the tendon can be primarily repaired. Often the posterior tibial tendon is augmented with a tendon transfer of an adjacent tendon to provide both strength and continuity. In any tendon repair, advanced or retensioning of the tendon is performed. In most flat foot surgery a tendon augmentation is often combined with other boney procedures to restore structure and balance to the foot. A procedure that involves placing a metallic implant most commonly at the junction where the foot meets the ankle. This device causes the physical blockade that prevent the collapse. It is a procedure that is only indicated for mobile feet, and should not be used with rigid flat feet.

Blitz finds this procedure better for younger patients with flexible flat feet where the bone alignment is still developing so that the foot can adapt to function in a better aligned position.

Foot and Ankle surgery in India

There are two types of bone procedure for flat feet, those where bone cuts and bone grafts are used to alter the alignment by avoiding any joint structures, or joint invasive procedures called fusions or arthrodeses that remove a joint to reshape the foot. With joint fusion procedures, there are those procedures that involve non-essential joints of the foot versus those that involve essential joints.

All bone procedures have their place in flat foot surgery, and Dr. Blitz carefully evaluates each foot to preserve as much motion and function while obtaining proper and adequate alignment. In many cases a flat foot reconstruction involves both soft tissue procedures and bone procedures to rebuild and restore the arch.

This does not mean that they do not have a purpose, but rather become inefficient is providing a stable platform for function. As such, locking these non-essential non-functioning joints into place is commonly recommended. A benefit of this surgery is that it keeps the back portion of the foot mobile, and helps the surrounding tendons work for efficiently in maintaining the arch.

how much does reconstructive foot surgery cost

Sometimes, this is due to the outer portion of the foot being shorter than the inner portion. Here bone graft can be added to the outer edge of the foot to lengthen the foot to swing the foot over into a corrected position. You can use them as a frame of reference to better understand how much it might cost when you break a bone. Future releases include spinal fusions, hip and knee replacements, and angioplasties. Stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter.

how much does reconstructive foot surgery cost

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I have minimal swelling. Most people that have bone work will have quite a bit more swelling. This should last a year or so. This is a serious surgery and will take alot of patience.

how much does reconstructive foot surgery cost

There is a group out there for those with PTTI Did your insurance cover it? Ok, so here is the deal. Im 23 and just finished my second flat foot reconstruction surgery. I also took ballet and jazz all my life. The surgery is a painful one, but I am very pleased with the results. My knees and hips dont hurt anymore, and I know that I have saved myself from having future problems and joint replacements. The surgery for me consisted of fusing two joints with pins and cadaver bone grafts, the calcaneal osteotomy breaking the heel off, moving it over and screwing it back onlenghtening the achilles tendon tendon on back of legand several ligament repairs.

I ended up with a total of nine screws and four metal clips.

how much does reconstructive foot surgery cost

For each foot I spent 8 weeks in a cast, three in a boot, and then weight bearing in a boot for three weeks. After that their was intensive physical therapy. My last foot surgery was in October, and by February I was "back to normal.

how much does reconstructive foot surgery cost

Four months out of each surgery, I was already able to jog. My first foot is completely pain free. My second foot has minimal pain not even enough for a tylenolbut I think I really overdue it.

how much does reconstructive foot surgery cost

I should rest more. That is probably just the doctor's cost.

Your Medicare Coverage

You need to factor in renting the operating room, paying the anesthesiologist, nurse, doctor, and all the medical supplies. Then you factor in the follow up visits which may be included and the cost for three months give or take of physical therapy.

I spent five days in the hospital after my second surgery. Now that was without complications. I spent another few thousand on follow up doctors because I had an allergic reaction to the iodine they used in surgery. Now I was lucky, and I didnt have to pay one cent. I have Blue Cross Blue Shield and they covered it all, but all of thier plans are different. PLUS It is more than likely you will have additional surgerys to take out any screws. Which is two more surgeries where you have to rent the operating room and anesthesiologist and doctor and so on.

You need to check with your insurance. A lot won't cover flat feet.

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