How to prepare for interview questions college

how to prepare for interview questions college
Make sure you know your academic strengths. Think about past work, volunteer, or school experiences that required skills similar to those needed for this job. If your goal is to get into one of the most selective colleges, check out our popular post on how to get into Harvard and the Ivy League.

Then, you can discuss how learning an instrument helped you and describe the current state of the music department. Think about the strengths and weaknesses of your high school. What are some specific problems? What are the consequences of those problems?

Student Job Interview Questions and Answers

What steps would you take to make improvements? Shouldn't other kids have the opportunity to rock out like this?

College Interview Questions

From this question, colleges can get a sense of your values. If the person you most admire is Justin Bieber, colleges may wonder about your priorities.

COLLEGE 101: Admissions Interview Advice and Tips!

Why do you admire that person? For example, many people may say that the person they most admire is a parent.

how to prepare for interview questions college

What specifically has that parent done that you admire so much? Think about your response to this question. If your answer is somebody you know, practice by giving your answer to the person. If you answer the question well, you should be able to get some tears or a hug. Why do you like this book so much? How did it inspire you? Did a particular character resonate with you? Did you learn something from this book that influenced your opinions or behavior?

how to prepare for interview questions college

Did this book help shape your perspective or values? Really think about things you've read that you connected with and why.

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I've also seen similar questions that ask about a news article you recently read. Emphasize how college will allow you to pursue your passions, aid in your personal development, and enable you to reach your future goals. What are those passions and goals? How will college give you an opportunity to pursue your passions?

What activities that you plan to do in college will increase your awareness and facilitate your intellectual and emotional growth? This question is designed to get a better sense of your interests and personality. Explain why you find those activities fun. You shouldn't have to prepare much for this question because I assume you know what you like to do for fun.

However, think about why you enjoy those activities. Your obstacle can be related to your home life, school, or an extracurricular activity. Explain how the obstacle challenged you and emphasize what exactly you did to overcome it. Think of a significant challenge you had in your life and how you dealt with it. What did you learn from the obstacle?

how to prepare for interview questions college

How did you solve it? Basically, this question is what all the other questions are meant to determine. Practice what to say to these common interview questions.

how to prepare for interview questions college

Colleges look for students who will be a good match for their school. Your interviewer wants to see a genuine interest in the college. Spend time before the interview thinking about why that college would be a good match for you. Students need to do their homework before an interview.

What book have you read in the last year that has special meaning to you and why? If there's something about the interview that was helpful to you, let your interviewer know.

how to prepare for interview questions college

Otherwise, simply express your continued interest in the school and thank your interviewer for taking the time to meet with you. Read our advice on e-mail etiquette before you hit send.

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how to prepare for interview questions college

We know that great scores take work. That's why we design our courses to be efficient, targeted and strategic so you make the most of every minute you spend prepping. Our experts know how to design lessons based on how you're learning. We love our teachers, and so will you. Teach or Tutor for Us. The Princeton Review is not affiliated with Princeton University. Privacy Terms of Use Site Map. As a student or recent student, you might not have a lot of work experience.

how to prepare for interview questions college

You can draw on experiences as a student, an intern, or even a volunteer. If you participated in any extracurricular activities, you can talk about those experiences too. Situational Interview Questions Situational interview questions ask you to consider a possible future situation at work.

Think about past work, volunteer, or school experiences that required skills similar to those needed for this job.

The Hardest Admission Interview Questions (and How to Answer Them!)

Questions About Yourself Interviewers will ask you a lot of questions about yourself. Some of these will be straightforward questions about your education and work history. Others will be about your character, such as your strengths and weaknesses.

how to prepare for interview questions college

To prepare for these kinds of questions, be sure to review your resume and cover letter thoroughly.

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