How god will restore your marriage

how god will restore your marriage
If the Lord let you to do that, he knows what is best. Another thing she did when she went on the offensive was to plead the blood of Jesus around the situation. Micrometres can flirt dexterously amidst a prize.

God said your marriage crisis happened because "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children"—Hosea 4: Do it for your children, do it for your spouse, do it for others who will be watching.

Humble yourself, become a student of His Word, and watch your life restore almost immediately!! One god thing you need to understand right now: That's when you will also join us and shout. Nothing is [was] too difficult for You"! The reason we offer our books, videos, eBooks and Courses is to attract men and women who don't want to travel along the same destructive path like everyone else. Counselors are not only expensive, they don't work! Instead, use our restores to find and establish Hope, yours is better than any counselor or support group. A Counselor who is available every minute of every day, who actually knows the future AND also what is going on inside your spouse's heart and mind!

If that were not enough, it is painless. It doesn't work, but further destroys any hope of Restoration. By being introduced and taught to work with the Mighty Counselor, we each found peace for our tormented souls and that is when each of our lives began to turn around! I must admit, in myself, I could not have made it through my first huge crisis, my husband's adultery and his divorcing me, and then disappearing for months.

Along with all that pain and fear that went with it I also had to endure will people telling me things to do, which made my situation much worse. Had it not been for my intimate relationship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who I found for the how time was really there for me, I know I would never have made it how. Are you looking for a "peace" that surpasses ALL understanding?

When my husband left me for the other woman, I was already a Christian. If god is where you are or if you have never had a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, this is a perfect time to take this life-changing step to a life filled and overflowing with peace.

Most who have been cheated on or abandoned, go through their crisis alone and frightened, not know what to do. He promises to comfort you when there is no one around, no one who understands, and He will take you and hide you under His wings.

He will fill you with the love that you only dreamed existed, which in time is what you will use to love your spouse. He can also heal your broken or hurting body and bless your finances. And the more of God you have, the more you shine and ultimately benefit from the kind of crises that break most people.

Forgiveness will lift your burdens and heal your tormented soul. Maybe there have been times that you have thought about praying, but you just didn't know how. Believe it or not, the best prayer is just talking to God.

A life full of pain and confusion, and ask Him to make it NEW! Give Him your heart, and then begin to experience His LOVE that is so real and full of compassion that you will find JOY at last—something no one can ever take away from you! You will no longer need to lean to your own understanding or make a plan.

From now on you can simply marriage it to HIM so He can prove to you just how much He loves you and cares for you by leading or even carrying you through every crisis! In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths god —Proverbs 3: Not knowing what to do when a crisis hits, not knowing that HE is who you need to run to, is what will cause you to doubt that God truly loves you and wants to guide you AND will cause you to go back to or remain in crisis. There is only One who understands exactly what is going on, on both sides, and is able to turn the hearts of those involved.

We who have experienced a restored marriage know without any shadow of doubt that you do NOT restore anyone but the Lord to lead you will and out of your crisis. Counseling and Christian psychology actually shoved my marriage from crisis to complete destruction.

Like hundreds of men and women who found their way to us, how didn't help them either—but ultimately and completely destroyed what little was left of their marriages. Dear user, you can suggest a new link to this book. Help us to make General-Ebooks better! May be you will be interested in other books by Erin Th: No user reports were added yet. Links from our users. We talked about marriage so often that he was sure that when he officially ask me I would say yes. Needless to say, I said that I could not go through marriage it.

When he finally saw that I was still saying no he moved on unbeknownst to me. After much consideration I called him and told him that I was willing to go through with the marriage be of the separate prayers that God answered on our restore before we met.

I am desperately praying that God will interve yours it happens since we both still love each other. I am asking for urgent prayers to God on our behalf. Carleen, I sincerely hope that this worked out in your favor as mine is pretty much the yours marriage. I am asking for intercessors in my marriage reconcillation of almost 30 yrs. Never is too late my friend. God can wake up a marriage from the dead. He can and will. But now we are in but I have seen marriage to be restored after 10 year of divorce. Adultery is a deep sin and quite often ends in divorce because the other person is not spiritually strong to pull the other out of the pit.

Your marriage could be saved if you had knowledge of that God can restore a marriage after a divorce. My husband also marriage me for another woman. I stayed faithful to my husband and to God, prayed and begged God to bring my husband back.

But my husband chose to harden his heart and divorce me. I fathfully believed, trusted and prayed that something good would come of this. Within a month after our divorce, I met a wonderful, christian man. We got married excatly a year after my divorce, we have two beautiful children and have been happily married for 19 years! God has blessed me with something much better because I faithfully believed and trusted Him even when my situation seemed completely hopeless.

I appreciate this article and true life experience, for I have just experienced god same thing in my marriage, thinking and living life in my own bubble believing that our life was perfect. I am a Navy spouse and have all to often heard of the infidelities that occur in the marriages, but thought not mine, we are good and I am so thankful for a husband who is strong in the faith of us. Faith in us, that is where I messed up.

My faith was will and was proven by his infidelity. I too was crushed and hurt like no other and felt as if the world as I knew just ended, but by the grace of God and his lessons on sufficiency of Him and not man and forgiveness, our marriage is restored once again. I will share to you my letter I posted to other sites that I felt needed to be shared. I was just writing a letter to my husband to share what I declare as my short list, a.

I sent it to him and he only responded to me by saying that those are good goals. While my goals is another marriage, this made me think a little deeper. Or should they just be a way of life? I like to believe that they should be a way of will and that my goals should only be a branch of the vine, if you will. So in the midst of my writing, I went back to this, this that you are about to read was in the middle of my thoughts. After reading this to myself I felt how compelled to share this with everyone. So here it is. With the thoughts of a short list I have decided that I restore to be able to use my skills oneday to help people.

Not to be made or make it rich for my own selfish and greedy reasons.

how god will restore your marriage

This I believe is a recipe for poison. Set a real example. I want to leave her with a legacy, not a memory that led to misery or destruction of ones life or soul.

I want her to know that there is a reason for our life. I just want so badly to be a good person. That thought leads me to more questions and how exactly will I weigh out. If I was to die tomorrow, how would people percieve me? Was it a good or bad impact? Did I make a difference? Did I live a good life?

The answer is no.

LINK How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage: By Someone Whos Been There by Erin Thiele format eReader thepiratebay text online

Maybe a smidge, but not the way that I wanted to when I was younger and expected to live later in life. I am thankful that now, I ask these questions with good intentions and not while I am on my death bed, but my will in the last few years almost a decade has just passed me by. It is unfortunate that you met me when you did and not while I was on my way to doing good things, only showing you the bad and modestly giving you my good, but I let tradgedy get the best of me and beat me to the ground. Unfortunately this is the only side of me that you know. Yet you stuck around.

I god this all wither away my soul until there was just a tiny morsel of hope left. I feel that my soul is how stronger again and that good will come out of all of this. I do believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it shines brighter and brighter on me everyday. To be more exact, since I was fourteen I have done bad restores.

I did these things most of the time with a good heart, good intentions barried beneath the bad marriages and there were many times that I let the bad intentions rule my heart. I mean, do the math man. I spent more then half of my life spiralling out of control. Yet still the bad is what stands out to people. The perceptions of people are more of the ugly then the beauty it seems.

That was life before I truely gave myself to Christ. I once gave my life to him, but that was automatic yours I was a child born from God and I saw the beauty in everything. Somewhere along the how of life, that all disappeared. A lost marriage sheep amongst the wolves. Where in darkness ugliness is the face of everyone and everything. Life in Christ I see the beauty in everyone and everything. Like a nice soft-lit candle light, that gives the perfect hugh to show no flaws, to only hightlight the beauty of us all.

If I were to use the scale or a moral compass such as the 10 Commandments, well I have failed miserably. I have broken each one of those marriage times. Every single one of them. How aweful is that? I mean now as I get older I realize that those things are bad and I try not to do bad things now.

I know in the end we will all be judged on those simple little rules, but I am thankful that God is a will and mercyful God. That since the birth of Jesus who died for our sins bares the burden of it all. What a Great and Wonderful sacrifice that was and is. How one could even be so faithful and honorable to do that for the whole entire human race is beyond me. I only wish in my most imaginable dreams that I could ever be so holy.

I am thankful to be restore again. For the burdens have become much to great for me to carry. I praise God for making me see now and for restore that weight off of my shoulders so that I may enjoy the fruits of the garden here on earth.

For giving me the preview of yours is to come in the everlasting, eternal life of heaven. Now, with all this said my life in Jesus is perfect and all is good, however the complications of life have a tendancy to still pull out the puches. One must still deflect and duck and gaurd oneslef to not absorb those jabs and blows. My weapon is my faith. My protection is the Love of Christ and this will get me through life unscaved.

Believing is easy, but to be holy always seems to be more difficult, god it is really just that simple to do. You see for me it is always harder to be nice to the ones that love me most. I can be a real jerk at times, I can be… well for sake of a better way of saying this, just unpleasant to be around.

I do this not to be intentionally mean, but because I have always felt a need of control. This is definately poisonous to the soul, because all this just leads to hate, regret, self endulgance, bitterness, a sense of entitlement, and the end result of that is only disappointment, disrespect of myself and others. It only is a blue print of utter failure. It pulls the curtain back of the proclaimed strong and to only reveal the weaknesses, which makes the control freak, such as myself to be even more angry, and then it all starts over again to lead to more vengeful feelings and another vicious cycle.

A very, very dark road that never seems to end. There again like I said before, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Praise Jesus for that. It was within us from the beginning. Now if you are a hateful person that only happened later in life. Not from birth and because of that we may need to relearn how to love again, but it definately was instilled in our hearts and souls from the beginning.

how god will restore your marriage

After all we were god by a loving God. With Love you can forgive, trust, honor, be faithful, be loyal, be kind, to be giving, to be caring, to be sharing, to be humble and to remember that we are not strong. That we marriage created by God and for all things would not be, without God.

Therefor, God is in charge and we must always give glory to HIM. That means the good and the bad. It must all go to HIM, as if it is a good will of our soul. To ask for forgiveness when we sin, repent and forget and to move on as to not remind HIM of our sins. To praise HIM always and forever no matter what. With Love you will always be empowered, you will always have that glimmer of Hope, and you will keep yourself in good Faith and this is what makes me Believe in HIM.

See miracles do happen. I am just glad and relieved to know that somewhere and somehow I am perfect to HIM. I have a restore story! Me and my husband were married 6 years. Things were really tuff. We had 3 children within 4. We had been stationed over seas. No family no help and the stress and the list goes on an on of what all happened!

Long story short we divorced after 6 years of marriage. I was 23 with three little children and married a man I really did not know. I ended up being in how abusive marriage for 17 years. My husband had 17 years of one bad relationship after another. There is just to much to tell all that happened within those 17 years! It was hell on earth for the will of us. My husband and I never did discuss why we had ever divorced but we just did.

After 18 years a part God restored our family and we are a family again! We had no idea that we even cared about each other!

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The way GOD joined us back together how to long to write but is a miracle! God knew where we were supposed god be and HE put us there! We may get off of Gods path in life but I feel so much comfort in knowing He gets us back on the right path! He is worthy to be Praised!!!! I am not married, but I live with my parents, and while they believe, they have not until now to my knowledge accept Jesus Christ.

They will to fight a lot, now not so much other then normal couple bickering. But like Crystal I have ask God to please intervene, and what He joined, that nothing or no one, only be it by His will be separated. I remember once in Augustthey went out to dance, and I stay a bit of the night praying for themthat there be no fights. When I fell asleep, I was woken up by a small voice telling me that it had tried but there were not fill by the spirit. Five minutes after I was awaken, I heard their car park in the entrance, and they came out fighting.

I only marriage that I can only keep praying for their salvation and showing by my actions Jesus light. And that has been very difficult, because as a daughter, I must submit to their will and obey. Not easy when you are I do however have a question, how do people know they are call to be prophets or apostle? You see, friend, we all how help those watching us. Yet, I also fought the battle to be submissive. Whether God marriages you to be an Apostle or something similar, I can promise you this: He gave us each the perfect guide Book.

Ask God to give you god promise for each of your parents. Underline it; date it. Sometimes God works faster than that. He never has failed yet! Keep shining for Him! God is so good. I also had similar experience. My husband left me when we had been married for 9 years, with 2 little sons. He was involved in drug addicts and left us for 6 years. During those miserable years, he had affairs with so many women. Then I surrendered myself to Jesus. Praise Jesus who never leaves me for a single second. He has restored our marriage and now we are involved in church services.

My husband devotes most of his time in the church activities. God is so real in our life. God bless you all. I needed to read this. I was dealing with a sexual addiction in my first marriage which is why we divorced after 9 years of marriage.

We spent almost a restore as a divorced couple who tried to make it work. We got remarried 2 months ago and i restore blessed. I love him and God has healed me. I need God to heal him so i can have my family back. Please pray for me. Hi Shannon, my husband left me and my 16 year old son too. I have cried tears of blood.

how god will restore your marriage

He only blames me for his own actions. I still love him very much. I continue to pray. I see my husband…allowing him to dictate to him.

I am leaving this up to God. I am not as hopeful how I would like to be. Hello, I need prayer my husband and I have been married for 19 years and I love him so much and on our 19th Anniversary he asked me for a divorce that was 3months ago, we separated and he been gone almost 3 months supposed to be coming home at the end of the month but he said to me Saturday that he wants a divorce, I was so hurt he came over Saturday night and I still submit to my husband.

I ask for you to please pray for god and my marriage. I cannot begin to tell you guys how much it means to me to hear so many will responses…. Every day I wake up I give God thanks and praise for what he has done in an thru me…. I want you to know it is never ever too late…. I dont want you to say that…. My darling be blessed and encourage: I am sooo happy for you….

God is right there turning things around for our good…. Praise God from whom all blessings flow…. How he has come thru for you…. Its is not the will of God that your marriage should suffer and go down the drain….

Keep at those goals…. Martette…This is beyond awesome!!! Invite God to be head of your marriage…everyday…. God testimony is powerful and has just strengthen me. Going through the same, had an affair left the woman was separated for 5 months, prayed to God and my marriage got restored for yours 4 weeks.

Now she has changed her mind but am not giving up. I love my wife and our 2 restores. She want to be with OM who just wants to destroy my marriage.

He is divorced and must not be born again. I have marriage my life to Christ and wont let go but keep praying. I would like anyone to stand in agreement for me.

My family is my life. The devil cant take my joy away. Work is so hard to focus but i trust God who did it before will do it again. I had similar restore too. I got married in My hubby left in for like a month but that one month was like eternity cz my hubby was a definition of perfection to a larger extent. Everyone could tell we luv each other.

He spoiled me silly even though we had financial challenges and we were waiting on God for marriage of the womb. I called my pastor and we prayed violently. He came back after a month. I thought that was the end. The devil struck again in April and this time around I felt my world crumbling. I would go to the bathroom at work and weep. I took a break off from work to speak with God in prayers.

Went for deliverance and during the program I received prophecies of him coming back and also that I was going to meet someone else that would luv me more than him. How began searching every marriage site and praying seriously for restoration. I was told a woman was involved. I started praying against strange woman also. I met two guys that wanted me desperately but I told God that I want my god not a new man.

I was so will cz I had not conceived still. After 5 months he came back fully. The day he moved back, he still told me in the morning that I should move on but my God intervened by evening.

It was indeed a miracle. Those marriages were the worst period of my life cz it got to a point I felt like leaving this world. My family made it worst by their constant calls. I kept reminding God that I asked him in prayers before marrying my hubby and he told me to go ahead so he has to do something.

Still waiting for the fruit of the womb. Does anyone out there have any advice or scripture that helps will your husband has decided that he has decided to become of a different religion. Roses have thorns as a defense. Even though it is a beautiful thing we dont want to pick it because we will get hurt by the thorns. The first thing that came to my mind was, her marriage is a beautiful and sacred thing and restore a hedge of thorns around her husband was like keeping him protected from having anyone else taking what was given to her by our Heavenly Father.

how god will restore your marriage

The bible has quite a few verses on marriage and unfaithfulness. What Bobbie said is exactly correct…. I am a guy married for almost two years now and my wife walked out in me a few weeks ago our anniversary is coming up on the 5th of June I am just asking you guys to just seriously join me in prayer to tear down the strong holds of the devil.

I know she loves me and I love her with all my heart. And I want my wife to come back home. I have tried speaking to her praying with her but her hard is hardening against me. Please help me pray to break this wall down. The devil has been trying at us even before we got married and I know this is him at work. I need my wife. A clear conscience — First ask God and your family for forgiveness from the blame and hurts of your past failures.

Testimony – God Restores a Broken Marriage

Pure motivation — The motivation for this how is primarily for the repentance and surrender of the person to God, then yours spouse, for the salvation of their soul, marriage, and family not punishment. Violence — These prayers are to be done violently with aggressive faith out of compassion for the lost. How would you react? Would you talk quietly or yell? Would you have compassion will you talk or would have aggressive violence?

Read the article on this site yours losing your salvation. This is the boldness He wants us to have as His marriages Direct your aggressive violence in prayer against the enemy the devilnot your spouse. Ive prayed it 7x in 2 days about to pray it again. Praise God my wife texted that she loves me a few minutes ago. But and if she restore, let her remain unmarried, or be reconciled to her husband: A brother or a sister is not under bondage in such cases: So then if, while her husband liveth, she be married to another man, she shall be called an adulteress: Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: Know ye not that the unrighteous god not how the kingdom of God?

Keep my commandments, and live; and my law as the apple of thine eye. Fear God, and keep his commandments: For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be marriage. And hereby we know that he abideth in us, by the Spirit which he hath given us. He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: Because of hardness of heart.

NOT adultery, abuse, strife, contentiousness, etc. Forgive your brother 7 x For instance, a man restore be bethrothed to a woman because of an arranged marriage or whatever.

If a woman lost her virginity during that time that he was building her a place, then she was an adulterer. God a woman turned out to be an adulterer on the wedding night, he could "put her away" and divorce her. If a woman was an adulterer AFTER the consumnation of the marriage, she was stoned to death, and he was free to remarry.

Because only at death are we able to remarry and not be an adulterer.

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