How to buy guns online without a license

how to buy guns online without a license
But a New York Times analysis of three months of listings estimated that 20, new ads were posted on the site each week. The guns are then legally yours for the shooting, so long as you're not a criminal, fugitive or insane. Jitka lived in a Chicago suburb, Dimitry in Canada.

These sorts of online operations are a primary target of proposals from President Obama that would require background checks for every gun sale, even private ones.

how to buy guns online without a license

When New York City took a look at the online gun marketplace init found more than 25, weapons for sale on just 10 websites, making the internet a significant component of gun industry. The report suggested that the internet sales were likely tied to a fair amount of crime. But gun control advocates suspect the market is large.

That figure is probably low, because it dates from before the advent of the thriving internet market.

how to buy guns online without a license

Today the internet provides a mechanism to facilitate countless private sales without a background check, no questions asked. Until AprilArmslist had operated largely under the radar, attracting attention only from gun enthusiasts. But that spring, Dmitry Smirnov brought the site its first widespread notice. Smirnov was a Russian immigrant living in British Columbia. As a foreigner, Sminrov, then 21, could not legally purchase a gun anywhere in the United States. But through Armslist, he connected with Benedict Ladera, a year-old Seattle man who sold him a.

He shot her a dozen times. He turned himself in a few hours later, and pleaded guilty to the crime. Ladera was also prosecuted and sentenced to a year in prison. If you're a terrorist, a guerrilla, or are aspiring toward either, The Armory might be your gun depot of choice.

But for anyone not on the government's radar, percent legal, open websites are all you need to plan an American massacre.

how to buy guns online without a license

This is a little scary. It doesn't appear James Holmes broke any laws of the US or Colorado until he allegedly opened fire in that crowded theater. Up until that point, he was just another guy accumulating multiple firearms, bullet-maximizing accessories, and thousands upon thousands of bullets.

how to buy guns online without a license

All it took to create a cache of weapons capable of mass murder was time, money, and Internet savvy—three things most Americans have at least some of. Plug these searches in, and a bevy of eager online merchants will ring you up. Unlike The Armorythere's no need for encryption software and no need for secrecy. What you're doing is either enshrined in the glistening gunmetal sanctity of the 2nd Amendment, or in a regulatory void, either super-legal or ignored.

The bottom line is you can get it all with a few clicks. It might even show up at your doorstep within days. With the exception of military-grade machine guns, you can buy virtually any kind of firearm online, including the Bushmaster AR allegedly used by James Holmes—a semi-auto rifle that'll blast a shot with every pull of the trigger, shooting as quickly as you can move your finger.

Semi-Automatic Weapons Without A Background Check Can Be Just A Click Away

It's entirely on the level, with a brick and mortar HQ in Lexington, Kentucky. It even has a Pinterest button. Bud's will sell you this semi-automatic Adcor Defense B. Holmes allegedly carried two, along with a Remington shotgun: There's even a "VIP Club" for expedited shipping:.

how to buy guns online without a license

But amassing an armory isn't as easy as stuffing all these weapons in your shopping cart and beaming over your credit card information. Though it is legal for these venues to advertise and facilitate these type of sales, this leaves a gaping loophole in the law that criminals can—and do—exploit to buy guns from the legal market. When dangerous people purchase guns in Maine, the consequences can also spread beyond state borders. For example, Maine is one of the top out-of-state sources for guns found at crime scenes in Massachusetts.

Personal correspondence with the authors. Unlicensed sales occur frequently.

how to buy guns online without a license

In Maine, one of the biggest markets for unlicensed gun sales sits by the exit door of nearly every drug and grocery store in the state. Most Anything Under the Sun, accessed June 27,http: But many of the ads are posted by unlicensed sellers—which makes them an appealing avenue for anyone prohibited from buying a gun.

Want to Buy a Gun Without a Background Check? Armslist Can Help

To understand the size of that no-background-check market, Everytown used text analysis software to review digital copies of all unique issues of the print magazine published from May 17,to January 14, The results show that these classified ads are an enormous platform for unlicensed gun sales in Maine: To further verify the analysis, researchers manually reviewed the random sample to ensure that only unlicensed sale ads were included in the final tally.

Therefore, the true number of unlicensed gun sale ads in Maine is likely higher than 8, However, to err on the side of being conservative, Everytown is presenting the estimate without that upward adjustment. At this rate, the print magazine would host more than 2, ads per year for gun sales outside of the background check system. Over the last decade, gun sales—like all sales—have increasingly moved online.

how to buy guns online without a license

Nationwide, thousands of websites now host ads offering guns for sale, ranging from message boards with a small group of users to massive for-profit sites. One of the largest gun sale websites, Armslist. To learn how one piece of that growing market affects gun sales in Maine, Everytown used text analysis software to analyze Armslist.

After correcting for duplicates, false positives, ads from licensed dealers, and want-to-buy ads, the analysis identified unique ads for gun sales from unlicensed sellers in Maine.

The study period was September 22,to March 4, Out of the ads reviewed, the automated text analysis identified unique ads with firearms for sale. Ninety-five percent had been classified correctly; four percent offered non-firearms goods for sale, and one percent were posted by a licensed firearms dealer.

how to buy guns online without a license

Therefore, to present the most conservative estimate, Everytown reduced the estimated number of firearms posted annually by unlicensed sellers on Armslist in Maine by five percent. Jitka got a restraining order. Dimitry went to armslist. A completely illegal sale. Dimitry Smirnov, a Canadian, found a willing seller a handgun in Seattle, illegal because it crossed borders.

In AprilDimitry Smirnov tracked down his former internet girlfriend outside Chicago and gunned her down. Smirnov was caught, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life. The lawsuit was dismissed.

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