What day is bank holiday in may 2013

what day is bank holiday in may 2013
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Bank holidays

July 11 Jul Celebration of the Golden Spurs. July 21 Jul August 15 Aug September 27 Sep November 01 Nov 1. Untilthe Bank of England observed about 33 saints' days and religious festivals as holidays, but in that year this was reduced to four: Inthe first legislation relating to bank holidays was passed when Liberal politician and banker Sir John Lubbock introduced the Bank Holidays Actwhich specified the days in the table below.

The Act did not include Good Friday and Christmas Day as bank holidays in England, Wales, or Ireland because they were already recognised as common law holidays: Commencing inon an experimental basis, the August Bank Holiday weekend was observed at the end of August "to give a lead in extending British holidays over a longer summer period".

Bank Holidays in Belgium in 2013

A century after the Act, the Banking and Financial Dealings Actwhich currently regulates bank holidays in the UK, was passed. Under the Banking and Financial Dealings Actbank holidays are proclaimed each year by the legal device of a royal proclamation.

Public Holidays in Ireland in 2013

Royal proclamation is also used to move bank holidays that would otherwise fall on a weekend. In this way, public holidays are not 'lost' in years when they coincide with weekends. These deferred bank holiday days are termed a 'bank holiday in lieu ' of the typical anniversary date.

what day is bank holiday in may 2013

In the legislation they are known as 'substitute days'. The movement of the St Andrew's Day Scottish holiday to the nearest Monday when 30 November is a weekend day is statutory and does not require a proclamation. A number of differences apply in Scotland relative to the rest of the United Kingdom. For example, Easter Monday is not a bank holiday. Despite this, it is custom and practice to follow the rest of the UK and banks close on the last Monday and not the first.

what day is bank holiday in may 2013

Bank holidays do not, however, assume the same importance in Scotland as they do elsewhere. Whereas they have effectively become public holidays elsewhere in the United Kingdom, in Scotland there remains a tradition of public holidays based on local tradition and determined by local authorities for example, the Glasgow Fair and the Dundee Fortnight.

Federal Holidays in USA in 2013

InScottish banks made the business decision to harmonise their own holidays with the rest of the United Kingdom, with the result that 'bank holidays' in Scotland are neither public holidays nor the days on which banks are closed. The number of holidays in the UK is relatively small compared to many other European countries. In fact, the average number of non-weekend holidays in such countries is only marginally higher and in some cases lower than the UK.

When a bank holiday falls on a Sunday the following Monday usually becomes the day when the holiday is observed known as substitute day or 'bank holiday in lieu'.

what day is bank holiday in may 2013

If the Monday is also a bank holiday, the substitute day moves to the following weekday. UK public holidays always move forward in the calendar, never backwards. This website therefore uses this more frequently-heard term.

To read more about British public holidays please see the detailed information on Public holidays in the United Kingdom on Wikipedia, and also gov.

We are therefore showing them in 4 different tables so you can more easily get the information applicable to your region: See list of all available templates. Word templates for Shops, museums and other public attractions, such as historic houses and sports centres, may close on certain public holidays, particularly Christmas Day.

UK bank holidays

Traditionally many businesses close on Bank Holidays to enable the workers to have a holiday. This time is often spent with the family on mini breaks and outings.

Because of this, anyone who works on Bank Holidays usually gets paid extra - "time-and-a-half" or even "double time," negotiated for them by the Trades Unions. Workers do not have a statutory right to paid leave on bank and public holidays.

what day is bank holiday in may 2013

If paid leave is given on a bank or public holiday, this may count towards the statutory requirement for 24 days holiday. Special Days and Festivals in England with dates.

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what day is bank holiday in may 2013

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