What happened to sara and grissom on csi 2013

what happened to sara and grissom on csi 2013
In Double Cross , Sara discussed religious beliefs with Grissom while they investigated a murder in a Roman Catholic church. Grissom's father taught botany at a local college and passed his enthusiasm for natural sciences onto his son.

The exact details of there relationship were not made clear, the only thing revealed was that Gil had the upmost trust in Sara. Sara got on well with most of the other CSIs.

CSI: Forget Me Not 15x13 - Grissom & Sara

And some fell harder than others. She certainly was not lacking any male attention however, none of it was reciprocated. With three different men openly being interested in her, Sara was surprisingly apathetic.

'CSI' Jorja Fox Q&A: 'I'm hoping for a Sara, Grissom reunion'

Although her and Grissom were just friends, they had their fair share of conflict. Sara was temperamental and emotional, while Gil was distant and inaccessible. Nevertheless, she found comfort in his calm knowledge, and he found excitement in her youthful brilliance.

what happened to sara and grissom on csi 2013

They were a unusual but perfect pair. They continued merely as close friends. Flirty friends, but friends none the less. From what we could see, Grissom was content with their platonic friendship but Sara was getting restless.

In season 3, Sara was caught in a lab explosion and was severely injured. From this, she gained a newfound thirst for life. It gave her the courage to finally try to move the relationship forward. When she asked him to dinner, he rejected. About a year later, Sara confronted Grissom to ensure that there were no uncomfortable feelings between them. At least none that would result in implications at work.

This caught him off guard and rendered him speechless.

Review: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation — ‘Forget Me Not’

Sara realized it was a mistake to bring it up and then left. A year later, Grissom got called out to investigate the death of a young nurse with a remarkable resemblance to Sara.

This caused Gil to finally confront the feelings that he had spent years suppressing. A couple of middle aged men who have allowed their work to consume their lives. Also inthe character appeared in a two part crossover with another CBS series, Without a Trace. It was the sixth episode of the sixth season entitled Where and Why. Gil Grissom was brought in to assist in the apprehension.

what happened to sara and grissom on csi 2013

Grissom was born as an only child to a middle-class family in Santa Monica, California. Grissom's father taught botany at a local college and passed his enthusiasm for natural sciences onto his son. His father died when Grissom was 9 years old. Grissom recalls the day his father died to Catherine Willows in the episode "Still Life", "He came home from school, one hot humid day, laid down on the couch.

I was watching TV, my mom brought in some cold drinks, but she couldn't wake him up. No one would tell me why. Gil's mother, Betty, who became deaf as a result of the genetic disorder Otosclerosiswas responsible for his love of books.

what happened to sara and grissom on csi 2013

As a result of his mother's deafness, Gil became fluent in American Sign Language in order to be able to communicate with her.

In the earlier seasons of CSIit becomes clear that Gil is also beginning to lose his hearing as well; however, after seeking medical treatment, the disease was prevented from developing. In the episode "Grissom vs. Later in the episode Nick also reveals that he lost a science competition and Grissom tells him to let it go. In his childhood science competition, Grissom was the kid with the ants.

Grissom and Sara

In the season two episode "Bully for You", he told Warrick that in high school, he was a "ghost" meaning that he did not belong to any group in particular. Grissom became a crime scene investigator around Grissom mentioned in "Living Doll", which first aired on May 17,that he had been a crime scene investigator for 22 years.

Grissom once mentioned losing a body while in Minneapolisimplying he spent time there before taking a job in Las Vegas. Phillip Gerard, played by Raymond J. Barrystating that he used to work for him in Hennepin Countywhose seat is Minneapolis.

what happened to sara and grissom on csi 2013

He became the night shift team supervisor for the Las Vegas CSI unit on the second episode of the series, after Jim Brass was demoted following the death of co-worker Holly Gribbs. Upon his return, however, he appeared reinvigorated and told Warrick Brown that he "missed" Las Vegas. This is particularly evident in "Say Uncle", where, at the end of the episode, he expressed deep regret over solving a particularly depressing case.

Grissom announced his retirement just as evidence comes to light that The Dick and Jane Killer, a serial killer from the s currently serving two life sentences, did not act alone, and that his accomplice had begun killing again. Rather than leave in the middle of a case, Grissom stayed on to help solve it, and ultimately proved instrumental in saving the life of a woman who would have been the killer's latest victim.

Grissom and Sara’s Story

He also says to Warrick in season two "Ellie" that when he left there would not be a cake in the break room—he would just pick up and leave. After reuniting with Sara Sidle, Grissom presumably remains in Costa Rica for a short time, before guest-lecturing at the Sorbonneas noted in the tenth season. During the series' eleventh season, Grissom begins consulting for the Peruvian government on the etymology and physicality of the Inca.

It is during this time that Sara and Grissom divorce, citing geographical differences. In the third season she had a casual relationship with Hank Pettigrew, who was an emergency medical technician. He was involved in several of her cases, but they later broke up after she found out Hank had a longtime girlfriend.

During the first seasons, coroner David Phillipslaboratory technician Greg Sandersand fellow CSI Nick Stokes occasionally flirted with her, but nothing more than friendship resulted from those flirtations.

Since CSI' s first season there were hints that both Sara Sidle and Gil Grissom were interested in each other romantically; in fact, the show's producers initially introduced Sara Sidle as a future love interest for Grissom. In season four, Grissom's true feelings were revealed in "Butterflied", an episode that centers entirely around Grissom exploring his attraction to Sidle when confronted with a dead woman who bore a striking resemblance to her. In this episode, Grissom admitted that he was unable to risk his career to be with her.

what happened to sara and grissom on csi 2013

In this season Sara Sidle apparently developed a drinking problem, which Grissom acknowledged in the season finale. In the next season, Sidle was suspended for insubordination and told Grissom about her tormented childhood.

what happened to sara and grissom on csi 2013

He refused to fire her and had csi working with him in almost every episode from season six and season seven. It was not until the sixth season finale that it is revealed that Grissom and Sidle have worked through whatever issues they had and are, in fact, a couple. This revelation caused mixed emotions from fans, some of whom see this relationship as CSI " jumping the shark ," an attempt to include more drama and romance to the show to compete with the medical drama Grey's Anatomywhich airs in the U.

In one interview, producer Carol Mendelsohn said that she has never been able to see Grissom with any other character other than Sidle and that this episode was seen by the writers as the right time to reveal the relationship. Jorja Fox and William Petersen have also said that the relationship between their characters is not new. Throughout season and the audience saw Grissom and Sidle as a couple, but the relationship was kept secret from the others in the lab until Sidle's abduction by The Miniature Killer in the season finale, during which Grissom reveals to the team that Sara is the only person he's ever loved.

A Season 8 scene - cut from its intended episode due to time constraints - showed Catherine Willows visiting Grissom's apartment to update him on a case.

While he is in his bedroom, she snoops around and finds a woman's dressing robe in his closet. She then notices a photograph of Gil and Sara together on the fridge. When Grissom emerges from his room, she asks him "How long have you and Sara been together?

He spots a bug on a leaf, but continues, eventually arriving at a camp where Sidle is seen taking a picture of a monkey in a tree. Sidle then sees Grissom, who saras his backpack and walks into Sidle's arms and greets her with a what kiss.

In "Family Affair", the first episode of Season 10, Sidle returns to work in the laboratory on a temporary basis, revealing that she and Grissom are now married and happen been living in Paris while Grissom conducts a seminar at the Sorbonne.

what happened to sara and grissom on csi 2013

In "The Two Mrs. Grissoms", Sara attends a party for a school for the deaf. She then gets a call from Grissom during a Taiko drum performance. The woman is in the hospital with alcohol poisoning.

When Sara finds out her mother learned about the murder from Basderic, she panics and goes home to retrieve her off-duty gun.

what happened to sara and grissom on csi 2013

Her pills were double the prescribed dose, ensuring that she was knocked out. A man on surveillance footage from the hotel is wearing an outfit matching what Basderic had on when he left work that night.

Nick and Crawford confront Basderic, but they have to let him go. When Basderic gets home, he finds Sara in his house. He brags about killing Taylor and setting her up, but when he goes to fire his own weapon, he discovers that Crawford switched his bullets for blanks. Sara reveals the recording device she used to get his entire confession on tape. Logically, I knew Sara was innocent, and that the team would clear her name, but it was still a nail-biting hour waiting to see what would happen and if she would be pushed beyond her limit before the end.

He was clever with his stalking and intimidation, finding ways to frighten and torture Edie and his previous victims without crossing a line that would actually put him in jail.

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