What java do i need to run minecraft

what java do i need to run minecraft
I am using windows 8. The latest versions of Java contain important enhancements to help improve performance, stability and security of the Java applications that run on your machine.

Let that profile to have Forced directory, then create for it some. After first run, all subfolders should be created for you.

Then just drop the mod jar files into the MODS folder and hope that your strange version of Java will be enough: By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service.

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what java do i need to run minecraft

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what java do i need to run minecraft

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what java do i need to run minecraft

Java 6 Release It is also worth noting, that due to the number of modifications available, Minecraft's exact hardware requirements can be unpredictable. If you have a lot of mods running, pinging each other and passing information around, then your needs are going to be higher than for the unmodified game; although even the vanilla Hopperwith its' extremely makeshift pipe network, recently added some inefficiency.

what java do i need to run minecraft

The below guidelines should therefore be considered for the base, unmodified game; although with that said, even with mods, the game itself should never require more than four gigabytes of RAM. This article is about the game requirements of the current Minecraft PC version, 1. For performance comparisons, see Hardware performance.

Installing the latest Java update will ensure that Minecraft will continue to run safely and efficiently. Obtain the latest stable Java update here.

what java do i need to run minecraft

You can also obtain the latest Java 8 development build here. You can also obtain the latest Java 9 development build here.

Hardware requirements

Please note that development versions of Java are unstable and may cause unexpected issues and crashes. This article is a stub.

what java do i need to run minecraft

Please help us by expanding it. The runtime in question is, you guessed it, the most up-to-date and system appropriate runtime for your machine.

what java do i need to run minecraft

You can see how, if you had the habit of just keeping minecraft. Once in the launcher one small but important tweak is necessary. Select your profile with the profile selection menu found in the lower left hand corner of the launcher window.

Tutorials/Update Java

As mentioned above, the new launcher does not yet automatically default to the standalone instance. You need to edit that path to point to the javaw. In our example we placed the launcher in C: If your launcher is, for example, located in D: In fact, if Minecraft is your only use for Java we recommend immediately uninstalling Java from your system.

what java do i need to run minecraft

It should be the one that was bundled with the new download.

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