How to get your lock button unstuck on iphone 5

how to get your lock button unstuck on iphone 5
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Determine the type of charger you have. There are two types of iPhone charger cables: Lightning - iPhone 5 and up. The charging end is narrow and flat. The charging end is wide and flat. Insert the other end of the cable into the bottom of the iPhone. If you're using a Lightning cable, the charger will fit no matter how you insert it into the device's charging port. A pin charger must be inserted with the grey rectangle icon on side of the charger facing the same way as the iPhone's screen.

how to get your lock button unstuck on iphone 5

Wait for the white Apple logo to appear on-screen. We wouldn't recommend trying the repair yourself unless you're confident in doing so, as it's really quite difficult. Plus, it's not as simple as getting a new lock button and fitting that in - it could actually be that there's a tiny part missing from the power button flex cable. Unfortunately, this is one of the last components to be removed from the iPhone during repair, so you'll need to do a lot of fiddly work before you get to it. Also, attempting to repair your iPhone yourself could invalidate your warranty, so if it doesn't work and you end up having to take it to Apple, it's likely you'll have to pay.

In iOS, there's a little known feature that can help massively when buttons stop working on your iPhone.

how to get your lock button unstuck on iphone 5

There, scroll down to click AssistiveTouch and slide the toggle so that it appears green. Now, a grey square with a white circle inside will appear on your screen. You can drag this little square anywhere you prefer.

It's disruptive pretty much anywhere on your screen, but we found that the bottom third of the right hand side of our screen was the best for us.

how to get your lock button unstuck on iphone 5

A simple cleaning should do the trick, and I'll show you the most effective method I've found below. First up, turn your device off and remove the battery if possible just to be on the safe side. Next, dip your Q-tip into some high-percentage isopropyl alcohol.

How To Fix The Broken iPhone Lock Button

You want to fully saturate the Q-tip, but you don't want it to be dripping wet, so shake off any excess alcohol. From here, use the Q-tip to clean the sides of the stuck button on any surface that sticks out from your phone, working the cotton fibers as far down into the cracks as possible. To be on the safe side, I'd recommend that you turn your phone upside-down while you work so that gravity will prevent any alcohol from seeping into your device.

After you've thoroughly cleaned any parts of the stuck button that you can access, give the button a few clicks to help free up any grime that has accumulated.

March 18 by jackiebrit. April 19 by Bia. June 24 by Flap Jacks. I have an iPad Air 2. What can I do? July 17 by Chanyce.

how to get your lock button unstuck on iphone 5

Show 38 more comments. Wait a day,or two, or maybe 3 and plug your charger on.

how to get your lock button unstuck on iphone 5

Thats what i did. Or other things its just too hot and needs to cool off. Contact my email shaylarodriguez10 yahoo. I check my email everyday soo I recently updated it to IOS 9. My home and lock button are broken so I use Assitive Touch. I put in on Lock and It wouldn't cut back on.

You can still hear the noise of the charger working correctly but The screen is still black.

how to get your lock button unstuck on iphone 5

I get it to the apple store today and They just said I need to buy another button. I have a lot of valuable information on this iPod. I really need this to work. I'll just wait Days like you said. Because The apple store is just money hungry. The same has happened to me a few times. But not this bad, the first few times it wouldn't turn on and all that. Then my friends dad looked at it and said i need to wait a few days for the battery to drain and the next day i was unstuck the lock button then the plug in symbol came up. I plugged it in and it came back on after a how minutes.

But yesterday i was on my iPod 5th generation and then it went all black, i could still her music and all that. It just won't turn on ad i plug it in to my computer and it says its at full battery it just won't come on. I made sure its backed up which it ways. Then today i asked my teacher what to do cause he's really good with electronics, he said make sure its backed up then you may have to wipe it so its like a brand new iPod. But at first he tried holding the lock and home button down the i told him my home button is jammed and he said that could be a problem.

When i got home i told my mom and she said you just have to restart it. My mom knows that because she contacted Apple a few years ago because this happened to my old iPod. Try plugging it into a computer if you have one then maybe try to lock it and make sure its backed up. Same happened to me but on my iPad.

Tutorials for iPhone Lock/Power Button Repair

I found a way to get the home button working by pushing it around with a pen and I rebooted it but nothing works. Siri also turned on during the process. I haven't even updted my iPad. The scree is just black. June 3 by Milly. June 4 by kainzygaming. Show 4 more comments. Same happened to me, I just followed the first few steps of the ipod display replacement guide until the screen is lifted then using a point or a pen hold down the contact under the home button and power button and you should be good to go assuming there is some power in the battery then just re-assemble and enjoy.

This happens quite alot with mine.

iPhone 5 Power Button Repair

Usually happens because of not closing off apps and they have crashed which causes it to turn into black screen. As my home button is broke, what works with me is either leave the ipod for a few days depending how much charge it had in it and wait for the charging icon to appear, and then charge it, it should come back on. Or try charging it for an hour, see if the apple icon appears. The first idea i'd say is most useful. This happened to mine last fall.

How to fix a stuck power button on an iPhone 5

It was fully charged, and it took five-seven days I don't remember??? That also does work. Guys, I had this issue iPod touch won't turn on, iTunes wouldn't recognize it, home button was broken for almost 2 years. Tried everything, then I was! Then I just did the simple reset hold power plus whats under the home button for 10 seconds and it worked like a charm. Give it a shot if you're as desperate as I was. I did that the first time but then I never put the home button back on so the bit underneath it came off so i cant use that now either.

Some times if you know that you will not be using the ipod for long periods of time, keep the ipod on a low battery percentage so if it turns off, it will take less time for the battery to die, do this at night if you chose to leave ipod on. I had the same problem too and i was on the verge of crying because i don't know what to do so i searched for solutions and after an hour i found and tried many.

Now my iPod works great.

how to get your lock button unstuck on iphone 5

I went to www. I tried pressing the home icon in the assistive touch while pressing the power button and hoping that the apple logo would appear but it didn't. I tried it for over 20 minutes but it still didn't work.

So I downloaded Tenorshare Reiboot. After installing and running it the charging cable appeared with the itunes logo. After a few minutes the Apple logo appeared. My ipod has been dead for 3 months and when i turn it on the apple logo pops up and it goes, it doesnt do anything!

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