How wide is the lighthouse of alexandria

how wide is the lighthouse of alexandria
There are but two passes,—the one called the Pas des Aries, between St. At the furnace room in the lighthouse there was a giant mirror to reflect the rays of the sunlight in the day, and they use fire burnt in the furnace in the night.

She confirmed the existence of the ruins representing part of the lighthouse. Due to the lack of specialists and the area becoming a military zone, exploration was put on hold.

how wide is the lighthouse of alexandria

Greek archaeologists led by Jean-Yves Empereur re-discovered the physical remains of the lighthouse in late on the floor of Alexandria's Eastern Harbour. Some of these remains were brought up and were lying at the harbour on public view at the end of A Nova program chronicled the discovery. It is possible to go diving and see the ruins. In it was suggested [17] that the Pharos was the vertical yardstick used in the first precise measurement of the size of the earth.

Since a number of proposals have been made to replace the lighthouse with a modern reconstruction. Inthe Egyptian government and the Alexandria governorate suggested building a skyscraper on the site of the lighthouse as part of the regeneration of the eastern harbour of Alexandria Port.

how wide is the lighthouse of alexandria

The plan was opposed by Alexandria-based sociologist Amro Ali. The lighthouse remains a civic symbol of the city of Alexandria and of the Alexandria Governorate with which the city is more or less coterminous.

A stylised representation of the lighthouse appears on the flag and seal of the Governorate and on many public services of the city, including the seal of Alexandria University. Now because of the narrowness of the strait there can be no access by ship to the harbour without the consent of those who hold the Pharos. In view of this, Caesar took the precaution of landing his troops while the enemy was preoccupied with fighting, seized the Pharos and posted a garrison there.

Lighthouse of Alexandria Facts

The result was that safe access was secured for his corn supplies and reinforcements. He knew, as actually happened, that in a very short time the letters would fall away with the plaster and there would be revealed: History then should be written in that spirit, with truthfulness and an eye to future expectations rather than with adulation and a view to the pleasure of present praise.

The Lighthouse of Alexandria and the Ancient Port of Alexandria

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The Lighthouse of Alexandria

The Pharos at Alexandria". The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Retrieved 5 March It was reported that there was a large mirror inside, possibly made of polished bronze.

Lighthouse of Alexandria

The purpose of the mirror was to project a beam of light from the reflection of the fire. It was damaged by three earthquakes. After the last earthquake it was abandoned and fell to ruins. This allowed sailors to see the beam at night. The smoke from the fire was important during the day as it guided sailors during the day.

how wide is the lighthouse of alexandria

Both the beam of light and the smoke could be seen as far as miles away. The second is the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus and the Lighthouse of Alexandria was the third longest to survive.

Lighthouse of Alexandria in the sources from Islamic Civilisation

But Ptollemy II wanted his own name carved instead. Sostrates, being a clever man, first carved his name underneath, concealed it with plaster and then carved Ptolemy II's name. After some time the plaster worn out and his name was revealed.

On the virtue of being solidly constructed, the lighthouse survived the assaults of fierce sea storms and many earthquakes for some years. Although the Lighthouse of Alexandria did not survive to the present day, it undoubtedly leave an impact in many respects. The monument has been used as a model for many prototypes along the Mediterranean, as far away as Spain.

And from a linguistic standpoint, it gave its name -- Pharos -- to all the lighthouses in the world!!

how wide is the lighthouse of alexandria

Light House of Alexandria. Back to Index Main. Craft Ideas for Kids. Hobbies Philately, Numismatics, Fishing, Camping. History of the Pharos Lighthouse of Alexandria The Lighthouse of Alexandria was the last of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World to be built and the last of the seven wonders to survive. During this time the city of Alexandria was founded which became famous for the Great Library and the great Lighthouse of Alexandria. The Lighthouse took about 12 years to build.

how wide is the lighthouse of alexandria

The Origin of the name 'Lighthouse ' The Lighthouse of Alexandria was originally referred to as the Pharos after the name of the former island where it finally stood. Why the Lighthouse of Alexandria was built at Pharos The Lighthouse of Alexandria was constructed in the ancient city which was founded by Alexander the Great and it achieved growth and prosperity for almost years. Within fifty years of the founding of the city it became the major commercial centre of the ancient Mediterranean and the richest city of antiquity.

The entrance to Alexandria was one of the most important ports of the Mediterranean. Trading ships flocked to the city but because of dangerous sailing conditions and the flat coastline, the construction of a lighthouse became necessary. Location of the Pharos of Alexandria The Lighthouse of Alexandria was located over metres high on the eastern tip of the Island of Pharos. The island of Pharos was linked to the mainland by a causeway known as the Heptastadion.

The construction of the Heptastadion created two harbors. The double harbor was called Portus Magnus to the east and Eunostus to the west.

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