How long do brazilian blowouts take

how long do brazilian blowouts take
While it may not fully straight hair for those who have a kinky, curly or coily texture, many clients of the Brazilian blowout report hair that is smooth and shiny and easy to manage. Shortening the life of the treatment by a month!

Brazilian Blowouts have been my hair's saving grace!

how long do brazilian blowouts take

I want to share some info about them if case anyone is thinking of getting it done and let you guys know how they helped me say goodbye to "the tumbleweed" forever! What is a Brazilian Blowout? A Brazilian Blowout straightens and smooths hair without causing any damage to the follicle. It's a keratin formula that bonds to each strand of hair, sealing the cuticle.

Your hair will be frizz free, shiny and much easier to style. How long does it take and how long does it last? Brazilian Blowouts take about 90 minutes start to finish. You can wash your hair the same day.

The blowout will last 3 months. Will my hair be totally straight?

how long do brazilian blowouts take

If you have curly hair, the Brazilian Blowout will loosen the curls, but your hair won't be pin straight. If you have very wavy hair, your waves will relax considerably. However, the chemicals are gentle and semi-permanent because they lay on the outside of the hair instead of penetrating and changing its structure. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding this topic. Jordana uses a 3-part air filtration system with all smoothing treatmentswhich was designed especially for this purpose.

how long do brazilian blowouts take

How does Brazilian Blowout work? The Brazilian Blowout treatment fills in dry, cracked cuticles with keratin the protein your hair is made ofwhile botanical extracts moisturize and soften the newly smooth cuticle. Is Brazilian Blowout your favorite smoothing treatment? Yes, and it is also the one I prefer on my own hair. Will I be able to curl my hair if I want to?

how long do brazilian blowouts take

Also, it helps to give hair color a more brilliant hue. The duration of the treatment earns high marks, and many appreciate that this is not a permanent hairstyle. Also, it does not carry the same strong aroma as Keratin treatments.

Finally, hair appears to behave better in that it dries faster and readily conforms with the application of heat. The main disadvantage that experts cite relates to the presence of formaldehyde —a carcinogenic agent. While levels are reported to be lower than they were a few years ago, the concern still exists for some customers.

Next, there are reports that some women experience hair loss after having multiple treatments, or their natural hair texture was able to push through the treatment.

how long do brazilian blowouts take

To make sure the Blowout hair treatment is right for your hair type, ask a professional for a consultation to guarantee you will be getting all the benefits of a Brazilian Blow out. The Brazilian Blowout is not a permanent solution for straight hair. The Blowout is a hair relaxer that will relax the strands of hair making it much easier and quicker to straighten and manage.

If you have straight or wavy hair, it will help leave you with the appearance of naturally straight hair. One treatment will not give you permanent results, as it is a semi permanent solution which lasts between 3 to 4 months.

To keep your Brazilian Blowout maintained, you must get your hair touched up for 3 to 4 month maintenance.

Everything You Need to Know About Brazilian Blowouts

The more you keep up with the blowout the better and healthier your hair will become. Is your stylist licensed?

Demystifying the Brazilian Blowout

Those that are legally certified to perform Brazilian Blowouts receive special training courses in addition to their cosmetology license. A cosmetology license does not include the additional certification allowing them to perform these types of blowouts. Even if you feel shy asking, this is a MUST and you should ask before or during the consultation.

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