How to build a cardboard iron man helmet

how to build a cardboard iron man helmet
Sorry I didn't understand what you say, I speak only english and french! Every number goes to the same number. MedProjects author DavidA Reply

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how to build a cardboard iron man helmet

Make the other eye using this method 7- connect the two eye, then test them. Take the helmet out side to paint it 1- Paint the faceplate of helmet with a gold spraycan.

If you have any question let me know in the comments. JohnS author Reply DavidA author Reply MedProjects author DavidA Reply There are ways to create a practically realistic version of the mask, but it is a long and patient process.

Ironman's Helmet Out of Cardboard

Prepare the main parts. Essentially there are two parts of the Iron Man mask: Trace out the gold front piece on a piece of cardboard before cutting and assembling. Make sure the dimensions fit your face. After preparing the main components of the mask, you can paint them. For the front part of the mask, paint it gold. Glue the two pieces together once the paint has dried.

You now have the mask to look the part of a crime fighting super hero. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Did you try these steps? Upload a picture for other readers to see. Tell us more about it?

how to build a cardboard iron man helmet

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I used Trinat filler, which is a one component, resin based filler. I added about 3 layers and sanded after each layer.

how to build a cardboard iron man helmet

The numbers of the sandpapers I used were 60, and I This step takes longest time, so be patient. I used masking tape to cover the places I don't want to paint. The paint sprays I used were a metallic gold and a rally red. I painted two layers. It is highly recommended to paint the inside too, so you don't have to inhale the resin. The method is the same: Resin, fiberglass, fill, sand, paint. In the real Iron Man helmet the ears are not just a simple circle, but on the paper base they are. I made the original ears from a 3mm thick wood plate and glued a piece of plastic to the bottom of them.

After that I glued the ears in place.

How to Make a Lifesize, Wearable Iron Man Helmet

You can't put your head inside until you have removed the back part, so you'd better use magnest to make it removable. The teeth are two piece of wood 10cmx2. The eyes are LEDs behind scrached transparent plastic you can get it from for example plastic cups. You can scarth the plastic using sand paper. Then you should glue the LEDs using hot glue.

how to build a cardboard iron man helmet

After that, you have to add a piece of aluminium foil or beer can to reflect the lights. Don't forget to leave a few milimeters under the eye lights, so you can see trough.

how to build a cardboard iron man helmet

You have finished your own Iron Man helmet! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as I did making it. If you have any questions leave a comment or send me a message. Mine was the War Machine helmet but ironman colours and I used foam for mine and cut the templates.

Dude I have to say this is an epic result.

How to Make a Cardboard Iron Man Helmet

Ive made about 5 in total now and they arnt easy. There are various examples out there and triple the amount of files but a real credit to you this is fantastic. Brilliant work from one builder to another.

how to build a cardboard iron man helmet

Hey man i printed the pages from your pdf you provided. As regards to the dotted fold lines, are they all folded the same way and how do i distinguish between which bits fold which way.

how to build a cardboard iron man helmet

Well beyond my grasp unfortunately, because I definitely do not have the right materials. I'm seriously blown away by your handy work on this. I have a simple question I think the unknown piece may go under the chin for supporting the mask against the neck--just a guess. Honestly, I searched for them, found them, and posted them here I just flipped and printed out one of the side pages and did it from there. Can you post where the original files came from for two reasons: That person can get credit and 2. I can see the sizing difference? Thank you so much. I often pick up pictures and put them in a file and sometimes accidentally re-size them to get them to fit on the pages.

Thank you for these because I've been working for a couple months trying to get a good helmet for my 11 year old son. Iron Man Mask by GabrielPerez. Helmet Iron Man Mark 42 Part 1 by tutoriaiseprojectsdiy. It looks like the real thing and I'm Donnie99 author Reply

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