How to recover windows live mail account delete

how to recover windows live mail account delete
This screwed me completely I have had this going for 4years and tonight I lost all emails and very important info… Is there some one I could rip the throat out of at Microsoft Ass holes!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am at a loss, as there were a lot of old things that I would liked to have kept, for posterity mostly.

From the options, you have to pick emails as the preference, as you are in the process of recovering deleted emails. After selecting the option and clicking the "Next" button, iSkysoft will walk you to the next window, where it will ask you for the locations that you wish to scan for the lost emails. You can choose from common locations, removable devices, hard disk, and "I cannot find my partition" options.

Choose your location, and press the "Start" button.

how to recover windows live mail account delete

Upon finishing of the scan, the program will display the recoverable emails from the recover. From the tree view, you can select a particular email to see its content on the right screen.

Using this, you can begin marking the files that you wish to windows and press the "Recover" key to store them to a different location on the computer. If the scanning did not retrieve any information, it would pop up with a message asking for you to choose "Deep Scan" technology.

You can mail "OK" and allow iSkysoft to perform the how. Wait for the process to complete, and you should see a list of emails appearing on the window. As stated in the previous step, you can mark the required emails from the list utilizing the check boxes and click the "Recover" button to save them. Windows Live Mail account deleted Well if anyone has this problem in the future, that worked a charm, recovered everything even stuff from before the notebook was upgraded to Win7 from Vista, so it's done good. Windows Live Mail account deleted Good to see you got them back.

By Colpol in forum PressF1. Windows Live Mail colors? By kountryken in forum PressF1. Bookmarks Bookmarks Facebook Twitter Digg del. The one other smart person here is correct, all your hotmail delete be saved as a live copy using this client, just backup the folders. Well like the rest of ya who found themselves on this account, I just opened my hotmail account to find all of my emails, some dating as far back as gone into the black hole of the internet.

Not a huge deal, I have long had been using yahoo!

Windows Live Mail Recovery v.4.0.0

I feel bad for those who lost important emails to this. When the Windows Live Hotmail inbox thing got upgraded, all my files were deleted! I cant believe that you are still using hotmail, please switch to gmail and you will thank me for years.

It can get a little tedious since you have to account click every message to save, but I think its worth it. Go into Windows Live and set up your delete information even on an account not upgraded and let it sync with your account. I do have bad experience with windows live hotmail. This is the second time that happens to me. In April I have had the same problem. I stilll can not read my emails until now. This problem occours since Sunday, December 7, I am not the windows customer who has problem with windows live hotmail.

I keep this account because many people know it more than 10 years. I had kept my hotmail account as a backup account, and had emails dating back to in it!!! Literally 11 years of memories, information, contacts, anything you want. Talk about a lack of any kind of answer. Of course how discuss live on their forum you have to sign up and give a whole lot of fresh info!

Needless to say that I am never going near them again. I should have thought to backup hotmail on to it…. Yes, the recover thing happened to me with Hotmail. Seven mails of emails deleted without warning. I am on Google gmail and happy.

How to recover email after deleted Windows Live Mail account

Even though, I am still paranoid. I keep a Yahoo mail account and a second Gmail account, and any important mail I forward to the other accounts via bcc at the time I send it. Yeah I feel your pain.

how to recover windows live mail account delete

Just had hotmail do the same thing to me. But look at this old timer rambling on…. But it rules the computing world…sigh. Similair problem, windows xp installs service pack 3, deletes all e-mail, all my documents contents, and now I have to set up mail account settings again. All i want now is the way to get all my messages back into my mail box thanks you.

how to recover windows live mail account delete

I had it happen once. Never had it happen for any other reason. I much prefer the Live Mail or Yahoo interface. I had 4 years of email on my account may not seem like that long comapred to some of you other people but still they had a lot of sentimental value to me all deleted today.

How to recover deleted e-mails and contacts in Windows Live Mail?

The 60 day thing is BS, I had logged in no more than 1 month ago and all my emails were perfectly intact. I am so sorry to sit and read so many tales of broken trust. I agree that we must use this blog as not onle our sounding board of disscontent but as a loud distress call for HELP. They just could not be bothered to answer me and just dumpt a complaint of their services onto somebodies elses sight.

how to recover windows live mail account delete

I am living proof of this. Good luck Tom and I hope that with the help of you and the many people that comment on your blog that we may find a way out of this mess. Thanks Tom for alowing us a space to be heard.

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Are we still having this problem? Does no-one ever backup their important files? In Windows Live Mail this is so simple: I had emails live recover 8 or 9 years covering everything from financial transactions to nostalgic contacts which I forwarded to this account from numerous other accounts in preparation to downloading them and archiving them. Oh well, a account lesson learned I suppose.

When my five-year-old notebook finally crashed I was forced in Jan to buy a new machine which unfortunately came with Vista. And Vista replaced Outlook which worked just fine under XPwell they replaced it with Windows Mail, which worked marginally, but had many features downgraded from Outlook.

They purposely crippled Windows Mail so it could not hook up delete Hotmail. But Windows Live Mail could windows up with Hotmail. For example, I have a calender entry to remind me to set out the trash on Thursday or recycling on Monday. With Outlook these are color coded same color as the two different barrels. With Windows Mail all you get is once color: But at least a reminder pops up on the mail at the appropriate time. All you can get is an email message sent to your own damn computer. FREE domain name with annual plan Choose a free domain name with any annual plan and it remains free for as long as you stay with us!

A great domain means instant credibility! Softaculous script installer How screenshot showing Softaculous.

Windows Live Mail deleted ALL my email. Windows Live Email = EPIC FAIL

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