What is inclusion in primary schools

what is inclusion in primary schools
Educational disadvantage The Junior Certificate School Programme JCSP is particularly targeted at junior cycle lower secondary students who are identified as being at risk of early school leaving, perhaps without completing the Junior Certificate. Teachers modify their learning and teaching expectations as appropriate for children with disabilities. When necessary, Marshfield also supports learning through the involvement of appropriate external specialists.

Special educational needs SEN experts had been involved from the start and full-time, one-to-one support was in place. Educational psychologists suggested a child-centred programme of study; speech and language therapists delivered communication therapy; occupational therapists designed programmes of activities to be done three times a day, requiring designated space and costly equipment.

Other children with similar needs had succeeded here — why not him? But in striving for inclusive education, we had unwittingly turned a blind eye to the elephant in the room. What about the 29 other children whose education is hindered and — in some cases — personal safety jeopardised? I am responsible for those children too. I am for inclusion, but not at all costs. We lost two good members of staff after they had been reduced to tears on numerous occasions by feelings of utter helplessness.

Inclusion for Primary School Teachers

On bad days, senior leaders would take over, trying every trick in the book but managing little more than babysitting to give staff respite and minimise collateral damage. We had hoped that things would improve with more school and strategies.

We ran out of options. Thankfully, the boy is now in specialist provision and, with the right support, is doing much better. But it was too late for some of his classmates who transferred schools to ensure their own education could proceed more effectively. In the real world, nobody would force someone with SEN to stay in an environment where they were coping so badly.

Providing for gifted and talented learners at Calverton is a matter of inclusion - as with all what pupils they have a right to an education that is suited to their needs and abilities, to allow them to fulfil their true potential. For Gifted and Talented pupils at Calverton we aim to stretch and challenge them both in and out of the classroom environment; and to ensure that there are opportunities to further their particular strengths and abilities primary of school.

what is inclusion in primary schools

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Secret teacher: I am all for inclusion in principle, but it doesn't always work

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what is inclusion in primary schools

The National Curriculum is a key part in planning a curriculum that meets the specific needs of individuals and groups of children. We meet these needs through:. We achieve educational inclusion by continually reviewing what we do, by asking ourselves these questions:. We aim to give all our children the opportunity to succeed and reach the highest level of personal achievement.

Inclusion Policy

We analyse the attainment of different groups of pupils to ensure that all pupils are achieving as much as they can. We also make ongoing assessments of each child's progress.

Mayespark Primary School

Teachers use this information when planning their lessons. It enables them to take into account the abilities of all their children.

what is inclusion in primary schools

For some children, we adapt programmes of learning from a previous phase delivered in age related interest level. When the attainment of a child falls significantly below the expected level - using formative and standardised assessments - teachers enable the child to succeed by planning work that is in line with their child's individual needs.

Where the attainment of a child significantly exceeds the expected level of attainment, teachers use materials from a later key stage or extend the breadth of work within the area or areas for which the child demonstrates a particular aptitude.

what is inclusion in primary schools

Teaching and support staff are familiar with the equal opportunities legislation covering race, gender and disability. Some children in Marshfield Primary School have disabilities. We are committed to meeting the needs of these children as we are to meeting the needs of all groups of children within our school.

Marshfield fully meets the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act that came into effect in September All reasonable steps are taken to ensure that these children are not placed at a substantial disadvantage compared to non-disabled children.

Inclusion Working in 2015 - Primary School

The school is committed to providing an environment, within its resources and Health and Safety consideration, which allows disabled children full access to all areas of learning. All classroom entrances are wide enough for wheelchair access and the designated points of entry for the school also allow wheelchair access. For children with non-physical disabilities we review school routines and the curriculum to ensure that children and adults are not placed at a disadvantage.

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