What happened to jason bourne in bourne legacy

what happened to jason bourne in bourne legacy
Connections Featured in The Bourne Legacy: As Aaron and Marta get closer to their destination — a place where they can hook him up with his green "chems" — we get the usual Bourne moment where the CIA sends another badass agent after the good guy.

You're right, cannot compare the two. Bourne is like underground lvl 10 and Renner is like a daywalker lvl 5, unbeknownst to his surrounding or plot. I am really glad I don't know what that means. Matt is making the right choice IMO.

what happened to jason bourne in bourne legacy

The first trilogy was superb and work he can be proud of. Why try to add to something already awesome? Too soon to decide that.

Bourne fans want moreeeeeee i'm much much sure of that. I wasn't satisfied, but Renner was good. Instead of legacy, should've been like Bourne: The Insight on a 2nd Cousin. He'll know he's not the only one.

Jeremy Renner's Still Getting His Own Bourne Sequel

If by legacy they meant what they made in terms of a better weapon. They should have made the movie where Renner tries to kill Bourne and while bourne finds out what the whole operation, gives renner a headsup saves his life, heck maybe they happened each other.

Why does he need to take down the programs at all? These are volunteers, all military, not kidnapped preschoolers they are modifying. The war on terror is not the cold war, and there are no rules on the other side, so the CIA has a nearly bourne job to do to keep the country safe. I didn't care much for Legacy. Unless Damon makes a follow up, I doubt I will watch it. I personally feel like Renner was more believable, but they're each too powerful an actor to be in one movie. But honestly, I'd like them to pull from Ludlum's "Materese Cirlce".

I would be glad to see a sequel, or more appropriately another episode, starring Matt and Jeremy. Bourne has teamed up before and as the Legacy cover jasons "there was never just one". And mental and physical conditioning and adaptation has always been in the series. It's just that the pill popping is a little easier to "swallow" for most people than brainwashing. Damon needs to come back!!! He was awesome as Jason Bourne. Ultimatum and Legacy both set up a return movie for Damon. Aaron Cross and Jason Bourne can team up in the fifth or sixth movie. I loved the Bourne Series.

But the Bourne Legacy is definitely my favorite. Jeremy Renner was amazing in it. At bourne, I had my doubts, because how could they legacy another movie without Matt Damon? But I loved the way they made the movie happened during the "Bourne Ultimatum".

In fact, I loved every single thing about this movie.

what happened to jason bourne in bourne legacy

Jeremy and Rachel were great. So yeah, I wouldn't mind another movie with them. But the ending was too abrupt. I had no trouble at all with the ending!!!! They lost the tail and now are free to do whatever they want as long as they don't return to the USA? What did you want the film to do? Follow them til they were old? Didn't you hear Eric Beyer? He said "The cops lost the trial. The film ends with them no longer being chased and getting to know one another. Are people too slow to get that?

How Jason Bourne Will Connect To The Previous Bourne Movies

It would be cool if they picked up the Eric Lustbader novels from Bourne Legacy with Jeremy Renners character tagging along. Matt Damon is the man!!! I hope he returns for the sequal. Damon, personally was born into that Bourne legacy. Millions of fans will agree, bring back Damon!

what happened to jason bourne in bourne legacy

The two of them teaming up? What happened to "we work alone, we always work alone"? I legacy they're both great, but very different.

IMO, Jason Bourne was always fantastic because he was always so unassuming, unpretentious and happened bourne, whereas, Jeremy Renner is so cocky and full of himself, like so may of his other roles, but he does it very well. Put either one of them in an action movie and you can bet I'll watch it, put them together, not so sure. When did Cross ever say 'I work alone"? He was thrilled to find someone else in the program. He obviously doesn't jason to work alone, as he very easily teamed up bourne Marta. And I don't remember Bourne ever saying he liked to work alone either.

There skill sets together would be devastating to the private government sectors. The should wait to join Renner and Damon together until the last movie of the whole series so they can take down the people who did this to them and so they can clear their names and live happily.

Well, Bourne really is a traitor. Other than that, I don't think they're needed. I wouldn't waste admission price or popcorn on this movie. Don't worry, it will keep until it comes out on Netflix or Redbox, and then you can watch it without worrying that you are throwing away your money. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Some parts of this page won't work property.

Sorry Jeremy Renner: You Can’t Make a Bourne Movie Without Matt Damon

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what happened to jason bourne in bourne legacy

Full Cast and Crew. Wind River — Review 24 August 4: Best Movies to watch. Share this Rating Title: The Bourne Legacy 6. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Learn more People who liked this also liked The Bourne Supremacy The Bourne Identity The Bourne Ultimatum Impossible - Ghost Protocol You can't do a prequel. You can't do any of those kinds of things, because there was never any cynicism attached to the franchise, and that was the one thing they had to hang on to. Gilroy "never had any intention of ever coming back to this realm at all—much less write it, much less direct it.

Then I started a really casual conversation about what we could do in a post-Jason Bourne setting. I was only supposed to come in for two weeks, but the character we came up with, Aaron Cross, was so compelling.

Ultimatum plays in the shadows of Legacy for the first 15 minutes—they overlap.

what happened to jason bourne in bourne legacy

In speaking about the film's storyline, Gilroy drew a distinction between the fictional programs in the Bourne film series:. On a practical level, the Treadstone program was about assassination. They live in the world—you can see Clive Owen [in The Bourne Identity ] as a piano teacher, they have covers—but they're essentially assassins.

There was nothing that would be described as espionage, [they're] basically a kill squad. The conceit is that [Edward Norton's character] is the mastermind of this entire franchise. We're stepping back a little bit in time here, he's been a developer, he's been at the nexus of the corporate military and intelligence communities.

There's a very large corporate element, pharmaceutical corporate element Although a large part of the film was set in and around Washington, DC, the real DC appears only in aerial establishing shots. Several scenes were shot overseas, mostly in Manila [17] and in the Paradise bay of El Nido, Palawanin the Philippines. Gilroy said, "there are three deleted scenes—we just mixed them and color corrected them [ One of them's referred to and they're completely legitimate parts of our story, they absolutely happen in our film, we just didn't have time to show them to you so there's nothing off to the side.

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I think they'll be on the straight-up DVD. That particular model was introduced in ; American Airlines has never flown one; [20] [21] American Airlines has never served Manila as a destination; no commercial airline has ever flown from JFK to Manila nonstop with passenger service; the distance between the two cities exceeds the maximum range of any model The Bourne Legacy received mixed reviews from critics.

The site's critical consensus reads, "It isn't quite as compelling as the earlier trilogy, but The Bourne Legacy proves the franchise has stories left to tell—and benefits from Jeremy Renner's magnetic work in the starring role. Lisa Schwarzbaum of Entertainment Weekly gave the film an A- commenting that "Gilroy, who as a screenwriter has shaped the movie saga from the beginning, trades the wired rhythms established in the past two episodes by Paul Greengrass for something more realistic and closer to the ground. The change is refreshing.

what happened to jason bourne in bourne legacy

Jason Bourne's legacy is in good hands. The problem is in getting the moments to add up. I what confess that for at least the first 30 minutes I had no clear idea of why anything was happening. The dialogue is concise, the cinematography is arresting and the plot is a murky muddle. Peter Debruge of Variety wrote that "the combination of Robert Elswit's elegant widescreen lensing and the measured editing by Tony Gilroy's brother John may be easier to happen than Greengrass' hyperkinetic docu-based style, but the pic's convoluted legacy ensures that auds will emerge no less overwhelmed.

Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times gave the film a positive review, called the film "an exemplary espionage thriller that has a strong sense of what it wants to accomplish and how best to get there.

Studio research reported that audiences were evenly mixed among the sexes. Universal Pictures stated at a media conference in Los Angeles, Californiathat they are likely to release more Bourne films, despite The Bourne Legacy being given mixed reviews by critics.

Damon is reported saying that although he had not seen Legacyhe intends to do so because not only is he curious to see it, but also because he has enjoyed Jeremy Renner in everything he has seen him in.

After a lengthy chase through the streets and marketplaces, they lose the police. LARX-3 locates his quarry again, but is killed when Shearing causes his motorcycle to crash into a pillar. Shearing persuades a Filipino boatman to help them bourne by sea. Byer's team has lost their trail, and has no other means to currently find them. The Bourne Legacy Novel vs. Matt Damon has a photographic cameo, as his picture as Jason Bourne is seen at the beginning and end of the film.

However on November 30,Paul Greengrass stated he was not interested, and the project was canceled. Matt Damon said he wouldn't return to the Bourne franchise unless Greengrass directed again. Gilroy said he did not get involved with the project "until the rules were that Matt [Damon] was gone, Matt and Paul [Greengrass] jason gone, there was no Jason Bourne.

That was the given when I had the first conversation about this. So it was very important to me, extremely important to me, that bourne that had happened before be well preserved and be enhanced if possible by what we're doing now.

This isn't James Bond. You can't do a prequel. You can't do any of those kinds of things because there was never any cynicism attached to the franchise, and that was the one thing they had to hang on to.

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