How to fix network error on facebook

how to fix network error on facebook
Now maybe im wrong, but as soon as i downloaded it, i re-installed the facebook app and was able to update my news feed and everything. I have done several fixes including the DNS, cleared caches and cookies etc, but still not working.

how to fix network error on facebook

Try and connect to any other website using your browser and try one or two apps that connect to the web, just to see whether your Facebook issues are actually just the symptom of the actual root cause. Your mobile internet connection might be experiencing an outage, or perhaps your Wi-Fi router needs a quick reset. Opening a webpage like Google and entering a random query is an easy test you can always perform to check connectivity.

how to fix network error on facebook

Sometimes the native Facebook client on iOS gets stuck and just needs a quick nudge to get back going. Simply swipe down on your news feed to make it refresh. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.

how to fix network error on facebook

It appears as if the app has lost the authentication cookie or something, so the fix is trivial. It has been reported that this option may not work for everybody, but it did work for me. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: If I here anything back, I'll post it here.

how to fix network error on facebook

I don't use Facebook that much. I just log in about once per week to view pics my daughter posts of my grandkids.

how to fix network error on facebook

Then I log back out. Last night I logged in from my N10 to see the Santa pic she posted.

how to fix network error on facebook

I had no issues with connectivity. I just logged in from my D4, no issues either.

How to fix Network Error on Facebook: iPhone & iPad app?

Tried logging in again from my N10, still no issues. I highly recommend it! Originally Posted by Tigger Just started happening to me Try manually setting your DNS server fixed it for me. Originally Posted by Devlyn Are you able to log in using the Tablet's Browser at www.

I have had the same issue since upgrading the app. There aren't any problems with dropped signals via other apps, just Facebook.

Fix Facebook Not Working or Slow Loading on iPhone

Forgot to mention that I'm on an N7, so it's likely a general app problem. Sent from my Nexus Yep me too same issue. Oh wow that's crazy. I guess I have to start removing myself from groups. Mine was not working for a whole week and day before it started working again.

Facebook: Network Error, No Internet Connection

I factory reset my phone numerous times. Deleted all my photos and movies off of Removed a butt ton of apps. Then cleared cache and everything else I could purge excess info from.

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