What gcse options should i take if i want to be a doctor

what gcse options should i take if i want to be a doctor
Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? As well as being vital for studying a Mathematics degree or variations thereupon , Mathematics is frequently considered highly desirable if not essential for virtually all science subjects, including Chemistry, Medicine, Dentistry, Biochemistry, Biomedical Sciences, Computing, Geology, Earth Sciences and Engineering. In cases like these, your best bet is to keep your options open by taking a mix of humanities and science A-level subjects.

As a general rule, the more qualifications you gain throughout your life, the less important your GCSE options become.

Medicine subject requirements

For example, if you end up studying at university and gaining a degree, potential employers are more likely to be interested in what you studied there, rather than what you studied when you were How important are GCSEs? Great 0 Like Report. Hi - there are certain subjects like maths and English which every student has to take. They give you very useful skills whichever career you end up in. If you can pick subjects that you enjoy and that will provide you skills with a career you want to pursue in the future then that would be ideal.

What A-levels do you need to become a doctor?

So to be a sports person, you might consider doing PE, however you can be very good at a sport and not do PE. The best thing would be to read our Sport and Fitness career zone and speak to your careers advisor, who will be able to give you some more direct advice. If you want a career that involves your interests and you need to take subjects that you have never studied before should you still take those subjects or not? Furthermore the fact that you don't like a subject and you need to take for your GCSE what should you do?

Not take that subject or give a try.?

What qualifications do I need to be a doctor?

I'm not sure what to pick for my GCSE subjects.??? It is made up of five academic subjects: English, maths, history or geography, the sciences and a language.

The government judges the school's performance on how many students ach 0 Like Report.

what gcse options should i take if i want to be a doctor

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what gcse options should i take if i want to be a doctor

Biology, Chemistry, Physics if your school offers them. You'll have to do English, then to show a good all round education you should do at least one foreign language and at least one humanity subject, then for the others pick subjects which balance out the science eg. Music, Art, CDT, Media - something which interests you but doesn't matter as much so the studying isn't such a chore. Medical training is very demanding and there's a lot of competition for places, so you're doing absolutely the right thing in planning for it now. Oh wow blimey you are so driven!

What A-Levels do you need to be a doctor

That's a great thing though. Ok I am in Year 11 so pretty much know what you're talking about. Otherwise its definitely flexible - a modern foreign language will help immensely, they will like geography because everyone does and it's quite easyand to be honest I know it sound weird but just choose something you love.

What GCSE's To Take In Year 9 To Become A Doctor?? HELP :)?

Think about what you might pick for a level where you would need a gcse in that, because a levels matter more than gcses to universities, etc. We typically make offers on three A levels within the Advanced Diploma. At King's our applicants come from countries and examination systems all around the world, and we have considerable expertise in assessing non-UK applications. Our grade requirements in a range of qualification systems are listed on our entrance requirements page.

For Medicine, extra care needs to be taken to ensure that the science and mathematics subjects you have taken cover a syllabus appropriate for the course: If you are concerned about the content of your syllabus, you may wish to compare the content of your syllabus to A level syllabuses available online:.

The Cambridge Medicine course is heavily science-based. You are expected to start at Cambridge with a sound basis of knowledge and skills derived from your studies in Chemistry and depending on your choices Biology, Maths and Physics.

what gcse options should i take if i want to be a doctor

You should be ready to apply that knowledge to new scenarios and problems, whether at a micro level e. Above all, you need a genuine interest in the science behind Medicine.

At King's, although we are pleased to consider any student for the Medicine course who meets our MINIMUM subject requirements and is predicted to achieve at the level of our grade requirementsit is important to be aware that competition for Medicine is high: If you're coming to this information shortly before making your application, we realise that it may be too late to change your subject choices if you meet the minimum requirements but are perhaps taking less than three science or maths subjects in your final year of school.

what gcse options should i take if i want to be a doctor

We know that you may have chosen your subjects before you decided to apply for Medicine! In this case, it would be worth paying particular attention to our advice about developing your academic interestsand perhaps have a look at some of the topics covered in the example A level syllabuses linked above. Manchester Chemistry plus at least one of the following: Critical Thinking or General Studies.

Plymouth Chemistry and either Biology or Physics. A fourth subject must be achieved at a minimum of grade C at AS Level.

What are my GCSE options?

Critical Thinking and General Studies. Critical Thinking and General Studies are not accepted. Further Mathematics for candidates who hold Mathematics A Level are not considered. Southampton Chemistry and Biology. General Studies Critical Thinking. Subjects with material that overlaps eg.

Only one of Mathematics or Further Mathematics will be considered for the 3 subjects required at Advanced Level. General Studies and Key Skills. Broadly speaking, most require Chemistry and Biology at A2 Level, so these are good subjects to take. Taking Chemistry and Biology without Physics should leave most medical school options open to you. However, some medical schools do not specify their requirements beyond Chemistry and Biology. A good general rule is that most medical schools do not accept A-Levels in Critical Thinking, General Studies or Citizenship Studies — so it may be best to steer clear of those!

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