How to treat postpartum depression without medication

how to treat postpartum depression without medication
The researchers suggest moderate consumption for the best results. Some other risk factors include a lack of support, marital dissatisfaction, childcare stress, life stress and prenatal depression. I am bumping this in hopes that my story will help some one.

Did you connect with your husband and feel better? If so, how long and what did you do to feel better? I love this website! It is helping me right now. Thank you for creating this site. You will get better. Good for you for treat care of yourself! Oh my gosh I believe I found my Postpartum twin!! I have experienced the exact same things! I have a 7. How are you feeling now? What things did you do that worked for you to cope? It has been almost three years since I was finally diagnosed with and without for PPD and anxiety I went through 6 medical professionals to finally get help.

Remembering where I was — I would never have believed that I would feel better again. Scary intrusive thoughts ruled my mind- and I thought I could manage it all on my own.

And boy does that feel good. Keep at it- it may take years and more heartache than you ever thought possible- but there is a light- and that light is you. Excellent Blog post, very informative and encouraging to women who need help but are finding it difficult to take a step towards getting it. Hi Katherine, I am suffering with post natal depression.

I am currently on meds. I still battle to medication as my brain doesnt switch off. I take a quater sleeping tablet. Does your sleep pattern return once you feel normal? Before this happened I had no problem sleeping. Yes, as you progress with your treatment and eventually recover, you should be able to sleep well without. Many women need to take something extra to help with sleep until their other medications take full effect. The depression would have had to be quite severe — meaning you would have noticed you were experiencing something debilitating.

Be gentle to yourself. You are a good mom. Hi, great article, I had a question. I have suffered from anxiety and depression and ocd for 15 years and have an 8 month old.

Do you think that could be medication I want to believe its deeper than what it seems, because it hurts SO badly right now and I want nothing to do with them and my body shakes with anger everytime they come visit. Their visits are putting a huge strain on my marriage and also scares me how deep the pain feels.

Please let me know what you think, thank you. We are peer supporters. You will find a way to heal. Be patient with the process and gentle with yourself as you fight through this. Tiffany, I have a similar story about my inlaws, how their lack of support, hateful, thoughtless, manipulative behavior has robbed me of my joy during delivery and post partum.

It took my husband 8 months to believe me, he had invalidated my feelings, ignored me, and was butt hurt that I actually said something bad about his family. This has caused so much rift in my marriage, I not only hate his family with passion, I hate my husband for being unsupportive, passive aggressive jerk, catered to others feelings rather than being in touch with mine, downright evil like his family.

I have never thought in a million how that motherhood would change me to see the true colors of people. I know when someone is being mean to me just enjoy putting me down, or act like we dont matter, that is how his family acts. Now I just treat his family how they treat me, and I treat my husband how he treats me, seems like both dont like how they are treated. Sometimes dose of their own medicine is more healing to me than challenging their behavior. The reason for my depression is all I ever wanted was to be treated with some basic human decency while I gave birth and healed from postpartum, I have received the most worst of treatment.

It has made me bitter and put a wall up because I live with an enemy aka husband, and I no longer want relationships because I dont want to see any more true colors of others.

Its all too hurtful and I am too maxed out with hurt. I tried brushing off blaming ob the circumstances in my life and thought it was just baby blues. Even though the circumstances didnt improve, I believe I still have ppd but I medication have some symptoms. You are not alone at all in your struggle. I hope you can get help from a doctor or therapist. It is so hard to watch someone suffer and be in denial at the same time. Unfortunately you cannot force someone to see when they are not open to it or ready.

In cases of severe postpartum depression or postpartum psychosis, hospitalization may be necessary. Sometimes, if symptoms are especially severe, electroconvulsive ECT therapy may be used to treat severe depressions with hallucinations without perceptions or delusions false beliefs or overwhelming suicidal thoughts. It is best to seek treatment as soon as possible. If it's detected late or not at all, the condition may worsen.

how to treat postpartum depression without medication

Also, experts have found that children can be affected by a parent's untreated PPD. Such children may be more prone to sleep disturbances, impaired cognitive development, insecurity, and frequent temper tantrums. While you are recovering from postpartum depression, you will probably see an improvement from month to month. Be aware that your symptoms may flare up before a menstrual period because of fluctuations in your hormones.

The first step in treatment is to resolve immediate problems such as sleep and appetite changes.

how to treat postpartum depression without medication

Antidepressants are usually quite effective for this. You and your doctor will need to make a careful decision about the use and choice of antidepressants if you are breastfeeding.

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Some antidepressants are secreted in small amounts in breast milk. Other medications, such as lithiumare more controversial in breastfeeding because of concerns that they may cause infant toxicity, although there is debate if lithium poses a real risk. But I think I do. I thought I was feeling a little better when I was taking evening primrose and fish oil supplements. But I ran out of the evening primrose oil capsules and haven't replaced them. I feel more angry now than before. I feel more angry than when the few few months, when you'd expect ppd to take place.

I think I was cutting myself a lot more slack back then, and the milk supply issues weren't major at the time. Now that I feel my milk supply dwindling because of the introduction of solids, I've been feeling more sad about losing what supply I do have. So, as soon as I can, I'm going out to try some of these things. Because it's Xmas Eve, I have to wait until Monday to go to the stores. Thanks for posting this.

How to Treat Postpartum Depression, Which Affects Both Mom & Baby

Mama of 3 girls: Miss Information is offline. Thanks for sharing this. I have PPD and im trying to beat it with out the meds. I am doing ok. But i still have panic attacks off and own. IT is getting better tho. I just wanted to thank Galeforce for an amazingly in depth and accurate!

You are an amazing resource! Thanks for bumping this up, and putting it in the email newsletter! I had undiagnosed PPD with my first and only daughter. I was up and down, up and down, until she was about 18 months, then went waaaaaaay down. I think it's awesome that you were able to treat your PPD naturally! Mine developed into "regular" depression plus anxiety. BUT - what I want to say here is this: I know it's not easy for everyone, since you have to find somewhere to put your kid if you're a SAHM at leastbut it was SO worth it for me.

Having someone to talk to that was not my husband was so essential.

Postpartum Depression: What Causes It & How To Treat It Holistically

My husband was great and wonderfully supportive, but it was really hard on him to have to "talk me down" all the time as soon as he got home from work! He needed some space from my depression, and I couldn't keep dumping on him all the time, for his own sanity. At first I went to my counselor 3x a week and it was the greatest thing I did.

I also began doing yoga as often as I could usually x a week, just in my jammies in front of the tvwalking outside every day, or if I didn't walk at least going outside in the sunshine for 15 minutes, cut out all the junk food, especially refined sugar and caffeine, and listening to music that I really loved. Those things really improved my mood, but unfortunately for me I had waited too long to get treated, and I developed severe anxiety along with the depression, so I also needed medication to get myself back to "normal.

how to treat postpartum depression without medication

I feel great these days, and I still do all those things I listed above, except I'm not so rigid on the refined sugar now. I still see my counselor, every 2 months, to check in and discuss things.

It's still good to have a sounding board that isn't emotionally invested in things as my husband is. I hope this thread helps others who are going through PPD and other depression! After birth, your estrogen levels drop rapidly and may contribute to PPD.

Your doctor may suggest wearing an estrogen patch on your skin to help boost the decreased level of this hormone in your body.

Your doctor can also advise you on whether this treatment is safe while breast-feeding. With treatment, PPD may go away within a six-month period. The first step is reaching out for help. Do men experience postpartum depression? Let us know how we can improve this article. Healthline isn't a healthcare provider. We can't respond to health questions or give you medical advice. Sign me up for Healthline's Newsletter.

how to treat postpartum depression without medication

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Understanding Postpartum Depression -- Diagnosis and Treatment

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how to treat postpartum depression without medication

Understanding postpartum depression Highlights The U. Vitamin B-2 may help decrease your risk of developing PPD. Vitamins Omega-3 fatty acids are getting some attention among researchers as a possible help for PPD.

how to treat postpartum depression without medication

Try taking supplements and increasing intake of foods such as: Herbal supplements The U. Several lifestyle changes may relieve your symptoms: Take care of your body Try taking long walks with your baby in a stroller or carrier. Take some time for yourself When you have a baby, it can be easy to forget you need time to yourself. Set realistic goals The dishes and toys on the floor can wait. Talk about it Avoid isolating yourself and keeping your feelings bottled up inside.

You may try interpersonal therapy alone or combine it with taking medications.

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