How to remove the smell of cat urine from carpet

how to remove the smell of cat urine from carpet
The stain will visibly glow. Let the mixture dissolve in the baking soda. These same desperate pet owners also know that most of these products do not work.

For carpeted areas, place some paper towels over the urine and BLOT by pressing down so that the urine is absorbed by the towel. Do NOT RUB the stain because it will only make the stain larger and work the urine into the fibers, making it more difficult to remove.

Repeat the process of blotting the urine with towels to absorb it. Combine equal parts solution of water and vinegar in a bowl. Pour a sufficient amount of the mixture onto the carpet and allow it to penetrate the carpet fibers.

How to Get Rid Of Sour Cat Urine Odor For Good

Use paper towels to absorb the excess mixture. Alternatively, you can utilize a wet vacuum for this. Allow the affected carpet area to dry completely.


White vinegar eliminates both cat urine stain and odor. That's because acids neutralize basic chemicals such as ammonia, the main offender in cat urine. Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda, an effective odor neutralizer, on the carpet area.

how to remove the smell of cat urine from carpet

Follow the simple steps below to eliminate lingering odors. There's nothing quite as pungent and persistent as the smell of cat urine. If you've ever given strong consideration to trading in your beloved cat for a goldfish, then you know exactly what we're talking about.

how to remove the smell of cat urine from carpet

Once your cat has urinated in an inappropiate spot, it's critical to eliminate the odor effectively or chances are, he'll continue to treat your home worse than the bathroom at your local truck stop. Luckily, there are some simple, safe and natural methods you can try.

how to remove the smell of cat urine from carpet

Get some white vinegar the old, plain kind will dohydrogen peroxide, liquid hand soap, and baking soda. There's also a product called Pets and Kids on the market that is supposed to take out odors from urine, food and stains, etc.

10 Tips for Cleaning Cat Urine

We bought a condo in Houston and "someone" left the door open while the work was being done. Somehow, cats got inside and really did a job on the new carpet before we moved in.

How To Get Rid Of The Smell Of Cat Urine

While inspecting the unit we discovered the gift they had left us. Not wanting to go through the expense of replacing and possibly not matching new carpet, we had the installer return. He said that it was well known that you could get this and other terrible odors out by using Original Downey fabric softener, mixed half and half with water.

I had never heard of it. We paid him to do the job and the odor was gone and stayed gone.

how to remove the smell of cat urine from carpet

We replace with hardwood flooring six years later and it had not returned. I believed he used the mixture in a carpet machine, but the order was gone.

I sure hope this helps.

how to remove the smell of cat urine from carpet

My brother had a similar problem. He bought a house that previously housed an old, incontinent dog.

Get Rid of Cat Pee Smell: Insider secrets to getting rid of cat urine odor.

He shampooed the carpets and boy did that cause the odour to "bloom". He borrowed an ozone machine from my mom and left it on in the house and went away for the weekend. When he came back the smell was gone and permanently, too! It also works on a rotten milk smell. My mom didn't know but her milk fell over in the trunk of her car and spilt everywhere, and on a hot day, too!

She cleaned it up as best she could but still the rotten milk smell persisted. Many weeks later she bought an ozone machine and turned it on in her trunk with the lid closed for a weekend and now you would never know what happened! An ozone machine works wonders on a house permeated with cigarette smoke or an overflowed toilet smell!

Some really good tips in this article. Enzyme sprays only seem to be effective if your cat pees in the exact same place every time. If it's different places, it's probably cheaper to get to the root cause. There's a brilliant 7-day step by step guide at: If I wash my hard wood floordo I just let it dry after sprayng on the floor or just mop the floor.

We have only had good results with the enzyme based Natures Miracle product in the red sprsy bottle, unless it has been changed. Their aerosol can carpet product uses a strong masking perfume abd we do not recommend that version.

how to remove the smell of cat urine from carpet

Thanks so much for this! One of my cats peed on the carpet and it went unnoticed until the entire downstairs of the house smelled awful. I tried woolite spray which didn't really work. Then I found your solution and it worked amazingly! In addition to these five tips, I'd like to add the following: Do not have your cat declawed.

how to remove the smell of cat urine from carpet

I adopted a declawed cat from a local shelter and it took me months before I finally had her successfully using her litter box. She would pee on the carpet, sofa, towels, dirty clothes on the floor, anything soft and I think it was because of the declawing procedure.

I agree with you completely regarding the "Natures Miracle" not working for your Mom. I tried it and it was a total waste of money. However there are positive reviews regarding another urine odor remover called "NoK Out".

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