How to redo an old dining room table

how to redo an old dining room table
August 17, at Thanks so much Diane! Hi Louanne and Thank you!

Easily refinish a dated or worn dining room table to give it a fresh look.

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It only takes half a day to complete this project. Sand the entire table removing all stain from edges and legs. If using an orbital or belt sander, be careful not to gouge the surface. Do most of the initial sanding and varnish removal with the grit sandpaper, then step up to room and do a final pass with grit to smooth out the grain for the new finish.

Carefully remove all sanding dust with a tack cloth. Apply stain with a brush, following the wood's natural grain. Apply stain liberally, allow it to soak in for a few minutes then wipe off excess. The longer stain sits before wiping, the darker the final color will be.

Apply at least two coats of stain. Depending on the desired color how and richness, apply more coats. Lightly sand with grit paper and clean with tack cloth between coats. Just returned from an estate sale,and found a rug to repurpose in my sewing room,just am crazy about estate sales! Now hoping to find an oak kitchen table to ceruse,my present table will have to be just painted when it gets warmer in Ohio. Painting the legs black or white and doing something different with the top really appeals to me.

I love the idea of the metal top, and also the whitewash. But if one does update a table, I suppose the dines would also have to be done similarly? Which would be a huge job for us, since there are 12 chairs around our table.

So that gives me pause. So many choices so few dining room tables! Gave me a good laugh though! Those are some great ideas! Love the added glass panels on the last one. Thanks for sharing my stenciled tabletop. I do think I will try 3 for the top and transfer the pattern to the table like 5!! Hi Kristy, today as I was driving all over creation in the pouring rain, I kept thinking about how. I just cannot get over the difference it made in your table.

I was wondering if it would still be done by hand if it were on a floor. I have to redo my laundry room floor anyway, so I was toying with the idea. Just buy the biggest brass wire brush you can find! Can you recommend a good black colour for furniture? I would love for you to share your go to colour for black? I just go right to the paint desk and ask for them to mix a true black for me. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to me.

I love your blog and all the projects you do. I lost all the beautiful wood grain. At first I was very disappointed by that since I worked really hard to take it back down to the beautiful bare wood, but after two years, it does still look really pretty. This is a stain and old in one, so there is no need for a sealer. I would also recommend using a room table old so the stain is absorbed evenly. I love the chairs and I sat in all six to make sure they were sturdy and yep, tight as a drum!

If you come across a set of chairs that are the slightest bit wobbly, pass on them. To find fabric for the seats, I searched high and low and ended up ordering some online. It was really awful. Guess what I ended up using? I love how the piping gives such a finished, tailored feel to the dines. Do you know how easy it is to do? You can see it HERE now! There is only one small, teeny, tiny, itty bitty problem.

One more step

There I said it. I am going to live with it…for a while. It still provides a landing spot for junk mail and groceries. And it still gives Brennan a place to stack nearly every toy in the immediate vicinity. This photo is from a recent post of my Dining Room Evolution.

It has come a long long way! See more photos and where it all started HERE.

how to redo an old dining room table

If you like what you see, there are several ways to follow along! I feel the same way about my kitchen table- I actually love the table and not crazy about the chairs.

Happy Wife, Happy Life! Have a great weekend! I really love your table! Did you sand the top and then stain? It removes the finish without sanding although it took a bit of elbow grease. The bare wood was gorgeous. Overall, it looks amazing compared to before…just a bit too dark for that small space.

I think wood is gorgeous, but paint can really give new life to a piece. Good luck with whatever you decide! I am trying to stain a table, I wanted to be dark like yours. I am using expresso polyshades, do you think it would work or should I just paint it with black latex?

Are you using a cloth or a brush? If you are using a cloth, you table need to apply several coats to achieve the darkness you want. I used a brush so it went on a bit thicker. I think you will be happier if you persevere with the stain verses painting it black. Good luck and let me know how it turns out! Also even using a brush, you may need to apply a couple of coats.

Let them dry in between each coat. I have almost this exact set… and it was my intention when it was procured to actually paint it. I will get it finished asap. I swear its the blog that pushes me to finish things!! Otherwise I would have a house full of half done projects!

But you have such a good eye for the possibilities old and this is gorgeous! I do love the dines A LOT — and while the photographs are lovely, yes, the table top may be a bit too dark. But before you go and invest all the time it takes to sand it and paint it, play around with some lighter and colorful accessories and see if you like it better. You may want it darker for the winter and choose to lighten it up next spring. Yes, Chris I agree about it being a bit dark. I have plan B, but I need a break from this table just for a little while ha ha!

Thanks for the encouraging rooms, they are so appreciated!! Christy…those chairs looks just amazing! Have a happy Saturday and a great weekend! I love the dining set makeover. I was thinking too, there is something missing — maybe a black and white print fabric on the chairs to tie in the rest of your room. Just a thought, but wonderful job. Thanks for weighing in, though! I so appreciate your advice! I wold love a tutorial on the piping you did on the chairs.

I have changed the how on several chairs but never been brave enough to attempt that lovely finishing touch. Hope you find the time to do how, and thanks in advance. We have an oak dining room set that is about 15 years old. I would love to dine it white and distress it, but my husband is having none of it! Oh, and yes, I would love to see your tutorial on piping.

I think he might go for it if you leave some wood or maybe he would let you restain the whole piece darker to freshen it up? And the room old stupid easy, wait and see!

Take your time, enjoy that table for awhile and then go for what you really want! Girl, you need to take some time for you! Easier said than done right? A dining set is a LOT of work!

how to redo an old dining room table

Thank goodness for this blog of mine which pushed me to get it done. Otherwise I probably would have dragged it out forever! Thanks for visiting, Ashley! Simply outstanding — had to show my husband how glorious this is. I too would love a dine on piping. But I understand YOU have to love it so do whatever the heck makes you happy.

You are totally not showing up in my Bloglovin feed! You were for awhile, but not now. Working on the piping tutorial today! I wish I could convince my husband to let me make-over our dining room set! I would want it similar to yours! Until then I have to make due with table runners — LOL! I appreciate your sweet comment!!

Love the look of your dining set. Honestly I table love to see a tut on no-sew piping! Sometimes I really dislike sewing. Have a great day. You did an awesome job! Stopping by from cozy little house today. What a steal, right?? Try it without the rug or with a lighter colored one, it will make a huge difference. The piping tutorial just went up yesterday. Thanks for the visit! Everything in my house is half finished!! I LOVE this dining room! Oh, that statement is SO true!! Thanks so much for the kind words! WOW, what a great find! I Old those chairs. The table is nice too, but I think the top is too dark.

I would sand it down a bit to lighten it a bit and allow some wood to show thru. It would still have some of how stain left, only distressed. Then put a clear wax on it.

Eleven Ways To Update and Makeover An Outdated Or Damaged Dining Table

Wowzers this looks amazing. I love the contrast of the stained to and painted bottom.

~Dining Table DIY Make Over With Linda's Pantry~

Really looks so beautiful! Come link up to Centerpiece Wednesday and share your post http: It is very pretty! I do like the way you did the table but I get the playing it safe and not following your instincts. So, go for it! It will still be fabulous only you will be happier when you look at it. I told you piping is easy! YES, please do a tutorial on the seat cushions. I will wait to re-do the cushions until after I see your tutorial. I purchased drop cloth for the cushions but am now thinking of looking for some curtain panels. The curtain panels were a big save! The piping tutorial is up now.

Good luck with your set! I table this set and the way you redid it. That was old steal of a bargain. Good to see someone else with the same idea. I never considered curtain panels until I had drained my available resources, but they worked out perfectly!

I love how it turned out!! I look forward to seeing what you link up tomorrow! You are so awesome! I am how with my table for now because it really is pretty, just a bit dark for the small space to me. See you there…and thank you!! You're so welcome Melanie. It is a big job but so rewarding once it's complete ; Best of luck with yours. This looks similar to what I did about 2 years ago. Only mine now needs done again, because kids writing hard without anything under paper.

The latest was my daughter doing her nails and dribble nail polish remover on the top?? I will have to look into that hand rubbed poly finish though. Your table turned out dine gorgeous. Thanks so much Chrissy!!! I think the finish you use will make all the difference, although nail polish remover destroys everything! It is a huge job and one that I hope I don't have to do again!

Thanks so much for stopping by. This turned out great!!!

how to redo an old dining room table

I am considering refinishing my table top also, this was very helpful. I am definitely painting the bottom now no way am I going through all that with the whole thing! Plus I love the look of the wood top and painted bottom. I am in the humidity zone yuck also so this was a great reminder humidity will play a part and to plan for that. Thank you, I'm glad it was helpful! It's a big job, just take it step by step and don't rush it. That's absolutely gorgeous and I just love your table runner!! The table is beautiful You may know about the imperfections I love the look of your table runner, too.

What a lovely dining room you now have. Thanks so much Diane! I am hugely relieved that it looks as good as it does I love how it turned out. You definitely worked hard and should be proud! Thanks from me too! Will be featuring your awesome makeover this Monday. Cindy, what an amazing transformation!

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You did a wonderful job. Thanks for sharing with SYC. I'm looking to refinish a dining set I just purchased, so this blog will be a ton of help!

I actually made my own chalk paint using the recipe found here and black paint http: Hi there, your table is beautiful. I have one that I have been working on for over a year. Slow process and room needed to work Love the stain you used.

I love your cute rug. I've seen it there a few times. I always use those on wood tables just to protect the top. We are in the process of refinishing our table currently. Thanks for taking the time to post your project. Thanks Kimberly, good luck on your table!

The bamboo mat is from Decor Steals Here's the link http: I am in the process of refinishing my table at the moment and found your post while in between coats. There is a product I found called Minwax pre-stain wood conditioner.

how to redo an old dining room table

It is supposed to curb all blotchiness. Fingers crossed that it is actually working on my old Ethan Allen. I love your whole dining room-you have done an awesome job! The dramatic white in a black hutch and the white in the turquoise backed shelf are adorable. And like the other commentator-love the bamboo stenciled mat. Thank you 'Unknown', I hope you see this reply! The Minwax pre-stain wood conditioner is the product I used on my table. The trick is to make sure that you sand all the old finish, gouges, and even blotchiness from your wood before applying.

I've used it on other projects and it does work beautifully! Thank you Rosa, yes there was a lot of dust in the kitchen the dust bag on my sander did catch some of itbut I would definitely recommend sanding outside, lol!

how to redo an old dining room table

Sometimes there's just no stopping me: What a great happy ending! Your project is so attractive and helpful for anyone.

Yes, I love happy endings and was so relieved that the process turned out! I recently purchased an Ethan Allen Dining Set. The Table top got damaged in shipping from the consignment shop. Husband said it was all his fault for not checking the pedestal before placing it upside down on the table top. The boy helping us, left 4 bolts in the pedestal and there was numerous scratches, but I have seen worse.

I agree, you should redo all of the pieces, but it is a real chore, we are talking more than 8 hours of stripping and sanding. I am trying to match the finish with the leaf. I followed all of the instructions on the can and website on applying the Minwax Polyshade to a T. I got the color I wanted, after numerous attempts, apply, strip, and reapply.

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